Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos showing textures in B&W in this photo contest with chances to win a Ravelli ATD Professional Tripod Dolly and more.

We appreciate the collaboration of friend and professional photographer Mark Gee as the guest judge. Mark Gee is an award winning photographer & digital visual effects artist based in Wellington, New Zealand. He has worked on many high profile and Oscar award winning feature films, and his love of the New Zealand landscape is a big part of the inspiration for his photography. Mark’s film, ‘Full Moon Silhouettes‘ gained him international acclaim after going viral, and in 2013 Mark won 3 categories in the prestigious Astronomy Photographer of the Year.

"The Guardian" by tassanee

"Dueling Trunks" by jrfleury

"VW Ocean Dreaming" by (A)ErikB

"Path To Eternity" by antoniolaranjeira

"The Dales" by StuieRooster

"Brontosauras" by michaelkeel

"pop" by MicheleBollhalder

"Dromana Pier" by duanenorrie

"Sprinkling" by ricardowilliams

"Standing Tall" by larrybeard

"Over the Bridge" by rhmimages

"Old 'lighter', Norfolk Island" by billmcphail

"Shipwreck-Inverness B&W" by markcote

"Sea Eagle" by traceytaylor

"playin the blues" by Kcable

"aCV0BSQBEm" by (A)terrysinclair

"A Fistful of Kits" by petergreig

"Meise flower" by kaimdilekeno

"Leuven, Belgium. Just after Sunset" by kalpachev

"PERFORMANCE FOR ONE" by nikosladic

"100' Lights" by GEFAELL

"On a mission" by markmahler

"black and white dragonfly" by (A)rachaellivingstone

"Crystal Web" by MotherNature

"untitled" by (A)devinjohnstonlee

"Elephant stare" by CreativeGaz

"Rope View" by RosePics

"camo" by abijur

"A Contrasting Weave" by robhansen

"Moved on" by MaggyB

"Rassamee" by WPphotography

"Ore Wagon (Bodie) B&W" by markcote

"Shades of Snow" by GerryM

"thirsty" by kasper

"Open wide" by (A)Rustybucket8472

"Watchful Panama" by dacphoto

"Dew on the Tire B W" by sheriminardi

"True Grit" by colinharley

"Droplets" by (A)OMPhotography

"Allen" by robertojoele

"Grandpa" by Eric-Coehoorn

"Hidden" by twheatley4

"Architectural Harbour in La Palma" by mwagstaff

"The wizard." by DanK

"The-Batcave" by phillip_brossette

"Black and White Eye" by philowen

"In Papa's Hands" by garyrhook

"Rhino Running 121" by Dacemac

"The Olde Way!" by GrahamF

"Calm" by bmackenziephotography

"Blown" by fronteras

"Lily" by Jellyfire

"Left Behind" by dynastesgranti