Thank you to all the photographers that shared their photos that show the main subject hiding in this Mystery Photo Contest with chances to win over $400 in prizes. Stay tuned for many more awesome Mystery Photography Contests coming soon!

A special thanks to all the photographers that helped us find the following winners by voting for their favorite shots:

Congratulations People's Choice "Civ & Civ" by albertoghizzipanizza

"Canola Deer" by tracymunson

"Aslan Hiding" by bradleyrussellhamer

"Sentry" by pappy18351

"Cygnet amongst the feathers of Mum" by hibbz

"Ribbit" by stephaniedibble

"Tawny Owl" by marktaylor-flynn

"not att my door" by geertweggen

"SAFETY" by JanWalline

"Eastern Screech Owl hiding" by BrantLavery

"White Wolf" by micmac1007

"Fraidy Cat" by KKGivens

"peek a boo" by timothy_a_chadwick

"Baboon_Linyanti_Botswana_09032013" by anterotopp

"Boy" by pishposh

"'Barricaded... In Our Hands'" by mariaserrano

"Hiding in the Sea Anemone" by simalg05

"Hidden" by glynnmurray

"camo" by abijur

"Frog in Leaf" by burtcross

"Sleepy in the Sun" by HaliSowle

"Instense Eyes" by HeatherDay

"Shhhhhhh Im Hiding" by kealiefrerichs

"Milkweed Beetle" by JohnVS

"Hide and Seek" by Seenthrumyeyes

"No More Photos 2" by Athena_B