There are many non-profits doing critically important work helping people, saving animals, and protecting our planet. In support of these organizations and their causes, we proudly present our “Give Back” contest series.

A special thanks to a friend, professional photographer, and content creator Martina Bisaz for her collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Congratulations to the following finalists:

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Shadow is created by light " by chrisvanriel

"Love the moment captured here. Right in the air! Also, the contrast of the whitish dog and the dark surrounding is so beautiful." - Martina Bisaz

Congratulations Runner Up "On the prowl on a tree " by ChrisIS

"Such a majestic shot! The cat is perfectly framed with a nice blurry fore-and background. Beautiful color palette!" - Martina Bisaz

Congratulations Runner Up "Turquoise eyes " by FloGogoFF

"Love how the color green is in such harmony in this photo. The tilted head makes the whole picture also more interesting" - Martina Bisaz

Congratulations People's Choice "DSC_5540_dog " by Ayersphotography