Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best long exposure nature shots in the Long Exposure In Nature Photo Contest with chances to win a Professional Filters and more!

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Francesco Gola for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Francesco Gola is an Italian engineer who's fallen in love with photography. Born in Italy in 1981, as soon as he started taking pictures he fell in love with long exposures of seascapes. For him a long exposure is a parallel universe in which to escape from the frenzy of modern life. His passion for the sea and for travels let him to visit some of the most iconic locations on this planet looking at them with different eyes. While continuing to travel in search of new landscapes to be photographed, he now lives and works in Milan where he collaborates with companies, sites and magazines for the diffusion of photographic culture in Italy and in the world.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Moonlit Fanad" by stephenemerson

"In this image everything is at the right place: the composition is pleasant, with the lighthouse in on third and all the leading lines that drive your sight from the foreground to the background. The exposition was not easy at all because the moonlight is easy to get overexposed areas, but even the moon reflection is perfectly managed. The post production is soft, with a perfect use of contrast to increase the mood of the shot." - Francesco Gola

Congratulations Runner Up "Autumn Cascade" by FalconEyesPhotography

"I love the intimacy of this shot. It's not a wide scenario, but a secret spot in the forest, like a shelter. The composition is really pleasant, and you start to read the image from the arch where the exposure is a little bit brighter. The exposure was perfect because even in the sky I can see details. The leading line of the river drives the sight through the image until the exit point perfectly placed in one corner. The autumnal mood is perfectly balanced, without any horrible Orton effect and given the feel you're really there." - Francesco Gola

Congratulations Runner Up "Waves and Ice on Black Sand Beach " by mjkirkland

"This image is so powerful for two things: the first one is the chosen crop: the pano image with a repetitive subject disposed perfectly on different layers creates a tension. It's like someone is stretching the images from the two sides. Then the tones: there is a contrast between the blue ice and the warm sky, and the black sand with the white ice. In this contrast, the ice becomes the subject and the trails of the waves help to better read the image. Really well done." - Francesco Gola

Congratulations Amateur Winner "Clifton Springs Pier" by wadebuchan

Congratulations People's Choice "Magic Forest" by julecho

"Antelope Canyon (_X5Q9821)" by larrymarshall

"Godafoss" by antoniozarli

"sleep under the sky" by kenopictures

"Tree in Currituck Sound" by halcook

"Etna 17 Novembre 2013 " by mirkochessari

"Hidden passage" by DoraArt

"Gili T Island " by nakul

"Johnston Falls " by dixiejbrumm

"Midnight Storm " by wombat3131

"Hindeloopen Holland" by DennisartPhotography

"Top of the World" by duartesol

"The right direction.." by claudiorussa

"Moraine Lake Mist " by Sentinelphotography

"The Church, Snæfellsnes " by markAPR

"Shadow Falls" by 730popper

"Reflections" by nicolavilla

"SugarLoaf_Web_Sig" by WAeagle

"Old Felixstowe" by chrisdriverphoto

"Mushroom rock under the milky way" by TonyLaw

"The Golden Gorge " by AkashWadhwani

"Rocks-in-a-hard-place" by robamsbury

"Tones of Spring" by bpidala

"image" by hammerphotos

"Buried I" by aleclux

"The Woodland Cemetery" by philipslotte

"Magical Dynjandi" by paaluglefisklund

"Wonders of the Night" by tristantodd

"Hooker Valley - Mount Cook" by Jimmmy03

"Trebetwith Strand" by gesser

"Mysterious Lime Creek Falls " by mattpayne

"Two Jack Lake " by winmagsino

"Wailua Falls " by doublebarrelimages

""zruck" | "back" " by ulekadei

"Stranded " by Mark-Dobson

" Northern lights lagoon " by wildlifemoments

"The Windmills " by HatcatPhotography

"The Rock " by Jonrunar

"Emerald Lake Dreamscape " by PierreLeclercPhotography

"icelandwaterfall " by senanic

"So worth it! " by madspeteriversen

"Wadi Rum Star Trail " by NatashaHaggard

"Paradise in Winter. " by Alfredo_Jose

"Palouse Falls at Sunset " by brianadamson

Bessie Young Photography" by Bessieyoungphotography

"Vernazza Sunrise" by joshtagi

"Mediterranean Seascape" by Giimages

"Bruarfoss" by JulienBeyrath

"Something is in the air tonight..." by Hillebrand

"Alien Seascape" by StuartByles

"by Muen" by RuneHermansen

"Maui_6704" by CherylO


"Fisherman's Blues" by stratosgazas

"_MG_7157-Recovered" by rcscharf

"Der Schweif " by carmenblaser

"Stars shining bright above me" by cindiroddan