For this water photo contest, we invited PRO community members to share their creative captures showing water at night with chances to win a Polaroid Snap Touch Portable Instant and more. Stay tuned for the winner's announcement coming soon. Enjoy these tips and examples on how to take night pictures of water:

1. Avoid automatic settings and go for manual for better night photography

Set the shutter speed for up to 1 second if you do not have a tripod and a remote trigger. This will help you take night photos without unwanted blur.

2. Set the right ISO to capture more light even if you are taking night photos in dark places

Test the ISO starting at 800 and consider the higher the ISO the more noise it will show in your night photography.

3. Tripods are highly recommended to take night pictures

Avoid movement to show on your long exposures by having the right equipment. Nowadays, tripods come in a wide range of sizes and weights so you do not need to worry about the inconvenience of carrying an old school looking tripod. It will help your night photography dramatically.

"Fire Island " by stephenpapageorge

"Eriksberg " by RobertFoldes

"Tower Bridge " by geraldbrunoyesilada

"Sheik Zayed Mosque Reflection " by gregmetrophotography

"Kirkjufell, aurora " by madspeteriversen

"Villefranche Sur Mer " by Alexlud

"Vancouver Cityscape " by JackHeald

"Gold & Blue Bilbao " by ander_alegria

"Maassluis my hometown " by nathanokkerse

"The-light-of-Stockness " by ivanferrerophoto

"Performing... egg " by Titus

"Lofoten " by pedrokintavares

"Norris Niman " by norrisniman

"Empty Road " by ericgodfirnon

"Port House " by svennobels

"Brooklyn bridge " by EvgenyDubinchuk

"Crane houses Cologne " by Bilderschmied-Danz

"The Barge " by AMagaglio

"Dancer by the pool " by pasdesigns

"Mirror " by pieterg