Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best shots showing stairways in the Stairways Photo Contest with chances to win a Polaroid Cube and more!

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Maren Klemp for her collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Maren Klemp is an award winning fine art photographer living and working in Oslo, Norway. Her work has been featured in several magazines world wide, and it has been exhibited in Norway, France and Italy. Maren is the co-author of the book "Between Intervals" together with the American photographer and professor Dr. José Escobar. "Between Intervals" is a fine art book on mental disorders told through photographs.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Hong Kong Polyu School of Design" by SarahCaldwell

"The use of lines in this image is beautifully done and the contrast between the soft and hard lines is striking. The same with the tones. They are dynamic and dramatic, and really demands the attention of the viewer." - Maren Klemp

Congratulations Runner Up "Father and bride " by TheWeddingTraveler

"This image really stands out. The composition is intriguing and original. The use of light is masterfully done and it seems to me that the concept is well thought through. This is wedding photography at its best." - Maren Klemp

Congratulations Amateur Winner  "their love" by RicardasJarmalavicius

"This image has such a strong expression due to the photographer's exceptional use of contrast and lines. The contrast between the emotional connection of the couple and their cold and harsh surroundings makes a great impact. This picture reminds me of the work by Henri Cartier Bresson, which is a huge compliment to the photographer. " - Maren Klemp

Congratulations People's Choice "Down the Rabbit Hole - B&W" by gldosa

"Daria " by elenalembo

"Downward Spiral" by phyllisburchett

"someone is downstairs" by PoloD

"Inspired" by aaronchoiphoto

"Follow the Light - Castle Point Lighthouse, New Zealand " by jfischerphotography

"Stairways and Fire" by dustpixxByFabioAntenore

"The staircase inside City Hall" by ckautzer

"small update and will be perfect" by depechmaniac

"Comfort Zone: Abandoned " by Harbi

"Shadowland" by porlusatmaelstrom

"Deep Down Beauty Standing" by Fotoart_Nicolas_Carbenay

"Golden Birds " by CasaBay_Photo

"Endless Dance " by bryanhudson

"COPENHAGEN Subway Station " by ardilla

"untitled" by annaleet

"Infinite Staircase" by ericcriswell

"Vortex" by shahbazmajeed

"Initiation well" by Megabrain

"saong stairways" by Aderizal

"red spiral" by Prijaznica

"HULL_HYMERS_YELLOW" by gilesrrocholl

"STAIRWAY" by puck

"Stairway to Heaven." by AntonioBernardino

"Into the Light" by angelaoliver_5686

"Stairs to nowhere" by leannescherp

"Tunnel 01" by Netrovia

"Spiral Staircases" by AnjaChooPhotography

"Vatican Gift Shop" by StephenBridger

"Black & White Stairway Medical Dental Building, 509 Olive Way, Seattle WA" by matkujak

"Up & down" by fabrizioferraris

"Down the stairs" by FuegoFoto

"Fort Gibson 1" by skeeterarnold

"On The Rails - Queen Victoria Building , Sydney Australia" by philipjohnson

"THE White Shell" by SPICTURES

"urban shape" by ovosphotography

"The Journey" by Paul-Stapleton

"Ornate Entry" by sjholbert

"Sunset View" by SteffenE

"RUNNNNN" by luisasalomon

"Golden Spiral" by karlredshaw

"Spiral" by kyliecarns

"Stairway from heaven" by Mrc_Tagliarino

"Lights" by jessieDuquesne

"20140124-IMG_5117" by gregmorgan

"docent" by mellow123

"Umschreibung II" by martinrosenkranz

"Chicago Art Institute Lobby" by maksym

"Grande Arche de la Defense" by ronsmith

"The Eye" by avinashlittle

"DDM Design Museum Seoul, Korea Stairs" by danpark

"Castletown Mill April 2015" by dereksouter

"trivial pursuits !" by pauljoinson

"chateau du loup" by elscasaert

"Stairway to the unknown" by mirkokianu

"Building or spaceship? " by murrayrudd

"La ballerine " by BrigitteDupuis

"Stairway to the Galaxy " by aaronjgroen

"Lost Steps " by duartesol

"The dark and dreary path " by Stevenhendricksphotog

"Leaving " by helenbissellbland

"Salt Mine Museaum " by GreenCopperz

"The Royal Pose " by PhotoJunkiesAB

"Bishops Palace Staircase " by rubensantos

"Staircases" by DorisSeybold

"untitled" by kitman

" Life on stairs" by siph