Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best nature shots showing bright colors in the Bright Colors In Nature Photo contest with chances to win Carbon Fiber Tripod and more!

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Candace Dyar for her collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Candace Dyar is a professional landscape and nature photographer based in Seattle, and a contributing photographer and author to the Visual Wilderness team. Her background in Art History significantly contributes to her overall artistic vision and she is known for portraying a painterly type of style within her work. Candace is passionate about exploring and photographing the diversity of wilderness areas in their entirety. Her goal as a photographer is to reach viewers on an emotional level, while also spreading awareness of the necessity and vitality of the natural world.

"Lightfield" by maurocirigliano

"Sunset in the Mountains" by svetlana56

"Purple Haze || Church of the Good Shepherd, New Zealand" by capturezeworld

"over/under in the paradise" by romainbarats

"Sunset at Valley of Fire " by jessicacathrinesantos

"Lonely tree, Bay of Fires, Tasmania " by lake_of_tranquility

"Lavender_Fields " by ellestaples

"The red fox " by (A)AndyMaraloi

"A Sea of Yellow" by ericakinsella

"Lavender contrast" by patrice-vallet

"Monarch and the Lavender" by Adam_Triska

"Sunset at Horseshoe Bend" by dakoch

"Focus Stack Daisy" by maxrittner

"Yellow Beauty" by (A)Ela_H

"Jackson Lake at Dawn" by beckykempf

"Jökulsárlón Ice Beach" by alex_lauterbach

"Odyssey of an Avenue II" by Jan_Smid_QEP

"Mount Taranaki at sunset" by kylebarden

"Anemone Stamens" by ksean

"Gerbera in Macro" by rebelpunk

"Summer reflections" by saintek

"Kenya Rainbow" by WorldPix

"Sunset Flowers" by (A)84Padres

"Royal Presence" by LauraAnnGP

"Jelly in Colour" by Greatwhitesean

"317A3323" by trishdavies

"Cosmos Bipinnatus" by WoodlandPixels

"~ How I Shine ~" by alfkelty

"Lights in the night sky" by swqaz

"July 2014 Lightning-11" by (A)BlackRockPhoto_PaulSmith

"Moth" by rogerhampton

"Don't Look Now " by DrawsWithLight

"longing upwards " by photo-bloom

"My way " by JeffAlexander

"Valensole Dream " by Fannie_Jowski

"The Turquoise Lake " by crismagsino

"Santa_madalenna " by zarkopiljak

"Torre Minervino " by Milkywayhunters

"Heaven's Stairway " by Hstarr

"Catedrais Sunrise " by albertoalvaro

"Last light of the Dolomites " by Mbeiter

"Colored Morning Mist " by FalconEyesPhotography

"Land Shrimp " by benthic_photos

"Sunset in Cala Cipolla " by wildlifemoments

"Setting Sun-Flowers " by terryc

"Lifeline " by olehenrikskjelstad

"Abiqua Falls " by jasonboneham

"Summer Poppy Field " by CPF_Photography

"Give Me The Light " by Luka180

"bruarfoss feat autumn " by Tor-Ivar

"near over the moon.. " by joecas

"The Fire And The Waves" by vershinin

"Shy" by mturnau

"Slow Wave, Lighthouse Beach - Ballina NSW - Australia_1614" by dallasnock_8182

"Dramatic weather" by (A)blazvogelnik

"Relaxing On The Lake" by douglasunger

"Eruption on Etna " by RonTear