There are many non-profits doing critically important work helping people, saving animals, and protecting our planet. In support of these organizations and their causes, we proudly present our “Give Back” contest series. For this photo contest, we invited you to share your favorite photos of animals and we'll donate on behalf of the winner to help cats in Tehran. Let’s team up for the greater good!
A special thanks to friend, professional photographer, and content creator Martina Bisaz for her collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Congratulations to the following finalists:

"DSC_5540_dog " by Ayersphotography

"Benny in Fisheye " by Sensei

"West skey, lakeside " by Hope_maree

""Good Hair Day" " by vernswieringa

"Trust " by whiteshipdesign

"The King" by bendikstalheim

"Autumn Skate Cat " by Keitti

"Sierra the BC " by lynefournier

"Morningsun… " by Son_jas_Art

"Wolf puppy " by Yonglei

"7Heseman-1-3 " by jordanhanson

"hand fed. " by JeffSiege

"Cat " by bennyskoglund_7227

"Sink Bath " by TYoder2

"Bull elk-after the rut-Genesee, Colorado " by Pegertler

"Golden evening " by Macholio

"Skip in the forest " by NandaJansen

"Tea Time " by shot2bits

"into the dark " by MOSTphotography

"Shadow is created by light " by chrisvanriel

"I'm Not Leaving Without Them! " by StamosFineArt

"Stallion sunset " by gottobeme1234

"Last light " by mikehodgson

"Taking a walk " by Darrenp

"Orca " by Boholm

"Thirst " by lifearound

"Muddy Paint " by MegaryT

" My little great friend " by amaliazilio

"Hot Springs Giant " by michaeldobson

" " by Micke7406

"Alpha Tusk " by AzuraPhotography

"Little Brother Kisses " by ByRenee

"Endurance " by rsung

"Blue eyed deer " by Keepenitreall

"I smell Tuna " by alizavisagie

"Baby Gypsy " by DanaCarruthers

""Spring" Horse " by nicholasvonalbedyhll

"Best Friend " by NickBelial

"iceland_ponies_kalfatellsstadhur_060 " by gilesrrocholl

"Turquoise eyes " by FloGogoFF

"Lost amd found " by kelleyhurwitzahr

"The White " by D-Munn

"Fur Baby " by melissapapaj

"foto-01894n " by SorinMosescu

"Kaia the German Shepherd " by TrueNorthern

"C72B5A95-02B3-40FE-B307-D8E496249D9D " by celibulle

"O sole mio " by (A)Structor

"Curious Kitten II " by (A)Cbries

"On the prowl on a tree " by (A)ChrisIS