For this animals photo contest, we invited all members to share their best shots showing any type of aquatic animal with chances at a photographer's gift bundle.

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Andrew Studer for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Andrew Studer is a 21 year old commercial outdoor photographer based in Portland, Oregon. With a huge passion for the outdoors, Andrew is constantly seeking out adventure and unique and engaging ways to capture what he sees.

"tail " by Elchin_Jabbarov

"Polar bear " by TillyMeijer

""When The Stars Align" " by ericbennett

"Curious Turtle " by RDVPhotography

"Submarine " by CraigBill

" " by MikaJC

"Manta world " by romainbarats

"l whale " by Rdodson77

"Right side up " by joebaxter

"Underwater in Cayo Largo " by elenapardini

"SLeonardi SplitWorld " by stephenleonardi

"Juvenile Humpback " by Orphic

"great hammerhead shark " by MattMcGee

"Returning to the Sea " by iwangroot

"ALBINO ALLIGATOR " by davedise

"[ … hello Humpback ] " by raymondhoffmann

"Deep blue sea " by alexmazilu

"Humpback Whale Spy Hop, Maui Hawaii " by billklipp

"Sea Lions " by LelaKieler

"Hump Back Whale " by AshThomson

"A60 " by JustFieldWork

"Alive " by JeffAlexander

"Don't wake them up " by NejcDraganjec

"Sea Turtle in the Sun Rays " by Derek_Winters

"Humpback Ballet " by t-j-stoeri

"Swimming River Otter " by kaixmarkas

"Mating Toads " by mikehudson_4920

"Happy life " by ingomenhard

"Feed Me !!! " by Miptog

"Fin Slapped " by LeightonLum

"The viewers " by philtarg

"Just one Moment " by SebastianWarneke

"DSC_0038 " by Jwallis3

"Nap Time " by fidfoto

"Curiosity " by trofimov-photo

"Acrylic-7724 " by Jkdayphotography

"Penguin Stare " by xaltair

"Tank Shark " by jonathanbradbury

"Levanto " by adelmomassola

"RW8_3249-2--small " by thetradewindsgallery

"Nile crocodile, Kafue River, Kafue National Park, Zambia-495 " by Pegertler

"Seal eyes get physical " by Ulla_Have

"School - P4020247 " by PBeale

"Axolotl " by helenehages

"Shark b&w " by Bracy10

"Bali, Dolphins2618 " by dompinson

"Jaws " by mattmarchant

"Puffer with toadstool leather " by (A)PWMMacro

"image " by (A)iiToyxjoker

"Aurelia Aurita " by namero

"Medusa Descending " by (A)ntgreen

"March of the Crabs // " by (A)Mattburgessphoto

"70 years young " by (A)kevinvierra

"Shark in the Red Sea " by petrpolach

"Dolphins swimming in the ocean around Kona, Hawaii " by jasongeneric

"Atlantic spotted dolphins " by smkeena

"Animals No. 1 " by levinlee

"Beverage Reef Grey Reef Shark " by tazdevilgreg

"Sydney Day Octopus looking majestic " by Ashley_Missen

"Mermaid or ... " by alextaubin

"Beautiful Creatures from the Deep " by (A)davetalling

"CUTTLEFISH " by Mr_B_Photography

"The Predator " by Andreas_Voigt

"fly over " by dpasikhov

"Hunter (II.) " by LookSee

"Hippo " by CathyWithers-Clarke

"Into the Light " by (A)JulianGwilson

"Float On " by Acewolf

"Friendly Stingray " by KanaPhotography

"Spotlight " by agefoto

"Alert " by ricklecompte

"Supper " by Boholm

"Manta! " by ClearBluePhoto