Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best portraits showing depth in this photo contest with chances to win a Leica Instant Camera and more.

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Morey Spellman for his collaboration as a guest judge in this people photo contest. Morey Spellman is a fashion photographer based in Los Angeles. His photos combine an appreciation for beautiful light, authentic beauty, and natural scenery. He primarily works with brands, agencies, and models in fashion and swimwear.

"Dots " by Kante

"playing " by lilskyzks

"IMG_5382 " by DominikaDabrowskaPhotography

"Jordie " by luismcara

"Between The Bricks " by kylere

"Senior lights " by CourtneyBlissett

"Rough and ready " by Steve22

"DSC_2008-----5web " by tinozavrus

"Patrick... Homeless and Human " by Beno62

"Little Red " by aychmb

"Sirun 67 " by benjafuenzalida

"Four " by HelenRea

"friends havin a good time " by spARTiat_de

"Cozy and in love " by christinannszczesniak

"The windy day " by Victoria_Anne

"Flame " by clareahalt

"Mountain Man of Ethiopia " by kdooley

"Nevermore (!?...) " by clementinacabral

" " by UpShiftPhotography

"Ayla " by helenbissellbland

"Happy winter " by aurora_gio

"Sisters love " by MIO-photography

"Through the Branches " by stevenscarcello

" " by ricardocamillo

"Kate " by kspencerjones

" " by alessiorasore

"Lauren 5 " by photobynorb

"hortense concours photo " by ANGELA_Michel

"Emotional Winter 2 " by shadowimagephotography

"Svenja " by KoreaSaii

"Lilia " by Kerberos486

" " by VasilyRyabov

"Stay away " by ClovisDM

"girl with daisies " by karvalmih

"Bianca " by ive27

"Blue Light Special " by brianramos

"a stare from Jen " by Ben-Haworth

"Irish sensuality in fiery hair and a soul full of freedom " by TengyArt

" " by animebox

" " by tarakoenke

"Dylan + Katie Photography " by dylantjader

"23115088724_71290e2743_k " by stephenpapageorge

"Egyptian Portrait " by mkader

" " by photobykry

"portrait " by remustoderici

"Daria " by Olya_Go

"Fianna " by NiAnluain

"No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow... " by Reka

"Urban Style " by giusepperussofoto

"Tori " by sollenaphotography

"Waiting... " by Prevention

"Boho Chic " by sydneymanuel

"Seclusion " by Arastan

"Wind spiral " by ulisessandoval

"Portrait-01 " by anshu_pix

"DJ MYMA " by mareksalajka

"BIG " by stefanozocca

"Sisters " by lauracallsen

"Maxim " by teodorasarbinska

"Time Pondering " by VinceVphotography

"Build You an Eden " by chloegrayson

"Snowfall in the Canyon " by MatthewKou

"Carter " by Eye_Shoot_Images

"Wojciech " by marwal

"Butterfly Queen " by Goran_Jordanski

"DSC_2047 " by marymolchanova

"The Storm " by cathleenzornow

"A labyrinth of colour " by Killershots

""Laying in Wait" " by danmoran

"A Hint of Blue " by adamibbotson

"Old School Canon Selfie " by Meghanshaw

"Hold on tight, it’s going to be a journey. " by Rosborne4703

"Hypnotic Man " by Sasha_77

"Downtown Beauty " by AshleyGoverman

"Skater Boy " by amitzakay

"Blue eyes like the sky " by ralph11204

"Masha " by aleksandrkljuchenkow

"Back to dream " by ingriddelberghe

"IMG_1955 " by caprin

"Men and flowers " by tialindo

"Danish style " by SecaBlue

"P. M. A. " by petehobbs

"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.. " by Micah99

"A walk in the park " by mariostomazou

"Woman with camera " by Nikolishin

"Portrait by the Sea " by robwill236

"Seafoam " by kendallbrier

"zzr_jen3_pp " by VanderblackStudios

"Portrait of Mitra " by niushakrc

"Melvin, Port of Huston, Texas_Roy Pope " by roypope

"Throwing Leaves " by adavies

"Love you " by OmarAdelRagab

"Sylwia " by virtuzz

"hair's how " by derxphoto

"Happy student. " by Refat

"The Jojos " by francismtey

"Emerald " by (A)ImageFaktory

"Peek-a-Boo " by (A)bobdee

"Extraordinary life " by (A)PhillipaJane

" " by (A)tanizkap

"Joshy 2 " by (A)jasoncervi

"Goodwood 2 " by (A)Jamescalvert

"Old Fisherman " by (A)SeaCreature

"Hey there! ???? Happy Sunday Fun Day! @christygilesx #tillys #fallfashion2017 #lifestyle #lifestylephotography #fashion #fashionphotography #photography #defleppard #bandtee #sunglasses #malibu #canon " by (A)kodyperrinphotography

"Pilot " by (A)jonpearson

"My veiw " by (A)dreamerjl83

"On my level. " by (A)a.a.ron.captures

"John and a heavy heart " by (A)Lostgirlphotography

"Magnolia " by (A)lukaplako

" " by (A)SennaLouise

"? ?????? ?? ??????? ??????? " by (A)shAPOLLINARIYAsh

"Looking through you " by (A)PaigeFreier

"young cambodian monk " by Kenwaxman

" " by Soulcraft

" " by markkuch

"Night life " by klepikovadaria

"Portrait of a cigarette " by FlatMat