Have you seen how crazy beautiful the outdoors can be? Those huge mountains, cool rivers, and everything in between? It's like every corner has a photo op just waiting for us. Thank you to all the photographers that shared their shots in this photo contest with chances to win a Zonli Battery Powered Heated Blanket and more.

Zonli is a sleeping product company based in Hong Kong, PRC. Zonli aims to unite technology and nature to create high-quality bedding. By eliminating the temperature impact on sleep, we strive to help everyone achieve optimal and healthy sleep. From blankets to mattresses, Zonli tries all innovative sleeping tools to create a peaceful dreamland for you. Congratulations to the following finalists:

"deep" by Aderizal

"Camping in the clouds" by Dragos_Pop

"Indus" by MarcLamey

"One Winter Morning" by markLadanan

"Summer Vibes" by Mbeiter

"Lines in the Sand" by Jdean80

"Tube" by stefanoatzeni81

"WYSIWYG" by Titus

"Ponta da Ferraria" by MarcosRodriguezSilva

"The Road" by ricardowilliams

"untitled" by giusepperussofoto

"Lone Cypress Tree" by VLJ_PHOTOGRAPHY

"Grand Tetons" by Alinna

"Tre Cime di Lavaredo" by RalfvonSamson

"Turks South Sea" by GaetaJ

"Multnomah Falls" by netbee

"The Hague " by MartaPhotography

"Road 61" by petersachem

"Waiting for sunrise" by pixelmac

"Reach for the Sky" by simalg05

"Golden boy" by plur44

"Roadtripping Denmark" by ArtistaVivente

"Erzgebirge" by Rejent

"High and Mighty" by ianhil

"Beautiful morning" by pawelklarecki

"Namib Sand Dunes" by SURREALIMAGE

"Up on the hill" by Asun

"Braies Reflections" by Marco_Tagliarino

"Sunrise in Cappadocia" by wojciech_toman

"Tree On fire " by MasonDeanM

"Golden Hour Joy" by SnazzyKazzyPhotos

"Aurora and waterfall" by (A)Jimmy_Bright

"Kissed By The Sunset" by (A)Kazza60

"Iceland Road" by ventenni

"thunder" by (A)EduardoAlvesLux

"Heaven and hell" by HalldorJonsson

"The blue lake" by Juliocastropardo

"The Calling" by santifisher

"Yosemite Sunset " by WorldPix

"The beautiful Geroldsee lake with the Karwendel mountains in the background." by olegpitkovskiy

"City Lights" by Henshaw-Photography

"Angry Rainbow" by (A)tgroman

"Morning Sand Dunes" by ConorEgan

"Sunrise in the Badlands " by NatureCoast

"The Last Rocks" by benoitrimet

"Dawn On The Emerald Coast" by franklinabbott

"DJI_0190" by randymacaulay

"Arch of Light" by francescogola

"Frozen Beast" by JeffNBrenner

"Lóndrangar horft frá Þúfubjargi." by (A)toivido

"Dancing with the Stars" by sawyn

"Inside Cathedral Cove" by Joacomaj

"Misurina's reflections" by Gilmour82

"Deep Beauty" by larrybeard

"Shadows of Tomorrow" by HugoAugusto

"Buffalo Hanging Out at Old Faithful" by ChasingLightLikeMad

"Frozen Silver Lake" by JonByronV

"The Tree is dead, long live the Tree " by ThomasDenoulet

"The Horn" by martinson-crusoe

"Pan di Zucchero" by Nature-Photo-Tours

"Exploring Aurora" by tonyjhughes

"PXL_20230813_211324838" by tracypleiss

".1698254851036" by niklaswahle

"The Fall" by HenrikSpranz

"Ecola park" by larry1162

"I took this photo after 3 days of very bad weather. So i was even happier to see this amazing sunset. " by curiosum

"Rainbow" by ctbugan

"Icefields of Antarctica" by magdalenawos

"Welcome sunrise in Canyonlands" by JP_Marois

"A02_6162_zw" by LukaszLisiecki

"Ísland" by valeriasig

"Natural Bridge-3" by Edinseye

"stubai-ppdemeijer-1" by peter_paul

"Chamonix View" by snowdon