Want a break from the daily grind? Head into the wild! Nothing beats the thrill of photographing nature's creatures in their home terrain. Feel the magic as you stand close to animals living their lives – whether it's a momma elephant tenderly caring for her baby or a bunch of lions working together on a hunt. Trust us, you'll never run out of breathtaking moments to snap.

Thank you to all participants that shared their favorite wild life photos in this photo contest with chances to win The North Face Eco Trail Sleeping Bag, 100 VIEWBUG Coins, and an exclusive feature.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Revelry in a river" by karthz

Congratulations People's Choice "Shoot" by petrikarjanmaa

Congratulations Runner Up "Silverback Gorilla in the Wild" by Lpepz

Congratulations Runner Up "Red Fox on the run" by Fishhead1227

Congratulations Honorary Mention "Commencing the breach" by JohnSmall

Congratulations Honorary Mention "Etosha Elephant and Lion" by Karl-Heinz

Congratulations Honorary Mention "Burrowing Owlet pair" by smkeena

Congratulations Honorary Mention "the King" by bendikstalheim