For this contest participants showed us how to capture one of America's most popular cities. From public buildings, museums and parks to the tourists and the local crowds, the essence of New York City in an artistic and creative way.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Empire State Building " by josephkao

Congratulations Runner Up "NYC " by FredGramoso

Congratulations People's Choice "Manhattan Bridge " by LenaicMercier

Congratulations Amateur Winner "7-1-17. Sunset Walk " by Ce_Es

"The Core " by GaryCummins

"Christmas Sky " by keeley15lf

"Carnegie Hall, NYC " by lancebylancelowrie

"Rush hour! The 5pm dash home over the Brooklyn Bridge " by Toma1721

"Manhattan Skyline " by shanewheelphoto

"9/11 Tribute in Lights - 2016 " by ZevSteinhardt

" " by dpgoldphotos

"vstnew 0848 " by KurtVst

"Gotham - Rainy Night " by jacksoncarvalho

"I <3 NY " by AddieStrozier

"Manhattan Bound " by craigboudreaux

"Flat Iron Tower " by Daniel_A_Angulo

"the lline to Brooklyn " by dennisglisson

"IMG_1691 " by michelepalazzo

"The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge " by ShutterSpeak

"One wall street " by ondejzavizvorka

"Light Arteries in the Blue Hour " by RiccardoMantero

"NYC nightfall " by AlanJ

"Lower Manhattan From The Brooklyn Bridge " by GonzaloHerreraPhotography

"Lady Liberty at Sunset " by vancorey

"NYC " by gymmybob

"Triborough Bridge Tilt-Shift " by stuartist


"the stranger. " by Marcel_A_Vie

"Manhattan " by samRicky

"Bridge Over Calming Waters " by EdwardPeiPhotography

"The Empire State Building reflected in a pool of melted snow. " by MikaJC

" " by davidthibaudeau

"NYC " by ts446photo

"Times Square New York " by gilesrrocholl

"Flat Iron " by rafaelborges

"20161028_215018 " by Lanky44Lanky442

"Fantacy " by Haophotography

"Brooklyn bridge " by AnthonyAlpha

"Lights and rain in NYC " by PitifulPhotographer

"2DBF41E0-E6D5-40F7-835C-25F3A34996AA.JPG " by redzepagicaida

"New York Minute at 1740 " by dezkarpatiphotography

"Julia " by PaulHenryStudios

"Grand Central NY " by SarahCaldwell

"Lincoln Center lit up at night " by Srini_Photo_Art

"Winter Storm Skylar " by baytoff

"Brooklyn Bridge " by alejandroahumada

"Time is passing. Yet, for the United States of America, there will be no for " by liambeaconbackcrackeranderson

"Manhattan Bridge " by simonwu

"New York Subway....... " by Cirrus

"Flatiron " by Naresh84

"Non Stop Metropolis " by pedroquintela

"Road to Manhattanhege " by hugovalleperez

"New york skyline " by glennbernasol

"A Bridge to Brooklyn " by jaycohen

"Bank of America Tower (NYC) " by dirkrichter

"Shining into the night " by StefanLueger

"TopOfTheRock " by whaevamakesuhappy

"Daydreaming " by beyond_the_prism

"Sparkling Dumbo " by GigiJim08

"The Legend " by Megabrain

"New York views " by spikerbagger

"Rockefeller Center, New York, New York " by larrymarshall

"The Empire State building " by warrenstowell

"New York Dreamin' " by ks_pics

"New Yorks Finest " by wazza

"Lower Manhattan at night " by philipslotte

"Brooklyn Blues " by crismagsino

"God watches over NYC- Sept 11 " by PatriZioMBusnel

"After Sunset " by Dantes_View

"...morning on Brooklyn bridge... " by jaroslavbil

"Sale temps sur la Chrysler Tower " by matayosoixantequatorze

"Blast from the past " by JackHoier

"NYC Skyline " by chris-herzog

"New york " by Baun

"Cruise 2016 NY v7 " by doubleplay

"Brooklyn Bridge (Galaxy S9) " by NikHallBDS

"New York Skyline " by ChrisIS

"Top of the rock " by Juliocastropardo

"NY NY " by deborahschillbach

"Lady Liberty sets sail " by Dixieland

"Light on the bridge! " by kedardatta

"Quintessential NYC. " by giadarandaccioskourassweeny

"Never Forget the World Trade Center ???? " by kenproshotz

"911 Tribute 2018 " by reynaldobriganttymartinez

"A bit of NYC through a window " by theshawnamiller

"NYC " by VDPFreelancer

"New York City " by TessaR0ses

"Empire State Building " by timopetergrnlund

" " by kawingchiu

"NYC in B&W " by framing-places

" " by Dorota_Niezgoda

"Sightseing " by MBphotographybiz

"NYC from Brooklyn " by maqeeltoberia

"NYC Skyline " by alexanderhill


"Guggenheim New York City " by janvanpoortvliet

"one world trade centre " by andrewcarter901

"Brooklyn bridge " by ovidpop

"looking up " by Carol8345

"Orange Sky in NYC " by cfabiano

"NY NY Time Square 10-18-17-6933 " by Daniel-French

"New York " by Wolfbroadcast

"Soaking in the morning sun " by clifffawcett

" " by robras

"IMG_4383____ " by Stanislav_Sitnikov

"NYC " by katiewolfe

"And there it was. " by carriemcleodphotography

"... remembering September 11 .... " by avau

"The Oculus NYC " by majkakmecova