Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best shot taken as a tourist in this photo contest. Vacations are one of the best opportunities to adventure behind the viewfinder. When traveling, wether you are a pro or even if you do not consider yourself a photographer,  chances are that you will use a camera.

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Jacob Maentz for his collaboration as a guest judge. Jacob is an American freelance travel and documentary photographer currently based in Cebu, Philippines. He is currently working on a long-term project documenting the many indigenous groups throughout the Philippine archipelago.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "On the beach, mini" by alexandersorokopud

"Sometimes different lens effects work well for certain situations. I thinks the tilt-shift effect here provides a different perspective to what we might consider an ordinary scene. Including the human element in the photo also helps bring it to life." - Jacob Maentz

Congratulations Runner Up "Hotel Nowhere" by kenmcall

"The simplicity of the image really stood out together with good composition. It makes me want to know more about the motel the sign is advertising. " - Jacob Maentz

Congratulations People's Choice "Shipwreck 4x4 trail, South Africa" by Simonstravels

"9-3-2014 #1" by mkrof72

"long tail sunset" by reubs8419

"Oia" by GregGibb

"Boracay Beach" by dareco

"Hawaiian sunset" by CharlesB-

"Beauty of an empty beach" by zenit

"Peruvian Scene" by Laska

"Ridges" by danielaw

"NYC Birds Eye View" by TDwyer06

"Blue" by erik_svec

"Could you take a picture" by antoniozarli

"Aruba" by Leon213

"the untouched Dune" by Joerg

"Figure in the Caves" by p-jtaylor

"Inle Lake" by trevormills

"Into the fog of Davidson Glacier" by brentmorris

"Guladoo Lake" by johngreene

"Postcard from Scotland" by Alfie18

"A New Day" by KGSPhoto

"Hubbard Glacier" by deborahv

"Beach Sunrise" by markomarko

"Florence at sunset" by LindbloomPhoto

"Vatican Museum" by Bronco

"Eiffel Tower" by ewilman

"The Brandenburg Gate" by mikemarshall

"Fool's Gold" by WendyHudnall

"Interior -- St. Peter's Basilica.jpg" by nydavid1234

"Mokoro into the Okovango Delta" by Pardus

"Beach Thunderstorm" by susanneradke

"glacier-NP-flowers1" by kyleames

"Greetings from the sun" by davidyack

"Elephant Handshake" by juliarandall

"IMG_2085" by corproadie

"As far as the eye can see" by adifloyde

"Best Seat In The House" by keepingitneil

"On the beach" by AlanJakarta

"Hardship" by ElenaParaskeva

"PR0303" by JeffreyA

"Rock the Beach" by darrentan

"Notre Dame de Paris" by kimschou

"Azure Window" by jonnywilliams

"Florida_Cruise 2011 Blue Lagoon 3jpg" by doubleplay