Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best macro shots in this photo contest with chances to win a and more!

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Another reason I love winter, raindrops. Macro shot taken with an iPhone X " by justinciappara

Congratulations Runner Up "Midnight Wine " by Solsken

Congratulations Runner Up "Ethereal " by tallemmens

Congratulations Runner Up "Transformation " by kenkast2

Congratulations Amateur Winner "Macro with flash light through hand. " by CarolineWhitley

Congratulations People's Choice "The Drop " by Dantes_View

"Rose center " by Graceware

"Leaf Drop " by Pipix

"Iris " by PhotoMark

"Rusted " by mirandakaymcgovern

"New Life " by henktencate

"From the Depths of Color " by rees9450

"Kaleidoscope of seeds " by lpatacic

"Lily " by AMills

"Jungle " by YakovAflalo

"Water drop " by spacenut

"Eye See You " by joewalshphoto

"Spaceship in a pen cap. " by guilhermeescosteguy

"Palm Frond " by charleslerettephotography

"Flower of Mussaenda erythrophylla " by Aeri

"Tiny Roadmap " by HyacinthBouquet

"Coffee Time. " by Rimbo

"Plant - Crown detail 01 " by MrSquid

"Network of life " by PinkKid

"Pistil " by gabrielnouar

"Shanks A Lot " by TimmyLancaster

"coffee " by valdi

"Depth of Field " by The_Whitography_Project

"Winter Magic " by timezone

"Light Pink Rose " by MindsEyeTechnique

"Cactus Detail " by sallygravener

"Snowflake " by teganseever

"Tissues of color " by BOULENGER

"Ice flowers " by Prijaznica

"Geometry of a dandelion " by Bastetamon

"Paper Macro " by jennymess

"Macro scherzo " by paologrigolato

" " by albertoghizzipanizza