Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos showing animals being alone in this photo contest made possible by our friends at Squarespace. Squarespace is a do-it-yourself website building platform that was built with the professional photographer in mind. Each template has been carefully considered and crafted to make your photos look spectacular on any device. Showcase your work with multiple presentations including full-screen, slideshows, lightbox, and more.

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Matt Hernandez for his collaboration as a guest judge. Matt combines his background in graphic design, his love for photography, and his passion for sports to create unique and artistic athlete portraits and composites. Recently named The Paducah Sun'sReaders' Choice for Best Photographer in his area, he has established a solid local business, and is branching out to other areas. He has photographed professional athletes as well as members of Team USA.

Congratulations People's Choice "Red Deer" by arturaskerdokas

"Snowy Flyby" by ChrisThayer

"You've Been Barred!" by stuartclark

"_DSC1010-2" by TheoShilton

"8ex" by (A)lydiabigras

"Dirt? What dirt?" by tracirichardssmiley

"Little red Fox" by janlinskens

"Watching You" by kutubuddin

"Young Male Ruby Throat!" by (A)klukowski

"Deer in frosty morning" by Kestas

"'Heelan Coo'" by andygibson

"Namaqualand Springbok" by CathyWithers-Clarke

"Widget" by garyrhook

"Rabbit Run" by JustinRussoPhotography

"DSC_6768" by galsworth

"Hello, Scaly Friend" by MissCrimson

"Attention" by florajakab

"untitled" by vbwarrenprice1605831

"winter-robin" by mikepearce_2145

"Autumn" by bridgephotography

"The Colorful Mr. Fox" by jrfleury

"You talking to me..." by (A)BrunoHeeb

"American Bald Eagle" by TimK

"His Majesty" by Cherylnestico

"Owl in the rain" by (A)meshersmith

"Hobo " by paulmullin

"High Meadow Elk" by blairwacha

"Mountain Lion" by darvasg

"Direct eye contact with a cormorant" by sandyscott_0995

"Home on the Range" by warrenstowell

"Howler Monkey" by Venny

"Screech Owl in the Snow" by tracymunson

"untitled" by danaslifer

"Pearl" by Ishootphotography

"I am blue" by (A)jrsosky

"Winter silence" by chris-herzog

"Mr. Grumpy Stripes" by ChrisMinihane

"Golden Cow" by BillPusztai

"Eagle taking off" by JDJohnson

"Baby Gorilla" by LindaDLester

"Foxy Lady" by BrianpSlade

"Wilber" by kylejohnson

"Smiling Hornbill" by adenoverzan

"Here's looking at you!" by (A)racheldulson

"Staredown with a Hawk-owl" by JimCumming

"Taking a break" by DanieleG

"Singing Sparrow - Patagonia, Puetro tumbo, Argentina" by (A)clarksmith

"The handsome green frog!" by rosemarieedwards

"Grizzly" by donanzinger

"Breach" by fullframefotos

"Birds eye" by (A)Structor

"deer1" by deanz

"Whaleshark" by (A)ErikB

"Wingsuit" by Style29

"Looking Back" by Peaceofthenorth

"Guardian of Freedom" by MikeShero

"White Horses" by Masher

"b5" by Blazej

"I see you" by beamieyoung

"A Gleam from the Sun" by BRIN