Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best portraits showing shadows in the Portraits And Shadows Photo Contest in collaboration with our friends at GoodLight Magazine with chances to be published and more!

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Michael Zelbel for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Michael Zelbel is an amateur photographer operating a photo studio in Duesseldorf. On his photography blog and in his eBook The Art of Boudoir Photography he shows lighting setups enabling amateurs to shoot professional glamour and boudoir photos. Besides that he is the main tutor in his photographer coaching club and he publishes the monthly Good Light! Magazine for photography.

Congratulations People's Choice "Portrait (Jule)" by mmarriuss

"This photograph is an excellent example of split lighting. The photographer positioned the light at the perfect angle. What strikes me, even more, is the clever arrangement of the model’s hair. Bringing her hair in front on the shadow side offers a perfect frame to the lit site. It makes total visual sense. A striking image." - Michael Zelbel

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Shadow Web" by ElenaParaskeva

"Elena takes shadows in portraiture to the next level. A structure in the foreground casts a camouflage shadow pattern onto the subject. Her model is the middle ground of the composition. That’s an excellent idea. It is not easy to light such a structure in a way, that the illuminated structure, as well as the model, look pleasant. If you hit it with enough light to cast shadows, then the structure often gets too bright. Elena mastered this. The photo is technically perfect. The lighting is excellent. The shadows are deep and strong, but all detail is still visible in this deep shadows. A well deserved first place!" - Michael Zelbel

Congratulations Runner Up "The prayer" by siph

"This is a magical photograph. It’s almost all shadow. That makes the bit of light between the hands of the subject appearing so intense. It’s out of this world. The subject’s face is also full of shadows. They sculpt the deep grooves in his face. They make him look like a wise magician." - Michael Zelbel

"Knights Templar 1" by Millar_Images

"You and Me" by RussElkins

"self III " by PaulHenryStudios

"Cowboy" by ElGuedini

"" Cowgirl "" by ronmcginnis

"Amber" by kurioko

"Solo" by IrisBergmann

"Claartje (1419)" by StudioTjeerd

"Baby" by vikkirogers

"“Silence is not always golden; sometimes it is yellow”" by wenchejostad

"The Dandelion" by lisaholloway

"When angels sing" by semy

"Tomer" by Alexander_Sviridov

"gmp-24" by guymace

"_DSC4427_2048bw" by Marian_Uram

"hard day at the office" by Shinegonzalvez

"Lost" by SimpLeePhotographyUK

"Captured Beauty" by maaikeschauer

"Enku" by sarinamannaert

"Tribute to Lucien Clergue" by Bertrand01

"Guy-" by jenniferwilhite_photog

"So done with life" by Ethos

"Savage Beauty" by robertmax

"The Black Hope" by pedrontheworld

"Rainy night mood II" by PoloD

""Sensualità"" by marcogabbuggiani

"Biggles 2015 b" by johnsmiddysmith

"Me and my shadows" by pansybrandtwinters

"Powder Shoot" by PaigeLaroPhotography

"Jada" by kamalmostofi

"Untamed Beauty..." by AndyD-Fotographix

"summer" by FotostudioAlex

"Make a wish!" by sharynthompson

"The Lace" by Laima

"Innocence" by bryonworthen

"King Artur" by marekbiegalski

"Loren" by kathytackett

"Lost" by siegart

"Monsieur Blonde 02" by markcarolan

"Diede" by NinderryStudios

"Child Forever" by 800ISO

"image" by pippipkins

"Chocolate Dreams" by derekgalon

"Basking in the Light" by Georgikate

"untouchable" by louisloizidesmitsu

"Beckstead Brazil 14-43new" by davidbeckstead

"_MG_1296web" by tomato1236

"Windswept" by howardashton-jones

"Musician writing in his thoughts" by johnwood

"Late night reading...." by Cezary

"Sweet dreams" by mechucz

"the father of Buddha" by amazed

"Talk..I'm listening" by petrhingar

"Rock" by fehlfarbe

"untitled" by HectorRivera

"untitled" by jimdelillo

"Baby Maddy" by NorthernLightsDesign

"autumn beauty" by atrdesign

"Into the light" by sabsade

"Sweetness" by jeremyaliot

"Salty skin" by lexiklohn

"I will catch you if you fall" by GabrielaHomolova

"Curly hair " by DamianPiorko

"Waiting on a new day" by EricLinusF

"Rebecca in shadow" by SarahKeates

"Shadow of Naomi" by germanomiele

"Passion " by crystaldiane

"Lara" by Jacobz

"out of the dark" by DavidCohenPhotography

"Girl in Fur Coat" by russhob

"Brainstorming" by Carlos_Santero

"Shadow boxing" by babbphotography

"ST_1115_7" by rossjames

"Angelika" by ionutzcirciu

"Justyna" by october-9

"Light blade" by luigiscuderi

"Alison" by ronsmith

"Light of hope" by davidcarrillo

"BeautyPortrait" by lenaschlmersndergaardangioni

"Togetherness" by danielhollister