Whether you are the next Anne Geddes or a proud fresh parent, baby photo contests help you focus on the candor and beauty of childhood. Baby photography is very challenging as children move even in their sleep. You can’t use flash most of the time nor get the camera too close to them.

But all your hard work is rewarded with unique photographs and visual stories that make great memories. And when you have the chance to share them with other people, your joy is greater than ever. Here are the best baby picture competitions to enter in 2023.

1. VIEWBUG Photo Contests

Photo by Verdes Cosmin

VIEWBUG’s Baby Photo Contest is open to amateurs and professionals, new parents and nostalgic ones. Submit your best and cutest baby photographs and reveal your love for children and photography. Like all VIEWBUG photo contests, the Baby Photo Contest invites viewers to vote for their preferred pictures, which then are reviewed by a professional jury. You have the chance to receive feedback and see how good your photographs really are.

But most of all, baby photography competitions are a way of conveying emotions and feelings. Whether they are funny, cute, or simply beautiful, children are inborn models. They can say the world with just a look, find the most unusual poses, and make us smile. VIEWBUG encourages everybody to pick up a camera and capture unique candid moments.  

Pros: VIEWBUG hosts baby photo contests all the time and addresses all levels of expertise and skill.

Cons: You don’t receive direct feedback from the judges.

2. Our Cute Babies


Our Cute Babies is a community of parents who love photography and want to share pictures of their children. It isn’t a photo competition for professionals and doesn’t have a jury. But it includes public voting and prizes and emphasizes your parental pride. Furthermore, from people’s reactions and reviews, you can find out how good your baby photos are and where you need to improve.

The photo contest has regular submission openings and challenges you with a different theme each time. You can enter pictures of all your children.

Pros: Our Cute Babies community hosts baby photo contests all the time and approaches different themes.

Cons: It isn’t a professional photo competition.

3. Gerber Photo Contest


Each year, Gerber looks for the Gerber Spokesbaby of the year by organizing a now-famous baby contest. One of the market leaders in child nutrition, Gerber believes that each child’s smile is an inspiration for us to be better persons and caregivers.

The contest is open to everyone living in the US or Puerto Rico, over 18 years old, and parent or guardian of a child that is between 1 day and 4 years old. Pay attention to the contest’s rules because Gerber wants more than just an image. They also request a short video of the baby. And both the photo and video have to be created during the submission period.

Pros: Your baby gets to be the Gerber Spokesbaby and will have the honorary role on Gerber’s Executive Committee as Chief Growing Officer.

Cons: The contest is limited to US and Puerto Rico residents.

4. LullaPanda Child Photo Contest


LullaPanda gives you the chance to submit pictures of your baby or child every month. Their photo contests are designed for parents and focused on sharing love and happiness. They accept all sorts of photographic genres, from portraits and close-ups to travel photographs and candid snapshots.

Users get to see each other’s photographs, vote for their favorites, and interact. Furthermore, LullaPanda photo competitions include not only newborns but also toddlers and kids up to 12 years old. Admission is free, and talking as much as possible about your child is encouraged. The diversity at LulluPanda will win you over. The platform is easy to use and makes everyone feel at home.

Pros: You enter not just a baby picture contest but also a community.

Cons: It isn’t a contest for professional baby photographers and is limited to US residents.

5. CuteKid


The CuteKid photo contest includes monthly and yearly competitions that cover five categories: Baby, Toddler, Preschool, Big Kid, and Preteen. You can enter photographs of children between 0 and 12 years old. As a result, you are a member of the community throughout the entire childhood of your kid. And what a great memory album it will become!

Furthermore, CuteKid has a jury of casting agents and professional photographers. If you win, you know for sure that the cuteness of your child is not the only advantage of your photograph. Your artistic skills also matter. The jury looks for charisma, appearance, and expression, but also image concept and storytelling.

Having a wider and more targeted audience, CuteKid may be a launching point either for the photographer or the kid.

Pros: The CuteKid competitions are popular among industry pros and an opportunity to become an established baby photographer or baby model.

Cons: Entering monthly and yearly contests isn’t free. Only admissions for the People’s Choice Gallery contest are free.

6. Baby Photo Awards


Baby Photo Awards is a baby and children photo contest website for professional photographers and emerging artists. To win you have not only to find good models and have the patience to photograph them. You also have to master the art of baby photography, have storytelling abilities, and create high-quality images. Baby Photo Awards recognizes creativity, uniqueness, and personality. Here you can submit artistic photographs, fine art portraiture, film photographs, and any other photographic genres. But it’s essential to be unique, authentic, and artful.

You can and should submit more than one photograph to Baby Photo Awards and follow closely the competition program throughout the year. At the end of the year, one of the most awarded photographers will become the top baby photographer of the year.

Baby Photo Awards is a place for parents to find a good photographer for a baby photo session and for industry pros to discover the next young talent.

Pros: Baby Photo Awards is an international platform. Photographers from 62 countries have entered the competition until now.

Cons: It’s a baby photo contest for professional photographers only.

7. Voteyourbaby Photo Contest


Alongside advice for “upbringing the child in the right way”, Voteyourbaby also provides monthly baby photo contests for parents. They aim to provide an entertaining and easy way of interaction and encourage parents to document their children’s childhood through meaningful photographs.

Judging is made using a voting system. Each photograph receives a link that is shared by the Voteyourbaby network and parents. The photograph with the most votes wins. Entering Voteyourbaby Photo Contest is free.

Pros: Voteyourbaby is a community where you get to interact with fellow parents.

Cons: It’s a baby competition for amateurs, aiming to be fun not perfectionists.

8. Carter’s Baby of the Month


Carter’s focuses on babies and children through their clothing collections and also by organizing a beautiful baby contest designed to capture the best moments of their childhood. They are committed to emphasizing the personality of each kid, revealing exceptional stories, and making each second count.

Carter’s photo competition takes place each month and summarizes into an annual award.  Baby of the Year is invited to a professional photo shoot. The photographs are reviewed by a jury, so no voting is involved. Also, the competition only allows photographs of children up to 12 months old. Although more restrictive than other baby photo contests, Carter’s Baby of the Month has a large audience and a good vibe.

Pros: Carter’s photo contest benefits from a professional jury.

Cons: The competition is limited to children up to 12 months old.

9. NewParent Baby Photo Contest


NewParent is a magazine for expectant mothers and new parents. Their baby picture competition encourages parents to celebrate each moment of their children’s lives and capture their cutest poses. Each month, the winning photograph will feature on the magazine’s Baby of the Month Winner page and a featured issue of the print magazine to be the subject of public admiration.

You can enter pictures of babies up to 24 months. The submission is free, but you have to create an account. The contest has a voting system that allows each user to vote for one photograph per week. Ensure you submit high-quality images because printing requires higher resolutions than displaying on a screen.

Pros: You have the chance to see your baby in a popular printed magazine.

Cons: The competition is limited to children up to 24 months old.

10. NPC – Newborn Photo Contest


The NPC – Newborn Photo Contest is an open door for newborn and maternity photographers. They host monthly baby photo contents where you can showcase your portfolio. Even if you don’t win, your works get to be seen by professionals, potential clients, and a wide audience. The contest aims to help emerging artists be discovered and reach their potential.

A professional jury made of teachers, educators, speakers, and photographers will review your images. Winners receive certificates and recognition. You can submit photographs each month because different competitions address different photography categories and themes.

The NPC – Newborn Photo Contest is a professional competition. Your photographs should be flawless, meaningful, and recognizable. Your inner voice as a photographer should shine in each aspect of the image, from technical matters to composition to storytelling.

Pros: It’s a high-end photography competition that will bring you recognition and popularity.

Cons: It’s not an entry-free competition and is only for professional photographers.


Q: How do I enter my baby in the photos contest?

A: First, take a few good photographs of your baby. Ensure you have enough light for a well-exposed image. Then, consider composition. The baby should be the focal point of the image, in focus, and posing to the camera. A natural snapshot of your baby will win everyone’s hearts.

Most photo competitions, whether for amateurs or professionals, require high-quality images with a minimum resolution. Moreover, they have privacy requirements and don’t accept baby nudity. So check the competition’s rules before taking photographs.

For example, to enter the VIEWBUG baby photo contest you can upload just one JPG image with a resolution larger than 1300x600px and a file size smaller than 30MB. The submission is free of charge, but you have to respect the contest’s deadline. However, VIEWBUG organizes baby contests all the time, so if you missed a deadline you still have a chance.

Q: What is the best baby contest?

A: The best baby contest is the one that fits your photography skills and your baby’s age. We love the VIEWBUG baby contest because it is free, inclusive, and, at the same time, popular. Many people will see your photographs and give you a review.
Furthermore, many industry pros and professional photographers are part of the VIEWBUG community. You never know when your next commercial contract may start or when your baby get featured in a magazine or advertising campaign. And you receive plenty of valuable feedback to help you improve your work and become a better photographer.

Q: Who won the cutest baby contest?

A: Over time, many babies won the cutest baby photo award from different baby photo competitions. If you want to see a few winning photographs and get an idea of what these contests are all about, take a look at the VIEWBUG Baby Face Photo Contest winners. Award-winning newborn and family portrait photographer Connie Lawson was part of the jury, so the standards were high.

The level of cuteness, innocence, and attitude is huge in this competition. The winning photographs feature babies crying, sleeping, making faces, wondering, sharing love, smiling, or having fun. You’ll notice that all winning photographs have good clarity and contrast, natural-looking colors, and few if none editing. Moreover, they have a story and capture perfectly the personality and mood of the child. These photos carry lots of emotions and are a good source of inspiration for an emerging artist.