Thank you to all the photographers that shared their photos showing insects on plants or flowers in this limited photo contest. Stay tuned for the next limited contest and make sure to submit your best shot in accordance with the contest's theme.

A special thanks to all the photographers that voted for their favorite shots helping us find the following winners:

Congratulations People's Choice "Cuckoo Bee" by brettforsyth

"The Old World Swallowtail" by PdR72

"Old Blue-Eyes" by dawshj2042

"Yellow Bug" by Joerg

"Red&Black" by Bzox

"Fresh Nectar" by Bzox

"Grasshopper On Thistle Flower" by danny42

"Turn Back!" by garysanchez

"Good morning" by Ulisse

"Western Swallowtail on Thistle" by allen

"DSC_6492-Edit-Edit" by cejoos

"Hornet" by robbyticknor

"catepillar-1" by CharlesB-

"Bumble Bee" by brettforsyth

"Fly" by BrantLavery

"Resting" by BrianaK

"Small" by JennyLoren

"microworldpic-1-5" by jonreynolds

"The Regal Swallowtail" by texasshooter