Are you just starting out on your photography journey? Or maybe you’ve been shooting for a while, but you’re feeling a bit stuck in your creativity? Every photographer needs some inspiration when it comes to shooting, learning, marketing and even making money with your photography.

Our main mission is to connect visual creators in a community with photography tools to help you explore and grow their craft. This is one of the main reasons that we launched the ViewBug photography education platform. We want to help you learn and improve your photography by providing with over 500 videos you can access anytime and anywhere.

Use our courses to take your photography to the next level. You’ll be shooting like a pro in no time and will want to share your photos online with our community right away. On top of that, with your photography improving you'll feel more comfortable to take the next step and grow your photography business. You should check out if you are planning to start getting paid and want to manage your invoicing. Freelancers and business owners must be efficient when managing their schedules and book shootings, here are some tips to become better at time management for your own career.

You should look into joining the ViewBug marketplacewith the new ViewBug Marketplace, community members will have access to sell their images and license them to top agencies Worldwide. Get rewarded for your creativity and easily license your photos. You'll always keep control of your copyright, it's quick to setup and completely optional for all membership levels.