Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos showing camping and tents in nature in this photo contest with chances to win a Goal Zero Maintainer 10 Trickle Solar Panel and more!

Congratulations People's Choice ""Small hotel with views of the Odle"" by Pixelecta

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "sleep under the sky" by kenopictures

Congratulations Runner Up "Cappadocia nights" by DanielKordan

Congratulations Runner Up "Black Tusk." by sidneylegari

Congratulations Runner Up "Roadtripping South Europe" by ArtistaVivente

Congratulations Amateur Winner "Wake up" by MariaBander

"Mount Robson Tent View" by walasavagephoto

"Justnes" by strOOp

"Room with a View" by crismagsino

"Under the Stars at Glacier Point" by jasonjhatfield

"evening and calm" by joecas

"Alone with the stars" by Juliocastropardo

"the bilionar hotel" by AndreaSagui

"Night Camp" by blairwacha

"untitled" by soemyintwinn

"Milky Way Torch Bearer" by GigiJim08

"The Grand Hotel (with moon)" by FedericoAntonello

"My tent & Gergeti Trinity Church" by kutsey

"alpine magic" by jessrelkoff

"Winter adventure" by sanyasadovnykova

"Lantern Light" by bravocharli

"Light Painting" by scottheister

"Sunset & Canvas" by dannerroyce

"Alpinefire" by sebi_a

"Sleeping-under-the-star" by Blionbg

"Camping under the Milky Way" by benransompics

"Where I Wake" by fullframefotos

"far from the problems" by viktor_1972

"Home on the Range" by ClaudiaKuhn

"By the Fireside" by Wendyjc

"untitled-15" by paulkendall

"Northern Lights " by dawnvandoorn

"Camping with the view of hellfire" by antonagarkov

"Desert Night Camping" by austinwhite

"Full Moon Camping" by phyllisburchett

"By The campfire" by rascalphoto

"Camping under the aurora" by DJMay

"into the wild" by hasmix

"Camping-Cliffside" by tracymunson

"Killarney, Canada" by kmoraru

"Alaskan Range" by seantaylor

"Climbing base camp " by nathanlucas

"untitled" by adypetrova

"First Light Over Wanaka" by chrispegman

"Camping on top of a mountain" by jareksoltys

"Camping outside Joshua Tree" by Bhouska

"Aurora Camping" by brandonbroderick

"Under the dome" by StephaneDroal

"Finnmarkvidda" by katarzyna_nizinkiewicz

"DSC06511" by Simonsun

"Tents" by robrichardson

"Morning Coffee" by Ayersphotography

"Hotel Dolomites *****" by spidi1981

"Resting place in the wilderness" by alekrivec

"Rhodope Night" by swqaz

"Camping in British Columbia" by mikefennell

"Exploring" by kfirveler

"Outback Camping" by paulmp

"Nighttime in the Cirque of Towers" by mcasella

"A game of shadows" by colinpasquier

"Trees and Silhouettes" by ManipulatingLight

"Colorado backpacking-21" by JMKEPhotography

"Campfire times .." by trebor_3438

"Campsite with a Monumental view" by etsai

"Beneath the Stars" by tomherriman

"Northern lights, Finnmark" by ingvildmelkersen

"Wide edition of Northern lights boom" by zlimmen

"Camping under the Milky Way" by matthewgriffiths

"Tent Stars" by sockeblu2

"Piora Nightsky" by NickSW

"Moonlight over Mt. Goode" by Cairnfoto

"Sunrise Camping - W Trek" by Rangerness-PV

"Le réveil" by standeville