A special thanks to all the photographers that shared their best photos of cliffs in this photo contest with chances to win a Fujifilm X-T10 Camera and more!

We appreciate the collaboration of friend and professional photographer Bryan Minear as a guest judge in this photo contest. Bryan Minear is a Midwest-based designer and official Fujifilm X-Photographer. From a young age Bryan was inspired by Ansel Adams' ethereal landscape work, which paved the direction he wanted to go as an artist. It took a lot of time and multiple detours along the way, but since 2015 Bryan has been pursuing landscape, lifestyle, and commercial photography as aggressively as one can while being a new father and still holding down a full-time job. His goal is to portray atmosphere and emotion through his work, whether he is shooting locally in the Midwest or traveling to epic locations around the world.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Basalt cliffs of Arnarstapi " by madspeteriversen

"This is the first image that made me stop scrolling and want to really investigate the details. For me, the composition showing the beautiful texture on the cliffs in the foreground is what immediately jumped out at me. Those cliffs tell the story of an untold number of years of erosion, and mimic perfectly the texture of the very waves crashing upon their surface. Those turbulent waves, masterfully captured by long exposure, lead to a foreboding mountain range fighting its way through the haze. This image speaks volumes." - Bryan Minear

Congratulations Amateur Winner "The Suitor waterfall, Geirangerfjord, Norway " by arnaslucinskas

Congratulations Runner Up "Stormy Black Sea " by swqaz

"The lighting in this image is everything, but the composition is what elevates it to another level. Upon first glance it seemed like a hazy remnant of a leftover dream that i could never fully remember. The sun demands your attention, but the spotlight effect directs your eye down into the image beginning with a ghostly crash of waves against the rocks, and continues to spiral you down into lovely dramatic tendrils of water full of life and texture. Before finally ending at the edge of the rock the photographer was standing on, creating a sense of weight and security at the bottom of the image that simulates the feeling of walking out onto a cliff, carefully watching your feet and the edge, before finally feeling confident enough to look up, out , and beyond." - Bryan Minear

Congratulations Runner Up "Dreammaker at Londrangar " by Tor-Ivar

"The sense of scale is always something that adds a whole other level of interest to any photograph. Seeing a tiny silhouetted human body against a vast overarching landscape scene allows us to imagine ourselves within that very scene. In this case, the dazzle of being suspended under a sea of stars as the northern lights dance overhead while on the edge of an enormous cliff is enough to get anyone's adrenaline flowing. But countering that by imagining the soft peaceful sounds of distant waves crashing below you and wind blowing in off the water help to smooth out the experience of this photograph. There is a captivating composition here where the cliffs in the foreground lead you all the way back into the heart of the image and then leaving you to float up into the beyond. The color and balance of light and dark leave you in awe of mother nature's beauty." - Bryan Minear

Congratulations People's Choice "a t h a b a s c a 5934 " by philipesterle

"Trolltunga " by paaluglefisklund

"Sorvagsvatn Lake " by strOOp

"As Time Goes By " by NicolaPirondini

"Faroe Islands in Winter by Ekkelboom-White Photography-100 " by WildConnectionsPhoto

"trolltunga " by hasmonaut

"Gannet colony, Bass Rock, scotland " by alainmauviel

"After Burn " by Mbeiter

"The Great Southwest " by larrymarshall

"Coastline Sunset " by menxcuizon

"Nido dei passeri-Sardinia " by danieledessi

"Huangshan Mountains " by billsisson

"Grand Canyon Glow " by jasonjhatfield

"Land of the Vikings " by motownrick

"Rainbow Falls " by dawnvandoorn

"Waves of Inspiration " by albaker

"The Cavern " by sergioabellovillanueva

"Fire on the Mountain " by nina050

"Oltremare " by francescogola

"Skye " by SamGorski

"Australian Wonders " by c-thru

"Evening light at Halong Bay " by ChristerW

"Mealt Falls " by PaulPersys

"Pulpit Rock At Sunset " by RGW-Photography

"Isle of Skye " by Woodstokkz

"Free Fall Through Featherless Flight " by hillaryyounger

"Longs Peak from Trail Ridge Road " by jamesharrisphoto

"Church " by chris-herzog

""Everlasting Light" " by ericbennett

"Following the Sun to the New World " by Megabrain

"Owl Creek Sunset " by brandydement

"Cascade surround (DSC_0659_5) " by ddifiore

"The Apostle " by HaydnDarePhotography

"The Pinnacles [280816] " by AMBIENTLIGHT

"The awakening " by Markus_van_Hauten

"Hornstrandir " by katarzyna_nizinkiewicz

"Cliffs and Colors " by FromTheHighCountry

"Multnomah Falls Oregon " by JohnWaldronImages

"Lone Walker " by SteveCheetham

"Siracusa coast " by Fotonaturalistica

"El Capitan in the afternoon " by dffry

"Winter Storm " by emmafleetwood

"Grand Falls 2 " by ArizonaGriz14

"Monumental Sundown " by FredsPlace

"Cape St.Vincent " by dmitrysamsonov

"Mystical Garie Beach - Royal National Park " by andrewcroucher

"Dyrhólaey " by noahbryant

"Godray " by alexanderuljanov

"Half Dome sunset, Yosemite National Park " by Walklightphoto

"Muruwai gannet colony " by johankoch

"on top of faroe islands " by franckreporter

"Kilt Rock Waterfall " by mfagadar

"Dawn time " by George_Petrou

"Lysekil Nature reserve " by philipslotte

"Neist Point Lighthouse " by petelaw7

"IMG_0494 " by FrancoisHorne

"Caminito Del Rey, Bridge Sunflare " by byrnephotography

"Razorback Falls " by timlucas

"tiny flowers " by pamramseycorey

"IMG_0770 " by aldisabolins

"Rocky Beach " by Structor

" Once in a Lifetime " by MariaBander

"Magical moments " by TrueNorthImages

"No Danger " by iwangroot

"Kirkjufell " by nakul

"Lóndrangar Cliffs, Snæfellsnes Peninsula " by andreacelli

"Dazzling " by RiccardoMantero

"Yosemite Falls By Moonlight " by GabrielCarlsonCreations

"Over the lakes " by JEKAMOBILE

"Between rocks and waters " by albertoghizzipanizza

"Clear-communication " by robamsbury

"Resistance " by joseramos

"Alone at Horseshoe Bend " by Dangulol

"Rock on the Vik black sand beach " by StephaneDroal

"Rainbow Falls " by kylebarden

"Johnston Canyon Lower Falls, Banff - Canada " by marcobertazzoni

"Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon " by jamesrushforth

"Go higher and to keep on climbing " by kenopictures

"Bell Island " by robwill236

"Zion National Park Overlook " by ks_pics

"Los Gigantes " by Fannie_Jowski

"North of 60 - 11pm " by ntgreen

"So?a river " by ales_neumeister

"Birds Eye View " by Imagecreator13

" The Arch - Victoria, Australia.1240 " by dallasnock_photography

"Sheep River Falls " by KatnPat

"Faroe Adventures " by GaryCummins

"Kazue on Star Check " by brianmerry

"Great Ocean Road " by bevlea

"Flowing as the Wind " by pedroquintela

"Sunset explosion " by colelmore

"Rock on the Water " by miguelantunes_8885

"Standing on the edge " by MattMcGee

"The mantoline and the Shipwreck. " by panoslykourgiwtis

"Windjana Gorge sunset 1 " by AdamK

"Cliffs of Vidareidi village - Faroe Islands " by ovi_craciun

"Sunset at Samphanbok " by wenchejostad

"Self Portrait Enjoying the View Over the White Rim " by Sierralara