Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best wedding photos in this opportunity with chances to win a Lime Cube and more.

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Michael Sidofsky for his collaboration as a guest judge in this free photo contest. Michael Sidofsky is a professional photographer from Toronto, specializing in travel and commercial photography. Being an avid traveler and photographer, his goal is to capture the essence of a destination through the use of advanced techniques in photography and post-processing. This is what sets his images apart from other photographers. Michael’s images aim to portray a unique perspective of places or things that may seem commonplace to the everyday eye, but which trigger some sort of emotional reaction. Whether I'm shooting landscapes, cityscapes, streets or architecture, his goal is to create a connection between the subject and the viewer.

Here are some fine examples and easy tips on how to take wedding photos:

1. Get familiar with the location

Be sure to know the best spots and take test shots before the big day to find the best vantage points. This is extremely more helpful to maintain a good flow with the couple during the busy times of the wedding day.

2. Confirm you are fully prepared

Make sure your batteries are fully charged and that you've packed everything you need: lenses, extra memory cards, flashes and tripods. Know the itinerary so you can be part of the event without any surprises that may make you miss the best shots.

3. Use continuous shooting mode to take wedding photos with dslr cameras

You will be surprised at the multiple captures you'll get out of a great moment. Specifically, you do not want to miss unforgettable expressions in intimate moments of the bride, groom, and guests.

Here are a few amazing examples of how to take wedding photos at night, rain and more:

"Dance " by candacehensley

" " by jakobhallaert

"DSC_5377 " by AshleyGarlandPhotographer

"The kiss " by spARTiat_de

"Bringing the bride to the groom " by GetitonPicture

"Venetian Wedding Venice " by lawrencehomewood

"Nicola " by Galof

" " by ashtondawn

"love is in the air " by yanaanne

"Bride " by victorbabintsev

"Wedding Day Kicks " by tessschwenkamckinney

"wedding couple in sunset " by ALFoto

"Time to play! " by connieazcona

"720C3A81-55E9-4103-B895-A5BC9540408F " by madisoncollins_9709

"Levitation. " by DoubleHeadphotography

"IMG_9232-Modifier " by laurabenvenuti

"DSC_8216 " by tanyasalteranderson

"elopement love " by emilymayolson

"IMG_9795 " by PieterPietersPhotography

"FA50DCA8-9AFB-44DA-A96E-A46DD04675E8.jpeg " by kdooley

"An brief intimate moment away from the wedding party at the top of the castle! " by marclecornu

" " by tadaszakarauskas

"19143014-44D5-422E-AC69-BD6B23A7CAD1 " by korinnahorvath

"In your eyes... " by stephanoskaraoulis

" " by rolandsvorkals

"Sunset Love " by ElishaIsabelle

"Rutvik and Sim Wedding Photoshoot " by MagikPortraits

"windy wedding " by Phanganphotography

"From a recent outdoor wedding, I enjoyed spending the day with these two wonderful people. " by thaddeustobolski

"Hungry? " by pauloshea

"Gram " by kc_shutterbug

"Post Maria & Diego " by EmilioRomanos

" " by nazf27

"Boda en la playa " by lourdestorreirayez

"Sometimes right in the middle of ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale. " by zachariahweckter

"Passion " by biancaalexandraenache

"_DSC6094-frame " by diegosalcedo

" " by maleen

" " by JUSSARA516

"A moment shared between a mother and her daughter on her wedding day. ???? " by Alexarenee

"P2019-7 " by babakforouzandeh

"Fountain of Love " by LeanneDurand

"THE LOVE AND THE SUN " by alarsen

"IMG_9217(2) " by AshliMishelPhotog

"The sun sets between love " by recaear

"wedding tales " by Blionbg

"Braut " by gastmannsvetlana

"Country Wedding " by Movielighter

"DAN_4387.JPG " by dannypurino

"These two are having some fun ! " by federicomei

"LRM_EXPORT_13632552888653_20190903_163315376 " by annettetomczak

"Trumbo " by ScottieImages

"O & H " by photography_by_j_h

"wedding crasher " by JennaVee

"Wedding kiss at night " by NestorMendozaMx

"wedding moments " by khnyajones

"9B53AC26-DBA6-4208-B06F-CFB942482DB8 " by Kloud

"Big day " by thomaseapen_4584

"wedding moment " by ufep

"black and white love " by (A)nicolaeroxana

"MR AND MRS SIMPSON " by jordansimpson_1079

"Mai 2016 with my weddingphotopartner @christin_bildingrau
#wedding #hochzei " by aleksweh

" " by shutterupphoto

"The Bond of Love " by eliminno

"The wedding band. Capture Wedding " by FynnWinkelhoefer

"Wedding exit " by samzainparbtani

"Great Moment " by tsekwokkeidaniel

"Wedding " by Wilsonleyvagarcia

"A wedding made in heaven " by johnleong

"On Her Way " by Stelladorables_0417

"The happy bride & groom " by denismller

"Wedding " by SergioThor

" " by youngce

"Newly weds " by amyjones_5980

"508B0BEF-A291-4050-9CD5-FFF3664B06DB " by Jennabastarache123

"_MG_6867 " by vladimiragarmazonovaknott

"B53B9B57-2EB2-44D7-8100-D3F16B715BB8 " by porschethomas

"Groomsmen and bridesmaid Tunnel " by jasonjones_9468

"Just love " by roxannemadalein

"Dance " by MoskalenkoAndrey

"C&J-W-1 (690) " by t4rray2010

"Winter Wedding " by romanbukhtiarov

"United for better or for worse " by manh

"Wedding couple " by gregkirkydoodles

"Love " by CC1975

"Dream wedding " by silviugheorgheionut

"Safari Wedding " by darrellfraser

"Brides in Studio " by SPIELBEN

"Rebecca Stephenson " by fightthelight

" " by BattleCryPhotography

"Sunset Love " by Francellesphotography

"Wedding in Italy " by AnaRossoPhotography

" " by Sineadtoolan

"Candid Exclusivity " by Oxyte

"Come Rain or Come Shine " by bartboodtsphotography

"Couple in Yosimite " by mvmessina

"fankhouser-wedding-291-Edit " by Cynthia_Lee_Photography

"/// " by DariusBirstonas

"Love in Budapest " by panyoki

"Final touches " by HollysTouchPhotography

"The bride " by Elebrusco

"Sunset " by Hollie_Walden

"...Amore e felicità.. " by annamariaguarino

" " by Kyferguson

"Stephen and Elena " by danielleballantyne

"Underwater Wedding " by Jkowitz

"Young Love in Mexico " by PhotoJunkiesAB

"untitled-1-27 " by matilda_kohonen

" " by kelseyvictoria

" " by tylerschwab

"Lean on me " by Ivansosaphotography

"From the back " by pusnikb

" " by liliayotova

"My Sunshine " by emotionslocker

"_FBA5822_AF-2 " by frank-photography

"A&M " by dacespalviafoto

"Oh such Joy! " by FirstImpressionsbyBobby

"Casey + Bec " by rebecca_winning

"Facing the elements....wediing shot taken atMuriwai Beach Auckland NZ " by Merlot

"Seven " by Josef4727

"20150515-_DSC2854.JPG " by (A)davea

"Light of their life! " by Sophieannev