Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos showing boardwalks in the Promenades And Boardwalks Photo contest with chances to win Portable Printer and more!

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Dimitrios Kontizas for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. "My name is Dimitrios Kontizas and I was born in Athens in 1980. I graduated from the Technological Institute of Athens in Greece as a Technologist of Graphic Arts and Design. For two years I worked at the scanning and photo editing department of a major newspaper in Greece and spent another two years working at a print shop."

"Dawn" by templopolis

"Eternal Gold" by AlejandroFerrand

"Calm" by aaronhill

"LAKE GARDA" by marcoizzo

"The pier..." by FabioPerillo

"The lost dock" by ivanferrerophoto

"Petit Minou Lighthouse" by henryksadura

"Calm." by jaybirmingham

"Dawn" by petrosnikolaides

"Te Anau" by corymarshall

"Tota's Lake" by srmaophoto

"Germany" by ricardoneves

"Wooden Pier 1" by orpheusorphykekus

"Dawn" by glennbernasol

"Jetty into sunset" by mb_lichtbild

"The island Castle" by julecho

"Victor Harbor causeway" by (A)nicolerix

"Old Broadwalk" by miguelantunes_8885

"End of the Trail" by (A)dalefehr

"Walk Another Mile" by Nishant-101

"Inclement weather at Cromer Pier " by robertjamesryder

"Gone into Tranquility" by Despird

"Dramatic Sunrise Long Exposure" by iamcordz

"Shelley Pier, Portsea" by susanzentay

"The First Flight" by seanschuster

"Calm Peaceful Days " by LeightonLum

"Penarth Pier at Sunrise [II]" by mathewbrowne

"Path to the Rock" by yenaingwynn

"Wooden Pier" by NiCoBoCo

"Misty Sunrise" by michellemckoy

" perth from the piar" by Aleks_Trpkovski

"Katzensee" by raegi

"Castle Point lighthouse" by DanielKordan

"Serenity" by rosspichler

"The long Jetty" by kimschou

"footpath in spring" by FabrizioMicciche

"Melancholy" by pixadeleon

"Heavens-Walk" by tazdevilgreg

"Pier La La" by jrfleury

"Flamingos" by maxencelefort

"Tranquillity at the lake" by pietroebner

"Stuck in Time" by ander_alegria

"Night in Quebec City" by Denis09

"Kahikatea swamp forest walk " by WeiLing

"Cuilcagh Mountain, County Fermanagh " by (A)hannahcopes

"Costa Rica." by TillyMeijer

"Lonesome Pigeon" by fidfoto

"Boardwalk to island" by (A)thephotographyfriend

"Torbiere del Sebino" by strOOp

"Misty Trail" by danpark

"Cauble Landing " by (A)DGriffiths

"Age" by ajpetkov

"Bursting Through" by brentreynolds

"Boscombe Pier Bournmouth UK" by Jonocon

"The Endless Path" by TravelAbruzzo

"Hooker Lake track" by karolispipiras

"Gudvangen... " by kbrowko

"On the Edge " by RichardBarnwell

"Infinity " by RobJDickinson

"Pin up girl " by HamptonPhotography

"Polson Pier- Toronro " by MarvinEvasco17

"Boardwalk " by GayleLucci

"Strand Jetty " by Bertus_ZA

"Belgrade Fortress. " by Ardijan

"Pier " by jansieminski

"coconut island " by Joerg

"Gravedona " by SirDiegoSama

"Ocean Prayer " by (A)Athena_B

"Pier Sellin I " by Bilderschmied-Danz

"dragonfly " by ivankovale

"Boston is my Home " by canahtam

"Waitangi Wharf Lines " by chrispegman

"A Very British Summer " by aphotogenicworld

"pier and storm " by alanclimb

"The Pier // // " by (A)Mattburgessphoto

"ys77" by BloomingReflections

"St. Joseph Lighthouse" by Jennifergoode

"Wooden bridge, Clontarf, Dublin" by wojtekpiatek

"Road to autumn" by tiger_in_teapot

"Sisters." by LyndseyGKidd

"Autumn Evening" by zhaoqingMal

"Teignmouth Pier" by xaviafrate

"Plitvice-lakes from above" by korinna

"Sometimes Guid " by Grant252

"Celestial dock" by ifarca

"Startrails" by daniturphoto

"The Morning Rise" by gwestnz

"At sunrise" by (A)plamenpetkov

"Sadinos" by ngomes