Thank you to all the photographers that shared their your best photos showing live music concerts in the On Stage Photo Contest with chances to win a Rode On-Camera Microphone and more!

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Brad Moore for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. I'm Brad Moore, an entertainment photographer and videographer in Nashville, Tennessee. Two of my biggest passions are music and photography. I love being able to combine the two in an attempt to capture the best moments of shows from a unique and creative perspective. Hopefully I'm able to achieve this goal in a way that gets viewers excited about the music as well.

Congratulations People's Choice "La Secta de Puerto Rico" by FaiscArt

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Perform" by tamaryn_ried

"This photo really captures a great moment during the show, and from the perspective every fan (and photographer) wishes they could see from: the stage! The performer is active, the crowd has their hands up in the air, and the lights are in full swing. All the main elements of a concert photo really shine here." - Brad Moore

Congratulations Runner Up "Temples @ The Social - Orlando, FL" by nickelphoto

"I love a good backlit silhouette! While I’m not usually a fan of black and white for live performance shots, it really works here. That combined with the guitarist’s hair makes it feel like they could be like a late 60s or early 70s era Bob Dylan." - Brad Moore

Congratulations Runner Up "20161231-DSC_0092" by kerstinjones

"This is another backlit silhouette shot, but here’s why I love them… They’re dramatic, and they show a full range of contrast from white to black. This shot shows a nice moment from the singer, and the photographer did a great job processing the image to boost contrast and clarity in order to bring out the texture in the smoke." - Brad Moore

Congratulations Runner Up "Coby - Low-Res" by RobClaysPhotos

"The composition of this shot with the singer in the middle of the light is superb. Sometimes a moment that happens multiple times during a show and can be captured by any photographer really shines just because of the composition of the subject in relation to the light. The way the yellow light comes from behind the singer makes them almost literally shine in this moment, and the lack of distracting elements in the photo shouldn’t be under appreciated." - Brad Moore

Congratulations Runner Up ""Doc" Ellis" by KappysKeepers

"I mean, who doesn’t love a good jump shot? And when you’re able to shoot it from on stage, even better! The photographer handled the challenging exposure scenario as best as they could given the darkness of the performers’ attire and stage against the middle-of-the-day sky and clouds. And the moment of the jump captured results in perfect composition of the subject between the lights above and the crowd and stage below!" - Brad Moore

Congratulations Amateur Winner "untitled" by daynaransley

"Billie Joe Armstrong - Green Day - Carson City, CA" by ARisolvato

"Wiz Khalifa, Boyz of Zummer Tour " by blankaleal

"Patent Pending" by ShutterSpeak

"mø" by LindaPilecki

"The drummer " by zoemeadows

"Vintage Trouble live in Helsinki" by anttitassberg

"Arch Enemy" by stefannielsen

"Khoma" by anders_samuelsson

"Joe" by dashaherman

"untitled" by elenapardini

"DAD" by Mougaard

"Stephen Wright" by Nishant-101

"Sin City KISS .... " by Reallycrazykiwi

"Solo Artist-1" by SURREALIMAGE

"Soulful" by gerdiehutomo

"WSS" by lexiklohn

"St. Vincent (Annie Clark)" by tonyvasquez

"Volume IV" by KayFreeman

"Little Jinder in concert" by ChristerW

"Big guitars and music for the soul...." by lisa1769

"Spears On Fire" by Imagecreator13

"019A9913" by dylantjader

"R.I.P Prince" by JackHoier

"'While she sleeps,' Karlsruhe 2015 I" by briancann

"Skrillex @ Rock You" by PierreTurtaut

"From the Balcony" by brandygale

"Portrait of Tim " by idahollis

"Rock Star" by rueromani

"David Gilmour at Pompei" by JayLawler

"Grace Potter at the Grand Point Music Festival " by briandrourr

"Caught in the moment" by gatorchaser

"Rhymer" by sildsa

"Lady Plays The Blues" by redwriter

"The Gang. " by Jtrojer

"JC Allstars 1 " by joshuagraff

"Singing Emotion " by SeanAllenPhoto

"One Less Zero " by AshleyAnnImages

"Kendrick Lamar " by camgilson

"The Barstool Preachers " by DubbelXposure

"Battle " by Hhan

"Jason Derülo - Mawazine Festival 2014 " by aminefassi

"Abive the crowd " by KEnagonio

"Mike Elrington" by JRosewarne

"Blues Man in a Red Hat" by deemcintosh

"Alice Cooper BandW concert photo Louisville 2012" by Coachtaylor72

"Black Flag" by joebirosak

"Roah Summit II" by anophotography

"Buckcherry @ The Ritz (Manchester) 2013" by RosieF