Thank you to all the photographers that shared their  best photos showing one person in nature in the One With Nature Photo Contest with chances to win a Handheld Stabilizer and more!

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Renee Hahnel for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Renee Hahnel is a photographer, blogger and wanderer. She has traveled 30 countries and her bucket list continues to grow every day. Renee is currently on a road trip to every National park in the USA and hitting up some of the best photography spots in the country.

"„blinded” " by Marcel_A_Vie

"Upper Butte Creek Falls " by stevenwebber

"Canyon Perch " by sortino

"On top of the world" by (A)Mattofstie

"We are but a tiny part of this earth...." by sethburkett

"Simplicity. " by KathrynHayes

"Water Levels" by Tor-Ivar

"Above-the-world" by arpandas

"Waves" by ClaireJean

"Behold" by (A)emxsee

"Sacred Ground" by Truc_Nguyen

"Last Light" by olehenrikskjelstad

"Waterfall Vegging" by ksaGallery

"Ice in flames" by antonagarkov

"Gudvangen..." by kbrowko

"Scared of heights?" by Snaplov

"Best friends" by shonadicksonmcfadden

"Amanda & Canopener" by (A)Spider1987

"Mentawai" by vedranvidak_1401

"cave dweller" by Gareth_Carr

"Dune wanderer II" by Anderl_R

"Cathedral" by DamonBay

"Adventure" by olocinicsira

"Blue hour at Glacier Point" by jasongerard

"In the garden" by tammyswarek


"Bryce Photographer" by cristinmckee

"scenery" by (A)arnaslucinskas

"Biking through" by FabrizioMicciche

"Man On The Desert" by pimpin_nagawan

"Selfie of the Year " by gregc89

"Mermaid Rachel 006 " by CreationScape

"the photographer " by pixelmac

"Scent of spring " by stephaniecomeau

"Giulia " by lucafoscili

"Waiting for alignment " by jono_abdipranoto

"Nakul_Sharma_Kirkjufell waterfall " by nakul

"Light Chaser " by Mbeiter

"The girl and the pier " by SirDiegoSama

"The man above " by outdoorphotodream

"Cathedral Cove Dream " by jomyjose

"New Day in Bagan " by kutsey

"Too far away " by Darrenp

"Dreams Made Of Lavender " by ElenaParaskeva

"Feeling Free " by Stu_Soley

"A man in a canoe during a misty autumn day" by samirahkonen

"No Place Like Home" by erikmcritchie

"Play With Me. " by Annelisenicolephotography

"Clara de dos" by thierryvouillamoz

"SeaNymph2" by tonyawilhelm