As part of our mission to empower the photographers of the community, we are running the first-ever ViewBug homepage feature with the goal to showcase unique images and feature the best creators of the community. Our goal is to give talented photographers the exposure and recognition they deserve by commemorating their work on the ViewBug homepage. Thank you to all the creators that shared their favorite photos in this photo contest and congratulations to the following finalists:

"The dark Hedges " by albaem

"Angel " by daniellehuff44

"The way to the top of the Desert " by LorisPhotography

"93AD265E-B150-45D5-BB86-B6E6D2988DCA " by erezyahalomi

"Winter Path " by JohanEngelbrecht86

"Impact Zone " by tommasopardini

"Bride a la Provance " by JurasDuo

" " by EkaterinaStaromanova

"MAC-Eurydice-pondered " by Maconarc

"JB5A3050-?? " by VictorPereverzev

"Mystic Morning " by Richard-Beresford-Harris

"Things are Looking Up " by kevinplant26

"Blue sea " by adelmomassola

"Nobska Winter " by CapeScapesCoastal

"Mt Hood and Trilliam Lake-40 " by JosephClark

"Huckleberry Finn " by WhiteWolf_Photograhy

"If someone were to ask me what my favorite part about shooting HS seniors is, I may have to say the expression of sports. I love the artistic freedom that comes with it and, well...who doesn't love artistic freedom right? " by LiveInspiredByBrenda

"Lightwell " by helenbissellbland

"Iceland " by RichardShore

" " by BLynnette

" " by johncalisoderquist

"Ce type est plein " by siamesesam

"Beautiful memories " by richardalliers

"Coffee Grind " by A_Shukla

" " by (A)jimdfs

"fast track love " by melissafarelli

"The dandelion girl <3 " by (A)jurgitagrabskaitekalinauskiene

"Portrait in Prayer " by Click_Here

"Anya " by lyubkosha

"Coffee Thyme " by schevallier

"Little... " by MarketaNovak

"Lily " by fournierphotographe

"DSC00095-c " by PattiBaker

"Lemons2000 " by ElenaParaskeva

"On the Road... " by MaxMontella

"Wave Dress 3 " by HouavangPhotography

"stereoOselfie " by Irina2870

"Freckled girl... " by Reka

"Through the magnifying glass " by Martin_Mk

"Reaching " by KRL_Photo

"I wish you freedom " by Loza

"Following the lights " by Sevian

"Maren " by lauracallsen

" " by lennartkoopsen

"In the Crosshairs " by LightCapturer

"relax " by YULIYA_Fox

"Send me an angel " by JCPhotoPro1

"Roadtripping Denmark " by ArtistaVivente

"Kiesha " by jayngai

"babies halloween " by pauloperes

"House " by Geinis

"Amber Rainbow Containers " by JayBatey

"Night Train " by jasonbolduc

"Fly " by PipGo

"Jess " by maggiemabon

"Let your feet hang " by GrantTooGordon

"Queen of spades " by Olga1010

" " by (A)dorenestg

" " by (A)maciekspendel

"Aquarius " by johoulefoto

"Irina " by WolfgangPichler

"Eyes " by lygsapnephotography

"Peaches & Cream " by lobanovimages

"Catherine " by sw127350

"IMG_4188 " by shelbo13

"The third eye " by analorenagamboa

"Woman in the mirror " by SalvatiPhotography

"Diana " by robjeno

"Grunge Girl close-up " by davidsantangelo

"Like life, school is a balancing act " by joybello

"FOX_9900-Edit " by KColbyPhotography

"Glitters a girl's best friend. " by (A)shelbymiller

"Olive " by viennajohnston

"Kate " by kspencerjones