Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best macro shots showing butterflies in the Macro Butterflies Photo Contest with chances to win a Lens and Filter and more!

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Laurie Rubin for her collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Laurie Rubin is an international award-winning photographer, specializing in wildlife, zoo and aerial photography. She won 1st place in the Windland Smith Rice International awards with her print displayed in the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. Her passion for photography includes a career working for software companies such as Education Project Manager for Nik Software, Product Specialist for Google+ Photos, Senior Education Manager at Macphun Software, and ViewBug. She is one of the first Inception Masters for Trey Ratcliff’s Arcanum, and speaks at events and teaches workshops. She enjoys flying and taking aerial photos with her DJI Phantoms.

"Phaon Crescent" by MaryAnnAndrews

"The butterfly nap" by alexandresurel

"butterfly" by (A)ruurd

"Blue Glassy Tiger" by Joerg

"Glass " by traceydobbs

"Aurora Butterfly" by FalconEyesPhotography

"Orange Tip 01" by Badgrandad

"I can fly" by lessysebastian

"~ Flower Ride ~" by Henrik_Spranz

"The details of a spring day" by alexandrudinulescu

"Symphony" by ruriirawan

"naamloos-103" by luccassiman

"Forever a Lady" by (A)bretthondow

"Silver-studded blue" by Marhcuz

"Butterfly" by David-B

"Polyommatus icarus Common Blue" by stephenbowker

"Blackwing" by YepThatSarah

"Glanville Fritillary" by (A)tonypope

"butterfly " by lupiephotog

"Great Spangled Fritillary" by terryc

"A Butterflie" by radekwilk78

"Lemon Color" by arquien

"Golden hour" by luka567

"Butterfly" by Ozscapes

"Pastel dream" by Barbora_Polivkova

"Two Against Pastels" by (A)carolcardillo

"Mating Blues" by erkkialasaarela

"Painted Lady Butterfly" by sallycampbellclark

"backyard spicebush" by bmfox

"Thirsty Work" by AzuraPhotography

"Butterfly" by TonyBendele

"buckeye2" by joestanley

"Butterfly" by (A)Cbries

"Rice Paper Butterflies" by LynnsPhoto

"Springtime" by (A)NickSW

"IMG_8188-Swallowtail Butterfly" by jimstennette

"Postman-Pair-(Heliconius-melpomene)" by FrankSomma

"Meadow Blue Butterfly" by johnpreston_5231

"Common Blue Butterfly" by clfowler

"Point of View......" by sharischultzmccollough

"on a flower" by susel

"Butterfly and bokeh" by (A)Pourvendre

"Eastern Tiger Swallowtail " by photopainter10

"Black and White Butterfly" by keithpassaur

"Balancig Act" by JanetDaniel

"Curly" by MarieJordan

"Swalowtail" by lszlpotozky

"_DSC0593" by anders_samuelsson

"runway" by CreativeArtView

"On the wing" by zaveboj

"IMG_8884" by zulmusa

"Butterfly" by (A)indyjordan

"Malachite" by ClaudiaKuhn

""Broken wing"" by tiffanyfinleymoon

"untitled" by Anneliese-Photography

"time for a little break" by maperick

"untitled" by tracymiller_

"Piano Key Butterfly" by Keithng

"Red Lacewing" by allanrowe

"Butterfly Macro" by rainerwilleke

"Breakfast" by KatarinaHolmstrom

"Fragile friend" by Czogalla

"Marble white butterfly on pink clover" by GailsWorld

""In the green grass" " by ewelina79

"Butterfly between the leafs " by fredwormsbecher

"Delicate Garden " by patrickkulwicki

"Butterfly " by davestokes

"Road Side Wonders " by mavishageman

"Twins " by landicordier

"Butterfly landing " by sandythompson

"Morning Butterfly " by PHOTOHAPPY

"Yellow Butterfly " by Eduardbetz

"American Lady on Liatris " by deannefortnam

"Yellow butterfly " by beckykempf

"to6 (1 of 1) " by Tommyshot

"butterfly " by elenapardini

"Butterfly " by richardeaton

"Butterfly " by Ohiodaniel

"Beauty of Nature " by kutubuddin

"Flight of the butterfly " by Alannixon

"Painted Lady " by (A)PWMMacro

"Spring Butterfly " by tonyawilhelm

"White Butterfly on Leaf " by LCutche

"Gulf Fritillary " by skeeterarnold

"European Skipper " by Fujiguy

"Butterfly Love " by (A)tanjariedel

"What beautiful eyes you have " by (A)NerjaRob

"florida 12-1823" by KevinColton

"A butterfly" by Dorota_Niezgoda

"IMG_0587" by SeeingThroughLens

"Glasswing butterfly " by philippeconstantin

"Painted Lady Butterfly" by MWPhotography2

"ROMANTIC" by (A)yuliantopongge

"Butterfly on Pear Tree" by iangilmour