Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos shot under piers in the View Under The Pier Photo Contest with chances to win a Focus Shifter and more!

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Michiel Pieters for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Michiel is a 26 year old, self taught freelance photographer based in Beringen, Belgium. He discovered his love for outdoor photography while on a road trip through New Zealand in the beginning of 2015. His work nowadays focuses mainly on the feeling he got being on the road for the very first time: Adventure. To offer a documentation of his travels on a constant basis, he uses different media platforms such as Instagram and 500px. Where with a combined following of approximately 300,000 he quickly became one of Belgium's biggest (outdoor) influencers.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Pier Sun Ray" by ShabdroPhoto

"The thing i like about this photo is the way how the shadows really lead you into it. They work really well as a leading line." - Michiel Pieters

Congratulations Runner Up "Raja Ampat " by sergiyglushchenko

"I love this one because he stretched the theme. It’s under a pier, but there’s so much going on with all the wildlife. It’s how imagine it when i’m sitting on a pier, and all the fish come out beneath it. Great photo." - Michiel Pieters

Congratulations Runner Up "Huntington Beach Pier" by Rinkrat

"I love the colors and the subject in this. The pier leads your eye to the watchtower (or lighthouse?). And the composition is really nice." - Michiel Pieters

Congratulations People's Choice "Green eyed Monster" by Rhino300

"Under the pier" by rebeccaporter

"Above" by Janine66

"Awash in the sunrise" by charlespayne

"Under & into" by Azmedaj

"Shadows & Light, California " by GeraintRowlandPhotography

"sunrise under the pier" by PhilMcCabe

"Beyond the Pier" by simalg05

"Morning has Broken Through" by charliewilson

"Black pier 2" by johankoch

"SUNRISE PIER" by Alannixon

"Light at the end" by aleoko

"Vero Beach Pier" by juanpereira

"Nags Head Sunrise" by dlos

"Mystical Jetty " by 14renren

"Scripps Pier Henge" by mlauffen

"Henley Beach Jetty" by emmafleetwood

"Among the Madding Crowd" by emxsee

"Fool's Gold" by WendyHudnall

"Oceanside Pier" by northcoastimages

"Sunset at Low Tide" by 1dane805

"under the pier" by stargasm420

"Springmaid Pier" by aprillewis

"9-3-2014 #1" by mkrof72

"Sunset Shadows" by RichardReames

"Koh YAo YAi, jetty at sunset" by Adriano73

"Stormy Sunset" by bellzax


"Bournemouth piers" by jasongines

"Under the pier" by VHpixelscom

"IMG_4440" by Jlifox

"Tunnel Vision " by sdhiker

"Orbi-wan-kenobi " by robjury

"DSC_1517" by Charlotte1985

"Sunset Pier" by Ecampbell7

".:::The Golden Hour:::." by Marse

"Catherine Hill Bay sunrise" by chad_clark

"Light At The End" by PDO1962

"Tunnel of Light " by manueladurson

"Bogue Inlet Pier at Daybreak" by KennethKeifer

"Under Maraetai Wharf" by johngregory

"Florida sunsets" by Boomsauce

"Colors of the Pacific" by tatekellyl

"Under the braies pier" by Mrc_Tagliarino

"Under the pier" by Christian-AndaluciaEnFoto

"Inferno's Basilica" by ajay46

"Underneath the beautiful" by wolverine

"Sea Cliff Wharf" by michellekiba

"Under the Balboa Pier" by vanessasiggardkay

"Picturesque" by LarryGreene

"Pier Underbelly" by gldosa

"Under Steetley." by michaelatkinson_5804

"DSC_3344bwsm" by quynhle

"deal pier" by nickythomas

"Underneath the Pier" by Captured-by-Carol

"Intermediaries" by zoelradenkworkalone

"Belmar Fishing Pier #2" by teajuice

"Peering Below the Pier" by derekbradley

"Under Juno Beach Pier" by jpfotos

"Under the Pier " by stevehardiman

"Under" by ketino

"Dromana Pier (Mornington Peninsula, Victoria)" by joe_menggolo

"Shadows" by jasonstewart_6603

"Pier in time" by LowKal

"Ball of Fire" by astroaaron

"Under the Jetty " by SteveBadger

"Under the boardwalk " by AdamElliott65

"Isle of Palms Pier 4 " by nigelwatts

"peeking through " by mags549

"Under-the-Pier " by ratulmaiti

"Muse " by panilsson

"Astro Pier - Pismo Beach, California" by cmwieber

"DSC_3674" by colin-j-d-stewart

"River Mirna " by Kraljikica

"Tybee Island" by Gdhiman