For this macro photo contest, we invited community members to share their best macro shots of insects for a chance to be published. We are working in partnership with Jam Press for a chance to have your photo featured in publications such as the Daily Mail, NY Post, Fox News, BILD, and others. The Grand Jury Winner, Runners Up and People's Choice will be presented to these publications, and if selected YOUR image will be published.

"Peeking Damselfly " by Lpepz

"Fighting position" by EuroBen

"Llagosta " by JosepMG

"DSC_0572 " by MarhieMarhie

"Lady Bug Staring Contest " by teddymorrow

"Teddy Bear Bee 4 " by brie321

"Hermit Crab " by josephleduc

"Bit Off More Than He Can Chew " by FredKowaloPhotography

"Mouse Spider " by Stugiles50

"Arachnophonograph " by rturnbow

"Jumping spider " by Popov_Alex

"lights in spider city " by zenit

"Eye of Foam Nest Tree Frog " by petrusbester

" " by Spiros_Gioldasis

"got my eyes on you " by (A)garygregory

"a wet Fly " by Marcogressler

"Parker " by (A)Effess

"Female Common Darter, Warren Heath SSSI, Hampshire. " by davidscottrobson

"Blue Mantis " by davidwkwok


"The Claw " by DaveCurtin

"Too Close for Comfort " by catherinethompson

"Bumblebee " by EduOak