Newborn photography is a specialized genre of photography that captures images of newborn babies. Usually, newborn photos are taken within the first few weeks of life. The goal of this type of photography is to create heartwarming snapshots that highlight the innocence and beauty of babies and their early life. 

A newborn photoshoot is a creative process. Newborn photographers use props, setups, and soft lighting to create an intimate atmosphere for the photoshoot. Often, you will see babies dressed in cute outfits, sleepy, and in curled-up poses. Such a type of photography is the best way to capture the delicate and angelic qualities that will always remind of sweet times. The photos at demonstrate examples of setups and outfits for baby boys and girls.

Newborn Family Photo Ideas

What can be cuter than capturing a tiny newborn around parents and maybe siblings? This will make the baby look even more delicate. Newborn photo ideas with family show love, connection, and give the feeling of safety and warmth. Some of the ideas that photographers use are capturing spontaneous moments, which later result in heartwarming images. Take close-ups of hands and feet. Seeing tiny feet in a parent's hands is one of the cutest things you will see. Capturing snuggles, gentle touches, and kisses will return the family to the intimate atmosphere they had during the new born photoshoot. 

Newborn Boy Photo Ideas

Newborn boy photography gives parents and photographers the opportunity to experiment with the style. Parents can offer their newborn photo ideas according to the theme they find interesting. For example, a superhero theme is very popular. Dress the baby in a tiny superhero outfit or use props like capes and masks. The photos will be cute, funny, and certainly very different from traditional baby photo shoot ideas that include wrapped babies. Some other baby boy photo shoot ideas may include sports-related props, tiny bow ties, or suspenders to create a gentlemanly look. 

Newborn Girl Photo Ideas

When you think about new born photoshoot ideas for a girl, you probably imagine something delicate, pink, and airy. This is absolutely correct. Newborn girls are often captured on silky soft pink pillows, wearing tiny dresses and floral hair hoops. Actually, the number of new born photo shoot ideas for girls impress: princess or fairy tale theme, floral delight, ballet dancer, angelic white, and butterfly.  

At Home Newborn Photo Ideas

There are parents who want to do a new born photo shoot at home. This is understandable. Some parents worry about their babies crying and feeling uncomfortable in a new atmosphere. Capturing the baby in their nursery, surrounded by toys, can deliver genuinely intimate photos. A family bed is perfect for a warm and relaxed family photo. You do not need a professional studio to capture a baby in personalized props. Handmade blankets, toys, and family heirlooms will add a personal touch to the photos. Natural daylight will help to create soft and gentle pictures. 

Newborn Fall (Autumn) Photo Ideas

Fall is a beautiful time of the year as it has all the warning colors. Think of pumpkins, apples, and leaves. Pumpkin newborn picture ideas are probably some of the most common. Place the newborn in a small pumpkin patch, use blankets, knitted hats, and socks in brown and orange colors to make the sweetest autumn baby newborn pictures.

Newborn Summer Photo Ideas

Summertime is a great time to take professional newborn photography. Summer brings a cheerful atmosphere and is full of colors. Whether taking photos of newborn girls or boys, use sunflowers, fruits, grass, and butterflies. The beach-themed photoshoot is another fantastic idea. Use sand, seashells, and a tiny beach hat. If you want to put on tiny sunglasses and head accessories, make sure the baby is comfortable; otherwise, the baby will cry, and taking a newborn baby photoshoot will take a long time. The most important thing is to make the baby feel safe and comfy.

Newborn Spring Photo Ideas

Spring is a season that is also full of colors. It is the season of freshness. Flowers bloom, grass becomes greener, and there are more sun rays coming through the window. So whether you take a newborn photo shoot at home, in a studio, in the park, or garden, there are a number of ideas to take into consideration. Use cherry blossoms as a background. Soft pink blossoms create a dreamy atmosphere, which can be perfect for a newborn girl. Spring is also the season of Easter. Many photographers use Easter egg nests in a so-called Bump Up Pose. A spring garden setup will suit both newborn girls and boys. 

Newborn Winter Photo Ideas

Winter is a long-awaited season for many as it brings families together, there is a magical atmosphere, and there are so many types of decorations you can use for memorable images. If you have to take photos of a newborn in winter, you will not be short of ideas. Snowy wonderland, festive knits, Santa's little helper, frosty window, and cocoa and cookies are some engaging newborn photography ideas. Since taking a photo shoot outdoors in a winter forest may not be the most convenient option, home is a perfect place to create a cost-festive setup.

Newborn Christmas Photo Ideas

A photo of a newborn in pajamas with reindeer under a Christmas tree can be the best present for family members! Capturing a newborn during Christmas time probably delivers the most heartwarming pictures. Dress the baby in a tiny Santa outfit and place him or her into the Bum Up Pose or the Back Pose. Another cute idea is to put a baby in a large Christmas stocking. No matter what idea you choose, soft yellow lights will add a magical touch. 

DIY Newborn Photo Ideas

If you want to take photos of your baby yourself without professional help, then choose the day when your baby is calm. Natural daylight will highlight the baby’s purity and make photos soft. So open the curtains and let the sunlight fill the room. Play with angles, engage your older children, and use your baby’s favorite toys.

Newborn Hospital Photo Ideas

One of the main newborn photography tips is to do a photo shoot when the baby is one or a maximum of two weeks old. However, if parents desire to capture the first 24 or 48 hours of the baby's life, hospitals can also provide a suitable setup. Include nursery details like the hospital room, the baby's name on the crib, his or her outfit, hospital blankets, and hats. Capturing these items will always remind of those first magical days. Also, hospital photos will display the realistic way the baby looks. Newborns are wrinkled and may have bluish hands and feet for several days. As a photographer, embrace these imperfections. Taking photos during the first few days is actually easy, as babies are usually asleep most of the time. 

Newborn With Siblings Photo Ideas

Photos that show bonds are some of the most intimate. Colorful or black-and-white photos of families present love and care. Including siblings is a beautiful way to capture the bond and show the baby how lucky she or he was to be surrounded by sisters or brothers. One of the greatest ways to show emotions is to take photos of the older sibling(s) meeting the newborn for the first time. Capture cuddling, kissing, and playful moments. If there is more than one older sibling, take a series of photos showing their age progression with the baby. It is common to dress the baby and siblings in matching white angelic outfits.  

Newborn Easter Photo Ideas

Easter is one of the best times for taking new born pictures. There are so many details that can be added to make photos funny, cute, and memorable. For example, the Easter bunny ears theme includes a pair of fluffy bunny ears. Capture close-up shots of the baby's face with the adorable ears. A knitted hat with ears is another good idea for a baby boy or girl. You can also place the baby in an Easter basket with colored eggs and soft blankets. This creates a cozy and festive scene. A carrot is another detail that the baby will look really cute with. Easter-themed pictures will look especially funny if you can capture the baby smiling. 

Newborn Valentine Photo Ideas

Valentine-themed photos of newborns are all about love and sweet memories. There are plenty of details and accessories you can add to create adorable and heartwarming memories. Here are some creative ideas for the most loving newborn Valentine photos. Use a heart-shaped pillow, wrap the baby in a blanket decorated with heart designs, or prop a cupid's bow and arrow near the baby.

Newborn Halloween Photo Ideas

A pumpkin, broom, or spider? You can use any of these details to create cute newborn photo ideas at home for Halloween. Dress the newborn girl or boy in a Halloween costume with a witch hat and a broom. Put the baby on the side. This will create the image of the newborn flying the broom. Decorate the scene with black cats, spiders, and bats. 

Newborn Military Photo Ideas

If the baby’s dad or grandad served the country, then military-themed photos can be a good way to show honor. Some creative ideas include a uniform, an American flag that can be used as a background or blanket, tiny combat boots, or a helmet.

Thanksgiving Newborn Photo Ideas

This is another time of the year when you can use pumpkins. Whap the pumpkin in lights to create warm lighting. Place the baby on a soft blanket and add paper leaves. Feel free to use apples, oranges, and lemons to create an engaging setup. Family gathering photos, images with the word "Thankful" or "Grateful" as a backdrop are other popular Thanksgiving newborn photo ideas.

Brother and Newborn Photo Ideas

Let the older sibling interact with the baby and observe it. Kids are usually very curious about newborns and want to touch them, smell them, and kiss them. Capture the moment when the brother hugs his baby sister or brother. Put both siblings on the bed to emphasize the difference in size. However, it is all about interaction when there are 2 or more people in the photo. 

Newborn and Big Sister Photo Ideas

If it is a baby girl and her older sister, using matching dresses is an excellent idea. Matching dresses, shoes, socks, and hair accessories of small and bigger sizes look really fantastic in photos. Another wonderful, unique newborn photography idea is when the newborn is placed on the older sister with the head on the chest. Add flowers to make the scene look more girly. 

Toddler and Newborn Photo Ideas

Use all the ideas above as the most important is to show the bond, interaction, and a slight difference in size. Show side-by-side growth, taking photos of the toddler and newborn lying side by side. It will highlight the size difference, and if you can make both smile, the photos will come out really adorable. 

Newborn Twin Photo Shoot Ideas

Double cuteness! Place newborns in the way to create a heart-shaped pose. Their heads need to meet at the top, and bodies form the rounded bottom of the heart. Since it is very easy to round babies who are 1 or 2 weeks old, achieving this pose can result in the sweetest photos the family will have. Make the babies touch hands and you will get lovely images. 

Outdoor Newborn Photo Ideas

Any season is ideal to capture the first few weeks of a newborn. Winter offers a snowy background. Spring allows for capturing a baby surrounded by blooming flowers. Summer is perfect for lush green photos. Autumn delivers the warmest pictures with red, yellow, and orange colors. A family picnic will create a warm and relaxing atmosphere. Put a large blanket on the grass, and place a small basket of flowers and fruits. Position the baby in the middle and catch charming moments of a happy family outdoors. 

Newborn With Mom Photo Ideas

Seeing a baby in mom’s arms causes tears of happiness and lots of smiles. Newborn with mom photos can be taken in the hospital, at home, in a studio, or outside. TIt is all about capturing the precious connection and unconditional love. Some of the most popular poses for moms and babies are the criss-cross arms, keeping it safe, nose to nose, cheek to cheek, mom kissing her baby on the forehead, or just an intimate moment caught during breastfeeding. 

Newborn With Dad Photo Ideas

Newborns with dad photos are true masterpieces. Strong hands holding a sleepy or smiling baby will melt everyone's heart. It is about masculinity and a tiny creature that fully depends on her or his parents. Black and white photos of dads with their newborns look especially lovely. If it is a photo shoot of a dad and his newborn son, one of the good ideas is to dress them in matching outfits. As a result, you will get amazing photos of two buddies. If it is a dad with his baby girl, sleeping on dad's chest is an intimate photo idea as this pose captures the tenderness of the father-daughter bond.

Newborn Golf Photo Ideas

If the parents are big fans of golf, then a golf course can also become a nice scene for a newborn photo shoot. Usually, golf courses allow you to embrace the beauty of nature and appreciate the time of year, whether it is lush green grass or falling autumn leaves. Use a vintage suitcase or trunk to add a nostalgic touch and make photos unique.

Now, you have so many ideas to get inspired and create your own photos of babies. Find more ideas, poses, and tips at to deliver the photos that will cause smiles, tears of happiness, and warm feelings in hearts. 


When should newborn photos be taken?

The ideal time is days 8-10. Since the baby was born, there is a routine parents have to deal with. First, it is the hospital, the transportation to home, and then getting used to feeding. So, by day 8, parents should feel comfortable having an infant photoshoot. Since the first days after the baby is born can be overwhelming, photographers recommend booking one in advance during the third trimester.

Is 3 - 7 weeks too late for newborn pictures?

It is not "too late" for babies 3-7 weeks old. However, you should take into consideration that newborn babies are usually sleepier, more easily posed, and have that curled-up newborn look that you can find in newborn pictures ideas. As babies grow, they become more active and can not take those curled-up poses that all photographers try to achieve.