Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos showing chimps, gorillas, orangutans, etc in the Monkeys And Apes Photo Contest with chances to win a Nikon D3300 and more!

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Elke Vogelsang for her collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Elke Vogelsang is a photographer and author specializing in dog portraiture. She has a passion for creating unique, individual, and expressive pictures that always capture the essence of the moment and her subject. Her images have been featured in publications across the globe. She lives in Germany with her husband and their three dogs.

Congratulations Runner Up "What is the meaning of life" by JADUPONT

"This pictures also touches my heart in many ways. It's sweet and romantic, but also full of melancholy. The composition and the colours are pleasing." - Elke Vogelsang

Congratulations Runner Up "Tête noir" by herionjeanclaude

"Wonderful composition and lots of emotion. The subtle colours add to the natural appearance of the shot. Their grim, questioning faces look accusingly at the viewer." - Elke Vogelsang

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "I'm watching you" by Fotostyle-Schindler

"This is a stunning close-up of the animal portraying emotion and with beautiful post-processing applied." - Elke Vogelsang

Congratulations Amateur Winner "Baby and mom" by sarahvanriet

Congratulations People's Choice "DrMacaque-Hyde" by petergillberg

"Hear no Evil " by sharonmorris

"A portrait of a king " by nyanamoli

"SNOW MONKEY" by russellpearson

"Hush Little Baby - edit" by YNot2K

"Monkeys" by antonjankovoy

"Zen monkey" by Ashrafularefin

"Monkeying around" by Feds

"Human being" by sgarifullin

"composition " by tranini

"Mandrill Family II" by abzerit

"Safe" by joecas

"Reflecting" by SabineRoediger

"Cutie" by chmeermann

"Oh, Baby, Sweet Baby" by anitarossview

"DSCN7896" by oladembiec

"Javan Langurs" by Rnlee

"Warmth Of Motherly Love..." by RobbieRoss

"Howler Monkey" by Venny

"Untitled" by adelecarne

"Together" by mikerjones

"Come To Me" by Tulips

"Friends" by peterh

"LS2_5229-Edit-Edit" by LittleSkullPhotography

"Snow Monkey" by TonyShi

"Animal Closeup 3" by Muniraju

"monkey face BW" by ScottELB

"Sadness in the eyes" by Ivansosaphotography

"Mountain Gorilla, Uganda" by agefoto

"Proboscis monkey" by gswanson27

"monkey_rope_entertainment_" by HamzaAlJabri

" GIBBON" by Missklik

"Monkeying Around" by meganlorenz

"Alpha Macaque " by lindiekolver

"untitled" by Lifethruthelens

"Lowland Gorilla 2017-06-03 (5D_32A8791)" by andrewhaysom

"Snow monkeys sulking" by cchyeoh

"MC9_5809" by annetteflottwell

"Pig Tail Macaque" by jerzyrowinski

"Western Lowland Gorilla" by mtraufler

"Comfort" by MEDOM

"IMG_9952" by sanzerock

"Person of the Forest HDR" by rturnbow

"protection" by fircas

"Cotton-top tamarins " by carolyns

"3" by lalacarlz

"peaceful but dangerous" by noway13

"Monkeys " by odedios

"Mother & Baby 01" by ronharrison

"LOVE" by GigiJim08

"Feeding Time" by SteveFreeman

"IMG_5057-2" by ronyrod

"Bali Mountain Monkeys " by PeterEvans23

"Motherhood" by ivannicolau

"IMG_3893" by KcNyce

"Mother love" by Rocter

"Gorila" by robertmatakovic

"Face to face" by pierreduquoc

"Childhood dreams" by q-liebin

"Chimp-Mood" by Markus_D

"Youth" by laansanh

"Newborn" by Forrestgump

"my selfie" by chintudutta

"Welcome to the planet of the ...." by flamesworddragon

"highland-wildlife-park-173" by ollybowman

"Howler Monkey Costa Rica" by jeroenkenis

"Bonds " by slowwalking

"What guy? " by AdCarreira

"Fixed Eyes " by chrisnaturegraphy

"Lunch " by ChrisIS

"A Juvenile Mona Monkey " by bobdee

"Marcus the Mandrill " by danmiami

"Jaipur onlookers " by Alaric_McCarthy

"Black Faced Vervet Monkey " by Pamelabole

"Watchful " by Kris_M

"Set Your Monkey Free " by ashtraus

"Triple trouble " by Ethos

"Wild workout " by Sumaries

"Monkey " by Anastasiabob

"Family together " by pramodnikam

"Hanging around " by Reibertb

"Gorilla Mother holding Baby " by WorldPix

" Vervet Monkey "meditating". " by Alfredo_Jose

"Mountain Contemplation (Ethiopia) " by ashlibrookephotography

"Young Orang-utan looking up to the rainforest. " by naturesart

"Lunch time " by ankanikitina

"Love " by isvivek

"monkeys " by Greatwhitesean

"Tamarin " by Kim-mareeJenke

"Baboon " by AKIWITOG