Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best new shots in this PRO photo contest with chances to win an exposure bundle and more. Stay tuned for the next PRO contests coming soon.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner " " by olgatenigina

Congratulations Runner Up "Abandoned Shed " by MaxNewhook

Congratulations Runner Up "Social Distancing " by justinciappara

Congratulations Runner Up " " by alexannen

Congratulations Honorary Mention "Nietta 9- " by ajcophotography

"Mom’s power " by adrisalido

"-stop- " by coookiejar

"You & Me " by Ms_Ferret_art

" " by rebecca812

"I wish you freedom " by Loza

"0668251C-A5ED-4C66-827E-A5CF1CFC9558fairy umbrella " by pattianton

" " by Cuttrax

"Pink hat " by Olga1010

"Nikki the Nikon " by Phoenix_Photo

"Escape " by rochelleberman

"A Father and His Son " by Mypix1965

"Good morning with a cup of excellent coffee " by dss_i

"My Granddaughter " by jensen9cat

"#blacklivesmatter " by mikkokangasmaa

"through the looking glass " by csingleton133

"Mother and son " by McArthurPhoto

"WET N' WILD " by Scalia_Photography

"Puff of Smoke " by sallyG11

" " by paolacueli

"Remake of 101 Dalamatian " by ClaudioPiccoli

"Photo " by vleprutt

"Yellow Disy Bush " by johndellaert

"A very real story in my imagination " by odedios

"Newborn Fawn And Mom " by Thymely

"Connection " by LaYue

"Teddy the Doodle " by PixelsInLightspace

"Isolation " by karldavinhuiphotography

"Sexy is strong " by rose_tinted

"Cathedral Caves " by ImmersedImages

" " by davidkphoto

"IMGP69632 " by RGSeager

"Tenting in Luxury " by Crazyamazymama

"Black Lives Matter " by Oxyte

"Horses in the Forest " by johnboland

"Breakdown " by rexjones

"Notebook " by jessicalass

"Pink is wonderful " by theresahoffmann

"Alaska Portrait " by Jamezillasaurus

"Hearts and Roses " by Batpac666

"Owl and woman " by MarketaNovak


"SHUTTERMONKEYS TV INTERVIEW: LINK IN BIO - If you have 45 minutes to fill and you’ve finished Netflix (as the father of a 1 year old…. eff you very much), skip on over to the Shuttermonkeys TV Channel and view a video interview with the legendary @ianpl " by mm767cap

"Monterosso Al Mare " by telmark

"Storm is Coming

" by balagan