Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best shots showing people or animals running in the Running Photo contest with chances to win Polaroid Cube and more!

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Maren Klemp for her collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Maren Klemp is an award winning fine art photographer living and working in Oslo, Norway. Her work has been featured in several magazines world wide, and it has been exhibited in Norway, France and Italy. Maren is the co-author of the book "Between Intervals" together with the American photographer and professor Dr. José Escobar. "Between Intervals" is a fine art book on mental disorders told through photographs.

"AshdonRunning" by tomato1236

"Running boy" by EuroBen

"Passing through" by Bad_Weather

"Black Power in the snow" by CreativeArtView

"Chasing dreams" by (A)PhillipaJane

"Time Flies" by AkvilinaPhoto

"Fox on the run" by JimCumming

"Leap" by (A)kathyallison

"Girl of Datong" by jojofuchsch

"Joe" by sharischultzmccollough

"100m Dash!" by GaryCummins

"Sunday Running" by FabrizioMicciche

"Hayden" by ericakinsella

"RUNNNNN" by luisasalomon

"Follow the leader Masai Mara 20130001-101662" by Brenda13

"Spring Fog...:-) (1 of 1)" by laansanh

"Mirrors Edge Running" by (A)PS4GAMER

"The Stair Master" by AceGabley

"Kicking Dirt" by LiveInspiredByBrenda

"It's mine!!" by ceciliazuccherato

"Wait for me!" by ellestaples

"Wild white mares galloping on the sand" by (A)Helkoryo

"Man in black" by tomSolna

"Incoming" by lauragardner

"Pure speed" by stefanochiarelli

"Emotions after the finish line" by AkinfeevK

"Running Girl" by The_Whitography_Project

"Home straight" by donaldbrotherston

"into the light " by GaryBolduc

"Faster!" by WWWest

"Race For Life" by charlotterhodes

"Running Towards Spring" by suzymead

"Midsummer mood" by daniildragunov

"The meaning of freedom" by jevgenijscolokov

"Women's 100 Meter Dash" by peteralexander

"20170728-_DSC4053" by outside

"Ironman 2014" by isstoossay

"Alone - Running Faster " by (A)DanMac

"Little Hop " by JennySwanson

"Impala going wild. " by Alfredo_Jose

"Fun in the Sand " by (A)kimaikawa

"Running free " by TommyRamone

"SEA Rugby 7s " by BpChua

"The Chase" by James1970

"Determination" by GEFAELL

"Stream crossing" by murrayrudd

"Chasing his heroes" by tonygallucci

"Huricane (tygr ussurijský)" by ALBESA

"_36A8561 copy.jpg11" by (A)shuja

"Speed " by Hotch3f

"running" by tansiawpao

"Morsiczek" by kasiadoroszkiewicz

"Tiger Jump" by zquentin

"Male Lion and Baby Springbuck IMG_6817" by edraubenheimer

""Catch me if you can"" by DPMPhotography

"Pina" by AAPhotography-byAlina

"Run" by thaisbdealmeida

"Explosive power in a tranqual landscape" by FalkenburgT

"London Olympics 2012 - Mens 100m Final" by NickMoulds

"Dawn Burns_Sunset Run_Venice Beach_2015" by dawnburns

"Blesbok on the run" by rudievanderberg

"IMG_3357 " by (A)BrunoHeeb

"power " by LigaVitola

"Freedom is calling " by MariaKruusenvald

"Leap " by photosbydana

"Family Dog " by elenagonzalez_6866

"Galloping Through the Scenery " by KayBrewer

"10 " by LindaPilecki

"FairyTale " by branislava-brandic

"pulse " by PieterPietersPhotography

"Flying High" by anitarossview

"Runaway." by Florianpascual

"Devils Rejects!" by warrenstowell

"Running man" by moritzleonard