Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best shots of tall trees in this photo contest with chances to win a huge gift card bundle and more.

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Markku Lahdesmaki for his collaboration as a guest judge in this nature photo contest. Photographer Markku Lahdesmaki was born in Finland. He was eight years of age when his uncle gave him a simple camera with black-and-white film. Since then Markku has won numerous awards with his photography for both commissioned work and his own personal projects. He has won gold, silver awards and numerous Merits from the prestigious Association of Photographers’ Awards, London. He has been awarded at Clio, Epica, Cannes Lions, New York Festival, CA, APA, PX3, Graphis etc.

"Foggy Forest " by JRosewarne

"Looking for Light " by NiCoBoCo


"Winter lights " by albertoghizzipanizza

"Towering Golden Sunshine " by landonloewen

"Reaching for Red " by ewill

"Mistic Forest " by nikosladic

" " by guykrier

"Sassafras " by hillaryyounger

"roots to branches " by pixelmac

"Fall Aspens " by charterswilliamosborne

" " by RuneSaether

"Forest Tunnel " by Davehook

"Forest " by haksu

"Taenchel mood " by patrickterschlusen

"Serengeti Sunset " by ron7cal

"Trees in the Fog " by Boldstep

"Frosty Giant " by jimstennette

"DSC_0255 " by Verbovenkpm

"Pines in the mist " by martinpodt

"IMG_1203 " by robanaka

"Golden Roof " by KColbyPhotography

"Walking Through the Ancient Forest " by jeffpudlinski

"The broken umbrella " by lindapersson

"Infinity " by maraleite

"In the mist " by gkossieris

"Boardman Painting " by tomtyson

"After snowfall " by runeaskeland

"Muziekbos2 " by LucBaekelandt

"Tree Tunnel " by swoop113

"Fall Trees " by FromFrostToFlowers

"Fisheye " by blairwacha

"Forest Glow " by brianadamson

"Amazingly Tall " by weshardaker

" " by petervanlonderseele

"Giants in the Mist " by nina050

"Mangrove Reflection " by PDO1962

"broceliande " by EmmanuelVerzura

"Last Embrace " by mattpayne

"Pine in B&W " by crawfras

"Californian Redwood OtwaysVictoria " by Bossy

"DSC_0193-Edit " by pnewbery

" " by christyhofstetter

"Avenue of the Giants (Calif Redwoods) " by LAGE

"Autumn mood " by Hud1ai2

"Reaching for the Sky " by jamesharrisphoto

"Aspen fall colors " by ccpence

"Winter Stroll " by Mariko

"sunset secret " by noway13

"The Forest Floor " by AMills

"African motives " by UsmanovRashid

"Brittany during autumn " by StephaneDroal

"Autumn Path " by lindagagnon

"SmithRiverTreeNG " by DuffyDoherty

"The Sentinel " by lisaholloway

"Rain Wedding " by kevinsawyerphotography

"Sun Spray " by Kristy-KmacK

"Trees among the fog " by The_Ledge

"Tree Burst " by Chrisluse240

"femtues4 " by debbiedeboo

"tree2 " by laurentwach

"dawn " by Dayan

"Tranquil Fall Day " by troymarcy

"capillaries " by caitw

"Mystical forest " by A_Shukla

"Ghost Tree " by mylesnewberry

"Palms " by GermanRuizPhoto

"Autumn forest " by Markus_van_Hauten

"Road to mystery " by elenaivlieva

"untitled-8 (2) " by bobdavenport

"Strength as One " by Kaisaleephotography

"E n l i g h t e n e d " by wazza

"Standing Tall " by KimberlyKaye

"Light fantastic " by jfraser5

"Sunrise Through the Pines " by amazedbyyou

"Birds eye, Drones eye " by JRedgate

"Dead tree on a foggy morning " by reginebaeker

"Down The Line " by alexanderhill

"morning light " by scruffyherbert

"20170111_101834_001 " by johnadamson

"IMG_5067 " by elizabethgrottlestrebel

"5N9A5702 copy 2 " by stephenleonardi

"The Tree " by Nishant-101

"Ridges " by jimgarrison

"Encore " by FromTheHighCountry

"Nature is my religion. The Earth is my temple " by jsunvisions

"Grace in the Raging Storm " by Scopppock

"Country Road " by johndelalande

"The tree in the lake " by mbernholdt

"Whispering your secrets Black and White " by bexsearsbyrne

"Angel Oak " by ClaudiaKuhn

"20150830-Finland 02-2694 " by milert

"Rays of Growth " by moharrim

""zwischen baam" | "between trees" " by ulekadei

"Autumn's End " by AaronShaver

"Meeting of the Minds-1207-2 " by RonBiedenbach

"Minimalistic " by michaelstabentheiner

"The Dawn Rising " by dionearchibald

"Mitchell Lake " by angelabranson

"angel oak " by beamieyoung

"Fundy Fog " by tracymunson

"Lee Vining Canyon Color " by stevealbano

"Searching for the falls " by Carol8345

"Morning at the tree " by Prijaznica

"Solana beach " by VinceVphotography

"I Love You Snow!!! Winter Scene " by FAOUZI-TALEB

"A COUNTRY DRIVE " by Beautiful-Breeze

"A walk in the forest with my family...
Great light :) " by Ostsidenfoto

"one " by da-miane

"IMG_1528_7401 - Copy " by hwishnick

"fall maple 2016 " by jeanettesugar

"Tall and Dark " by scottsanford

"Lush sight " by Vcontestant

"Dark Hedges North Irland " by kitz_photography

"Stand Tall " by ericcriswell

"*** " by Valeko

"Down the forest path " by JMKEPhotography

"Gnarled Maple in the Moonlight " by Troy-Hess

"Red Wood Road " by taylawells

"Frozen Sunrise in the Fog " by JenniferSees

"A Walk Through the Redwoods " by theshawnamiller

"Redwoods " by jsharp006

"Perspective2 " by dawnycc

"Death of a Tree " by Bmoore11

"untitled " by kengehring

"Walk into the FALLS! " by shutterupwithakash

"Boranup Forrest Aus Day 4 " by TimKramer

"Sequoia and Kings Canyon NP " by WilliamBickerstaff

"Light in the forest (15) " by FairleaCottage

"Sunbeams " by (A)JoanCarsonMartelli

"Reflections on Belsay Pond, Northumberland, UK " by (A)MichelleKwilliams

"California Cyprus Tree Tunnel " by (A)ks_pics

" " by (A)teddydomagalski

"Toward the Apparition " by (A)Structor

"Into the woods. " by (A)Liz1930

"Deep Forest " by (A)anz200

"Baobab Forest " by (A)rabjaffar

"DSC_0124 " by (A)stevegermana

"Star Trails " by kve239

"Road to snow where " by (A)lisabonham

"up " by (A)Donnafurby

"The amazing Florida sunrise " by (A)jimmccarty

"Home Tree " by (A)maybunn

"Tall tree " by stephalumpagus

"Burn Piles " by stkerr

"Narrow Mountain Road " by HaydnDarePhotography

"Winter Walk " by GayleLucci

"Yearning to be Tall " by David_Blakley_Photography

"Aspen sunset " by ericakinsella

"Allees des baobabs " by Marco_Tagliarino

"Boulders_Snow_Feb12_2017_Watermark " by sdondero

"Hug " by cameliasopon

"Crossing Paths for 1/60s " by peterburu

"Reflections on Stumpy Lake " by syoung_va

"Tunnel View " by (A)ianchen0

"leaning tree " by kdooley

"Natural zip " by fabrizioferraris

"Phone Broadcast Station in China " by Stephen_Lo

"Crested Butte, Colorado " by noahbryant

"man resting on the hammock " by franckreporter

"Summer Portrait " by CPF_Photography

"Foggy Midland morning 2 " by learwoody

"Shades of brown " by saskiadingemans

"Just a Path " by martinson-crusoe

"crystal forest " by (A)annakoperczak

"Green Corner " by Dantes_View

"Signaled Tree " by hugovalleperez

" Old growth " by TendrelImages

"winters hut " by susanneradke

"MORNING LIGHT 3 " by (A)Stefnie

"Finding Eden " by Hstarr

"Alone in the Night " by alex_lauterbach