Thank you to all the photographers that shared their photos showing items hiding behind the fog in this photo contest with chances to win an HD Polaroid Cube Camera. Fog is a tricky element when it comes down to photography, but when properly used, the results can be mystical and extraordinary, be suer to browse the collection of amazing shots in this contest's gallery.

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Joao Carlos for his collaboration as a guest judge: "I take inspiration from all types of sources, there are so many artists that inspire me, but sometimes it may just be a single image. If I have to name some I guess this would be the list: Meisel, Klein, Roversi , Solve Sundsbo, Mario Testino, Lebowitz, and it goes on and on. My biggest influences are from cinema such as Kubrick, Godard, David Lynch, Hitchcock, Roger Deakin, Janusz Kaminski, Christopher Doyle and the great painting Masters such as Caravaggio, Sorrola, Gustave Courbet or Vermer just to name a few…but the list is almost endless."

Congratulations People's Choice "Clee Mist" by NickJ

"Cold Foggy Sunrise" by julienjohnston

"Richmond Red" by bridgephotography

"Eaton Park Tree Line 14/11/14" by (A)mushroomgodmat

"Foggy mountain landscape" by khoroshkov

"The 14TH" by Alannixon

"The Gateway" by VenturaPics

"Foggy morning" by williammaerling

"Foggy Night at the Oceanside Pier" by larrymarshall

"Aberfoyle Mist" by KarlWilliamsPhotography

"Sugarloaf Lighthouse Mist" by SandroRossiImagery

"untitled shoot-030-Edit" by eccs19

"St. George" by lboskovic

"Mt Semaru" by timpryce

"walk in the mist" by pauljoinson

"Morning in Hackney" by DGMphotographic

"Where the sidewalk ends" by artctrish

"Borobudur bathed in gold" by dhien2

"Hazy woods" by (A)melissawegner

"Steel Bridge in Fog" by mlaudisa

"Copalis Driftwood" by (A)wah75

"Search" by tngnj

"Evening Fog" by npenhall

"DSC_0088" by (A)vanessasaurus

"Golden Fog" by JourneysInLight

"Aiguille du Midi" by snowdon

"Mist-ical" by Mariko

"Trees in the mist" by mbernholdt

"The Beauty of Fog" by windycorduroy

"pieces of eight" by (A)SouthernRebel

"Deer in the Wood" by victorhe

"LightShow" by awu88

"SmithRiverTreeNG" by DuffyDoherty

"Yuanyang Rice Terrace" by favorirouge

"Out of the Gray" by (A)ntgreen

"Man it the mist" by Boholm

"Golden Gate Bridge" by KanaPhotography

"Winter Elk" by liasimcox

"Morning haze" by sciepko

"Fisherman lost in the smog" by (A)tropicala