For this photo contest, we invited community members to share their best shots showing textiles as the main aspect of the composition with chances to win a Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 macro lens and more. Congratulations to all the winners!

Congratulations People's Choice "Elf " by TBalino

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Colors " by MarinaArmen

Congratulations Runner Up "Identity crisis " by lauracallsen

Congratulations Runner Up "Simon " by RamiRHanna

Congratulations Runner Up " " by cristinacovas

Congratulations Runner Up "On The Line#3 " by grahamgall

Congratulations Honorable Mention "_LAV6407-1 " by LAVA

Congratulations Honorable Mention "It's cuddle season " by aipop

Congratulations Honorable Mention ". " by da-miane

Congratulations Honorable Mention "DEE47971-D1B4-4F86-88A6-D4A33E4B8945 " by Ana_Cojocaru

" " by panospapa

"Lonley " by atanasdonev

"Emma " by yakushevgeniy

"ojos " by carolmms

"PINKIE PROMISE I " by lisamariephotog

"M. " by MariaSchaeferPhotography

" " by renatreneeell

"Clairese in Chiffon " by stevelemke

"Africans " by fotoenfoques

"female blue " by Lichtfang

"The Textiles Designer " by nathanielgunby

"Black as night " by greghadel

"Joanna " by Marcin_Wozniak

"“Silence is not always golden; sometimes it is yellow” " by wenchejostad

"Merzmeat " by virtuzz

"Bubblegum Beatdown ft Fonic " by andrewkatsaitis

"Pamela " by monorob

"IMG_4289 " by andresrosas

"Draped Fabric " by scottsmallie

"Alessandra with a foulard " by carva822

"... " by Strotsky

"Pink Waves " by Lenora22

"Dream " by Goran_Jordanski

"Rose " by amirseilsepour

"Field of Dreams " by Twmooney

"Sexy Denim " by KhantzPhotography

"Sweater of love " by suiciderock

"red on blue " by moritzleonard

"Street fashion and feelings " by robertwestinphotography

"Maleena " by PaulHenryStudios

"the Hipster " by bendikstalheim

"Meanwhile in the Countryside " by PixelsInLightspace

"Time Alone... " by liliaalvarado

"Dark Lady Draped " by ricklecompte

"Anastasia Kritikou1 " by ElenaParaskeva

"mermaid's dreams " by olganicolaeva

"PO3A5566_DxOa " by VenueImages

"Monika in Autumn " by lukaplako

"Margo " by luismcara

"Waiting " by Schnabler

"Katie in red " by KayleighKay

"Mary " by daria_abramova

"Dark Matter " by FONDphoto

"Shoot for Fashion Designer Kita May " by BantamBluePhotography

"Tissues of color " by BOULENGER

"Windbreak for the beach " by helenehages

"weaving " by lindastrauta

"Lady Liberty " by carrieolsoncarden

" " by joannesantillo

"DSC09213 " by toonsmits

"Sophie and roses " by Lunaa80

"*** " by annakazakova

"A woman is passing a folded fabric to her friend while they are sunning woven fabrics at Inle Lake, Myammar " by rizaamrullah

"girl with pigtails " by Doncila

"Towels... " by Shaylalouphotography

"Textiles " by adrianmuhlawson

"Angkor Wat Monk " by Forrest_Brown

"GODDESS " by frank-photography

"Spring " by ChiquitaApple

"Colorful life.... " by Deepesh_Dongre

"Marie Antoinette " by St_Micca

"IMG_20191130_012210_5-01 " by Odilinma

" " by ryleighbruning

" " by projectx_0199

"Xenia " by petr0nille

"Fabric " by 4sixNorth

"Shoe " by jamesclark_3650

"Wool Ninja " by pemaphoto

"Seshat-head-side-orange-scarf-STAN7561a-1080 " by The-Venerable-Stan

"Nastya " by vitaliymytnik

"Under the sheets " by shantanuchandra

"red x " by zvonimirperic

"Anna " by Oleg_Grachev

"ModelMayhem, Tiger Moth " by Maconarc

"Outdoor shoot in Oregon " by Dpadilla

"Marrow " by chadmichaelward

"Fog " by NestorMendozaMx

"Pretty in Pink " by IanDMcGregor

"A Summer's Day (1 of 1) " by robhirai

"35347280_10101146407427323_5643451477776138240_n " by erinchalmers

"Natalia and the fall " by AntonioPedroniPhoto

"DSC_8679 " by Myslitel

"Flower dresses " by cbeslemes

"Tie colors " by lilianacarvalho

"Maria " by gracealmera

"IMG_0632.JPG " by ElzaDavleeva

"Moment " by egleuleviciute

"Time travel.. " by mil2er

"Sardas " by AdCarreira

"Harvest " by KimVeazeyPhotography

"The Girl in the Patterned Scarf " by Jennifergoode

"If she doesn't kill you she'll make you stronger! " by DirkC

"Women on Jetty " by mario57

"Rio Girl " by akphotographystudio

"Autumn " by magorzatakuriata

"Paper Macro " by JenniferLynPhotographyAZ

"Veronika's Final Collection - 1 " by RobClaysPhotos

""Omen of a Black Bird" " by guidoasenjoart

"Like life, school is a balancing act " by joybello

"Aphrodite n.02 " by stellabonatto

"Perhaps the most painful truth in this life is how much can be stolen from us in such little time " by jmphotography2323

"Indian handmade carpet " by marilenavaccarini

"Little Prince " by daliaa

"Weightless " by miguelantunes_8885

"Frustrated " by ScottDClark

"Faerie princess bride.... " by learwoody

"Deep in the woods " by Andreas_Voigt

"Flirt with Wind. Seduction-1. " by NFDI

"Snow Ribbon " by GigiJim08

"The Dance " by Boholm

"Forever in Blue Jeans " by GayleLucci

"Katie with Tina Marie " by tinamarie_7110

"Ghost of Leo " by UnTill

"Waitress in Kyrgyzstan " by Helen_Mountaniol

"IMG_6651_1 " by newsibe

"Kaftan " by redzepagicaida

"crowned " by slavasamoikenko

"Maasai woman " by wildpainter

"Sailing Dakota " by charterswilliamosborne

"ZABAH " by connieazcona

"Free " by ingriddelberghe

"Ariel " by iwangroot