Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best candid shots showing human beings in the Humankind Photo Contest with chances to win a Camera Strap, Shutter Release and More!

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Laura Tillinghast for her collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Laura Tillinghast is a native of Northern California and has been an artist most of her life. She discovered photography as her true passion in college and from that point on she has never put her camera down. Shooting primarily advertising and editorial content, she has found herself photographing everything from gourmet cheese to gorgeous models (though not at the same time). Whenever she shoots she keeps the same goal in mind no matter the subject matter: make it beautiful.

"Sasha " by alexeykazantsev

"Elliah and her puppy" by daniildragunov

"untitled" by heldersantana

"Cinema... " by annakazakova

"AshdonRunning" by tomato1236

"Holding on tight" by CelestineAerden

"Fashion Moody " by ralfeyertt

"The Window " by christiangigerphotography

"Harmonious Evening " by PHOTOHAPPY

"Brothers" by jocelynbroesky

"JB5A4181-??" by VictorPereverzev

"Childs Play" by wendystevenson

"Stella 1" by markolandrath

"NOIR" by stanislavstehlik

"Happiness" by ArinaSizemore

"Charming Goldie Locks" by RoxieArtPhotography

"Get her to the beach on time" by sdwillcock

"Juntament" by NevePhotography

"Reunited" by robvisser

"Travelers" by whiteshipdesign

"untitled" by 3catsphoto

"Jazz" by ManuKeggenhoff

"untitled" by Hluvbrown

"Friendship" by twieczorek

"Sleepover with bestie tonight!" by sujatasetia

"Love" by ivanabellazadro

"Spring" by YelyzavetaSemenova

"Fishing boy" by Loza

"Cormorant fishing" by q-liebin

"DSC_0235" by (A)denissemihov

"*" by anetacoufalova

"Waiting for the sun" by marcelloscrofani

"Sunset lights" by pipegaber

"Lovely morning in Copenhagen" by nikolaihessenschmidt

"Whatever storm may come" by caitlynblake

"Cecilia" by sollenaphotography

"Two girls together " by RadovanBartekPhotographer

"Just the Two of Us" by SonyaAdcockPhotography

"Wild portrait!" by manuelploner

"Happiness lies within" by owenspereira

"Girl..." by MarketaNovak

"In The Market" by pimpin_nagawan

"in which the little old men meet" by JennaVee

"kphIMG_7374" by KathrynHayes

"Cormorant Fisherman" by ssharma

"The Camel Man" by amitchorge

"Carefree childhood" by natalyapryadko

"The girl and the fireworks" by SirDiegoSama

"Together " by phonik

""Merida" " by danielventer

"alisson_665 " by laurentcaputo

"Floriane " by Florianpascual

"Nils Frahm - Nonkeen 3.5.2016 " by Mgraphy

"Maria " by siegart

"Protect me " by LuisRodriguesPhotography

" " by (A)PaigeFreier

"Staying Warm " by itsjoshuaphillips

"Hidden " by rochelle_hadfield

"Bridal_01 " by anshu_pix

"Connection " by AndreaPi

"Shyness " by pixelightphotographics

"chill " by IrinaJalbaFurtuna

"Untitled " by JudiLiosatos

"Tristan Follonier " by thierryvouillamoz