Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best long exposure photos in the Long Exposure Experiments Photo contest with chances to win Novo Carbon Tripod and more!

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Trey Amick for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Trey is an award winning photographer, staff writer for Fstoppers, and educator, whom on any given day can be photographing fortune 500 executives or hiking the Appalachian Trail looking for a beautiful landscape photo. Follow Trey's adventure on Instagram!

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner  "In the clouds" by LubosBalazovic

"I was immediately drawn to this superb image. The contrast between the clouds, trees, and steeple are wonderful. The leading lines the clouds make and the ridge draw your eyes towards the center of the image and the steeple. Fantastic long exposure!" - Trey Amick

Congratulations Runner Up "The Art of Balerina" by antonb

"This is a fantastic example of a long exposure photograph. The ballerina shown in motion, with a final pose is quite wonderful. The lighting of the ballerina gives great contrast to the dark background." - Trey Amick

Congratulations Runner Up "Apparition " by WildSeascapes

"I love the colors shown in the rocks against the light water in this image. Coupled with the dramatic sky, this image is truly a a great seascape." - Trey Amick

Congratulations People's Choice "Sunflowers at Night" by Red5Photo

"On The Edge" by riccardo_zambelloni

"St Monans Pier, St Monans,Scotland." by garyalexander

"Self Portrait with Vestruhorn" by Saptashaw

"Spinning" by SebastianWuttkePhoto

"Cascade in the Jura" by joostlagerweij

"Rising Milky Way" by DanMarshall91

"Passage of Time" by Astrophotobear

"Mt Hood sunset from Trillium Lake." by frank_delargy

"Lower Lewis Falls" by DavidPriymak

"zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (1 of 1)" by brandonborn

"Stacked Houses of Inntel Hotel" by ericcriswell

"Trails Of Ruin" by ShannonRogers1

"Zeeland Bridge " by hfuchs

"Eye to the Galaxy" by paulmp

"Breath Of The Gods" by AzuraPhotography

"The snake under the Ra Gusela" by outdoorphotodream

"Swirl" by hpd-fotografy

"Milky Way over Haystack Rock" by arunrohila

"Bathing Under the Stars" by kylebarden

"October Golden Hour Hunter Super Moonrise - New Mexico" by Kitsea

"Two rivers meeting" by jonwestaway

"untitled" by keithellul

"Haifoss solo waterfall" by MattMcGee

"Clouds to the wind" by Juarez

"Speeding clouds" by NickSilverstein

"Banpo Bridge Fountain Show at night" by aaronchoiphoto

"Venice in the fog" by guenther710

"Stokksnes" by FrederiqueTezier

"Cloudy Expressions" by tcoble

"sleepwalker" by MartaBorreguero

"Northern Light in Ersfjordbotn" by Lorenzoragazzi

"Aiming at Tucson" by Scopppock

"Fort Point Blue Hour" by jaredweaver

"Thunderstorm at Alexanderplatz" by NicoTrinkhaus

"Arrowhead Sunset" by Chris_James

"Road to the Stars" by Mattia_Bertaina

"Lost in Sardinia" by lucamonteleone

"Nidelven river " by TommyRamone

"Kilauea Volcano lava flow" by danjusta

"Breaking the waves" by adrian-borda

"Tree Island " by Ricky303

"Sol Duc Valley" by James_J

"Slaves of Time" by YuliyVasilev

"THE EYE" by carl_doghouse

"Rowena Crest" by Darrenp

"Artistic_Guiding_Light" by amyth91

"Warp Speed" by GaryCummins

"Perfect blood moon" by AlejandroFerrand

"Mirror Bridge" by skeeterarnold

"Again Throughout Eternity" by sarahallegra

"Swirl" by LG_Photography

"[ … midsummer ]" by raymondhoffmann

"Sebastian Inlet" by FredGramoso

"IMG_1349" by nikispasov

"Fire dragon" by UnTill

"Heavenly" by SandraSlead

"Blumenfeld Aurora " by RyanWunsch

"Downtown Dreaming" by CorySchlossImages

"'Twilight Inversion' - Moel Eilio, Snowdonia" by kriswilliams

"A New day is coming!" by ManuSca

"Falls of the Ohio" by npentecost

"Estação VLT / VLT Station" by pablobarros

"key bridge 2014" by dKi_Photography

"bike" by MishaMaricPhotography

"Night traffic in Ireland" by madrugadaverde

"Platform" by Jellyfire

"Sharp" by igorbabichenko

"Fan of the Sea" by DTizzo

"Cromer Pier" by StuieRooster

"The Loop" by CarolQuinaPhotography

"Sligachan" by alessandroscalas

"The Blue Hour" by Flaviya

"Sleeping gannets under the Milky Way on a moonlit night. It’s safe to say that they have the best views in the house!" by mrlesterchan

"Resting" by milkyway

"ship or building" by pauljoinson

"Manchester Tilt" by Ian_B

"Bridge to Nowhere" by leannescherp

"Bowfiddle Rock" by peteswierczek

"City Streaks" by ewill

"Strasbourg, France" by hanzunroj

"St mary's cathedral Sydney" by PetarBphotography

"Downtown Daybreak" by mfagadar

"Under the stars" by MadalinN

"Breakthrough Moment" by chrisantoniniphotography

"CITY LOOK" by Olevar

"Moving City" by janlinskens

"Twins" by Kevin_Li

"Cape Formentor" by jnmayer

"DSC_0272" by kevinzimmerman

"Pink ribbon" by DariaV

"Poor Z's=Poor Sleep" by KuriousG_12

"star trail " by Santamartha