For this photo contest we invited community members to share their best shots showing glitter with chances to win a DJI Osmo Pocket and more.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Senior Sparkle " by CourtneyBlissett

Congratulations People's Choice "We we're testing how it looks for the glitter bokeh. and it turn out that I like it. " by tronelian

Congratulations Runner Up "Glitter Girl " by mspistol

Congratulations Runner Up "nicole8 " by ajcophotography

Congratulations Honorary Mention "self III " by sollenaphotography

Congratulations Honorary Mention "Glitter " by Anneliese-Photography

Congratulations Amateur Winner "Fairy Dust " by ckrogs

"Anna " by mldrake

"MAIN GALLERY 2018-08-21 Ashton Seneca-28 " by devontabor

"sparkles " by klang

"Black & Gold " by etrdryzt

"Sparkle N Shine " by FruitCocktailCreative

"Today has been some photography fun at home!! Using a light tent and some li " by Melstar1980

"Showgirl " by lindiekolver

"Autumn Magic " by lisaholloway

"Glitzy Mood " by ABarnes19

"Jelleyfish at Sunset " by ilanhorn

"Carlee in Gold Leaf II " by Rob_Lopshire

"Cosmic Girl " by louisekellieskorpil

" " by Jo-AnnGallagher

"FB_IMG_1476812481806 " by corettamargraves

"Dust " by Dinabustinphotography

"Good Evening Sunshine " by mea115546

"Pride " by slaythecurves

"Blowing confetti " by AngieMarie79

"Fire Show " by Carol_M

"Headshot " by ElaImage

"Glitt it " by PierreTurtaut

"Gold confetti " by Daniel_E_Photography

"Valeri " by ilyayakover

"Guilt Free " by WildCameraKevin

"When I look into your eyes, I know I won’t let go unless you do. " by wenchejostad

"Petula's Sparksfever " by Eric_Dany

"Imagicnation " by Jackie_Kancir

"Dryad's Wisp #2 " by dominickmortier

" " by dellaina

" " by GermanRuizPhoto