Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best black and white landscape photos in the Landscapes In Black And White Photo Contest with chances to win a gift card bundle and more!

"Viewbug nailed the heading on their B&W Photo contest page-every photo in the gallery is exactly that-Inspirational. Do yourself a favor, and take the time to explore each and every image and appreciate their unique characteristics. I had a difficult time in choosing only 6 images as “winners”. In many ways I am opposed to comparing images for the purpose of choosing the best one. The best depends largely on the defined criteria. Depending on that criteria, different photos may rise to the top. I rarely believe in one image being the best. For example, how can you say which photo is better when comparing a landscape from Ansel Adams to one from Edward Weston. Two completely different styles and intents. That being said, we can measure the effectiveness of imagery by analyzing several different aspects.

For photography in general:


Clarity of message or feeling

Technical excellence


For B&W images in particular:

Full range of grays (as many as you can squeeze out of the print!)

Inclusion of a deep black and a pure white

Key or tone- does the overall brightness of the print befit the feel of the image. High Key, Low Key and Middle

Key all have their place and help to define the mood or atmosphere of the image.

Each of the runners-up are also exceptional. The timing and magical light in Winter Sunrise in Bagan by zayyarlynn sets a beautiful bucolic mood. Princess Pier by MissionMan is a mesmerizing and fantastic juxtaposition of vertical and horizontal lines. The soft undulations of snow topped by stark tree silhouettes in Erotic Landscape by Nikosladic reminds of us an inherent and inescapable duality. Dark Hedges by Rogerhampton evokes a mood of pure fantasy while using realistic subject matter and light. And The Pier by CurtisReese is an exercise in forethought, timing and execution. Well done, everybody" - Tim Copper

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Tim Cooper for his collaboration as a guest judge. Tim began his career as a commercial and assignment photographer working for clients such as The North Face, The Ritz Carlton, Vasque boots, 3M, Blue Note Records. His photographs have appeared in Travel & Leisure, NY Times Magazine, Outdoor Photographer, Ebony, Modern Luxury and Private Clubs as covers, advertising, art and editorial illustration. He is the author of the several training videos, three books in the series of Complete Photoshop for Digital Photographers and Co-Author of Night Photography, Snapshots to Great Shots. His e-books are The Realistic HDR Image and The Magic of Painting with Light. His latest book is HDR Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "The Perfect Splash" by garyhunter_6788

"I found that Perfect Splash by Gary Hunter succeeds in meeting all of the above criteria. It meets all of the benchmarks of both photography in general and B&W in particular. Congratulations, Gary. It’s a stellar image. The moment, mood, composition, and B&W treatment are all exceptional!" - Tim Copper

Congratulations Runner Up "Winter Sunrise in Bagan" by zayyarlynn

Congratulations Runner Up "Princes Pier" by MissionMan

Congratulations Runner Up "EROTIC LANDSCAPE - II" by nikosladic

Congratulations Runner Up "Dark Hedges" by rogerhampton

Congratulations Runner Up "The Pier" by CurtisReese

Congratulations Amateur Winner "xarárfoss s-h (1 of 1) V" by sverrirjnsson

Congratulations People's Choice "Reflection Row" by jamierichey

"Mt tam" by corymarshall

"Fin d'été" by Ybou55

"Godafoss" by alfonsomasedavarela

"Mirror of the sky" by aidagri

"Patriots" by giovannivolpe

"Wispy Sky Slot" by michaelmarcoux



"B& W Birds of Lake Wanaka " by michellemckoy

"Lake Louise" by AlanJ


"Torres Del Paine" by Andre11

"into the abyss" by elecfoto

"IMG_8868 -1_bw" by GreenCopperz

"Gone into Tranquility" by Despird

"Golden gate bridge" by HaliSowle

"Cot Valley" by kbrowko


"pier2 copy" by joebaxter

"Among the Madding Crowd" by emxsee

"The Ridge" by shahbazmajeed

"Along De Dommel" by Irene_van_Nunen

"Forest of glass" by swqaz

"Field perspective" by livioferrari

"Shadows and Light on the Andes" by R_Stoddard

"Snowed in at Banff" by LeanneMWilliams

"Desert Rain" by ecmguy

"Mystery Woods" by MargaretN

"_DSC1637_Threebrothers_blended_details_b&w1" by Ayersphotography

"Sunbeam II" by marekbiegalski

"Cerro Torre/Fitzroy, Glaciers of Patagonia 3" by AdamK

"Mt Whitney" by beamieyoung

"Cascade" by ericpearce

"DSC09965-2-Redigera-Redigera.jpg" by patriksvensson

"Silky Water" by MarvinEvasco17

"Dark Hedges" by Chris_Photoshooter

"Tenaya Lake P7310424 James A Rinner 2012" by Shutterspeedblog

"Monotone Yosemite Sunrise" by KGSPhoto

"Dune" by DerekKind

"Aire Valley , Californian Redwoods" by KHulm67

"EM508732 1" by jmkubler

"Flowing (mono)" by Structor

"Desert Sunset" by fineartphotography

"Möbius Eye" by JeffSiege


"Galtuer Austria" by Wolfbroadcast

"***" by voss

"Yosemite Fog" by diversionphotography


"Phare Rose Blanche" by JoelDucharme

"Alps (Les Carroz)" by julienprevost

"Winter Shadows" by peterkitanov

"Prairie Sky" by daleigh

"The Strait" by joaorico


"Surfers Peru" by GeraintRowlandPhotography

"Durdle Door in Monochrome" by byrnephotography

"Le petit Minou" by linodoto

"The Twelve Apostles (bw version)" by josbuurmans

"Palouse Harvest" by njarehart

"Buckle in the snow" by SteveCheetham

"Where do you go" by NiCoBoCo

"Mirrored" by kathykuhn100

"Snow Tree" by aarondavitt

"Wreck of the Steamer Janie Seddon Motueka" by stephencoppinger

"The Tetons and the Snake River (2015)" by GlenOrsakPhotography

"Ocula" by fronteras

"Southern Sierras" by melonynames-steel

"clouds meet ocean" by JulieAnnNewell

"Ski lift " by brittabia

"Solitude" by KayFreeman

"Shadowood Lake " by DGriffiths

"TunnelView_BW_Full" by Abeblair

"That Wanaka Tree – Night" by Mack_Photography

"Wait for it in B&W" by chrispegman

"Matterhorn I" by RubenB

"Mountain Lake II Black and White" by markcote

"Winter Cabin " by racheljonesross

"Moutain Reflection Norway" by Mission_Man

"Mighty Taughannock" by briangreenberg

"Where am I going?" by strOOp

"Gougane Barra" by Chris_Photoshooter

"Half Dome in B/W" by Bruz

"When the snow melts..." by peterfoldiak

"Unstad II" by bitterer

"house of the gods" by martinbennie

"The Lighthouse Trail" by inge_vautrin

"Athabasca Falls (Jasper) Panorama" by Moe_Ali

"Cabin by the Lake" by peterfoldiak

"Heirs of Durin" by aaronmmoshier

"The Hut" by SueR

"Yosemite Valley" by JStokkaDesign

"Mount Rundle" by Davehook

"Half Dome" by alipeck7

"Monument Valley BW 4286" by brianadamson

"Skógafoss" by TimHallPhoto

"Mt Lorette Ponds" by mgenkova

"Chesterton Windmill Mono" by petergreig

"Shadowy Trees" by rabjaffar

"Skogafoss" by stumac

"Grand Teton Reflexion" by JADUPONT

"Gazing from Teakettle Mountain" by mattpayne

"Mystery Mountain" by stevealbano

"Bass Harbor Head Light" by wild_man_photo