Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best shots showing nature in HDR in this photo contest made possible by our friends at HDRSoft. Have you ever photographed a high contrast scene, only to find you have blown out highlights and flat shadows? Photomatix Pro and Photomatix Essentials are standalone programs running on Windows and Mac OS X. Photomatix Essentials focuses on simplicity and ease of use. Photomatix Pro offers more options and includes advanced features such as batch processing and selective deghosting. Photomatix Pro includes a free Plugin for Lightroom users who want to integrate Photomatix into their Lightroom workflow.

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Wojciech Toman for his collaboration as a guest judge. Wojciech Toman is a software developer working for HDRsoft on Photomatix. When he is not writing code, you can meet him in various places all over the world capturing HDR photos or writing posts for his HDR related blog.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Okraj" by arkadiuszmakowski

"It's a really fantastic photo with great warm light, great vista and which is cleverly composed using layers. Clouds in the distant valleys make it really atmospheric one. It's a scene anyone hiking in the mountains would love. Post-processing on this image is also spot on - it's there but the photo isn't overprocessed." - Wojciech Toman

Congratulations Runner Up "Lonely tree in valensole" by paolobubu

"Colours in this photo are really beautiful and make you want to stare on this image for a really long time! Also photographer captured really nice moment with light hiding behind the tree." - Wojciech Toman

Congratulations Runner Up "Sunset, Saxon Switzerland, Germany" by janstria

"This photo features beautiful view and really nice light. I really like composition here - shape of rock formations make your eye travel through the whole frame. Sun hiding behind the rocks is a nice addition making this image even more interesting." - Wojciech Toman

Congratulations Amateur Winner "-Chasing Lights-" by JahLove

Congratulations People's Choice "Rozel Kansas Tornado" by lorraine_mahoney_897

"Last Light at Cathedral Lake" by Sierralara

"Il Passetto -Ancona -Italy" by francescorusso

"Beach at Sunset" by richardtenbrinke

"Rocky Shoreline" by Eddie_Yerkish

"Andrew Croucher Photography - Trial Bay Sunset" by andrewcroucher

"Merced River" by aardvarksrule

"One Tree" by danielleminer

"Rocky Reflections" by patrick9x9

"Flysch" by Sanmi

"day after" by tadejturk

"Crooked tree sunrise" by imaaok2

"Fall in the Alpes" by MargaretN

"SwanRise" by Rwbjj

"Athabasca falls" by mattspeight

"Twin Lakes" by markcote

"Byron Bay Swirls" by edwinemmerick

"Courthouse Towers and a Storm" by jaredweaver

"Starry Night in Cornwall" by MattDL

"Sunset in Dumfries & Galloway" by ogdapuss

"Snowmelt Rapids" by BobBetts

"Rickety Restfulness" by matthewhladek

"Weather on a Plate" by Clipper24

"Sunset Beluga Point" by jeffehlers

"Comacchio, Italy" by adrianurse

"Landscape Tuscany Winter" by MarroniPhoto

"Ka-Booom" by Ljsilver71

"Grist Mill" by jamesvcase

"Moraine Lake Sunrise" by jameswheeler

"Good Morning Donkey Hill" by ValHallen

"Storm" by elenapardini

"untitled" by stephenleonardi

"Elwood Creek" by JerrysPhotography

"Fairy Pools, Skye" by andrewsharpe

"Andrew Croucher Photography - Trial Bay Sunset" by andrewcroucher

"Monument Valley" by JohnVS

"Silent Waters" by jonnywilliams

"Afternoon Glow " by markcote

"Slieve League Sunset" by johnygoerend

"Boundary Lake Sunset" by kootenay_nature_photos

"Tracks" by JackSteelPhotography

"The Rise and Fall of Precious Metals" by corwinprescott

"Palouse Falls" by TonyThurberPhotography

"Lightning at Watson Lake" by michaelwilson