Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best river shots in this photo contest with chances to win an Evecase DSLR Camera Lens Canvas Backpack Koolehaoda K555 Portable 62-inch Tripod and more!

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Dimitrios Kontizas for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. "My name is Dimitrios Kontizas and I was born in Athens in 1980. I graduated from the Technological Institute of Athens in Greece as a Technologist of Graphic Arts and Design. For two years I worked at the scanning and photo editing department of a major newspaper in Greece and spent another two years working at a print shop..."

"Sahalie Falls" by clfowler

"An Arctic River under Midnight Sun - Norway" by JKBPhotography

"Gollinger Mill" by guenther710

"The Rhine Falls" by pixadeleon

"purple haze : yosemite smoke filled valley at sunrise " by abug4pc

"Aldeyjarfoss in Skjálfandafljót river" by Iceland

"Plitvice Lakes National Park" by FredGramoso

"Icelandic Shower" by Jan_Smid_QEP

"Silence... please!" by AlessandroDeLuca

"Autumn Cascade" by FalconEyesPhotography

"Horseshoe Bend at Sunset" by WorldPix

"Fairy Glen" by jaybirmingham

"Near Godafoss falls, Iceland" by tadbrowning

"Lifeline" by olehenrikskjelstad

"Winter river reflection 1 " by SarahKeates

"Natural Bridge-3" by Edinseye

"Fairy Pools" by StuartMcMillan

"Morning light" by saintek

"La Paz Waterfall" by David-B

"Within A Melody of Rivulets" by John_Morey_Photography

"Fairy Pools" by outdoorphotodream

""Colossus"" by ericbennett

"Nidelven river " by TommyRamone

"Bruarfoss" by madspeteriversen

"Tumwater Tumbles" by vandanabajikar

"bridge" by tadejturk

"Late Summer Canoe Trip" by BorisToronto

"Stream of Mt. Salkantay" by paaluglefisklund

"Dirty Water" by calebdaniel

"Moran's Falls" by richardvandewalle

"Autumn Along The Cuyahoga River" by jasondamman

"Dark foss" by dustpixxByFabioAntenore

"River Passage at Twilight" by sheliahuntphotography

"Incoming Storm" by RichardShore

"A Remote Jewel Of The Earth" by kutsey

"Hudson River at Bear Mountain" by danpark

"The Firehole" by Steve_Renter

"Fairy Glen" by AMBIENTLIGHT

"Glacier Blue" by BrowerNaturePhotography

"Beartooth Wilderness" by EvanHaas

"Thunder & Lightning" by epicphotosbyjohn

"River of Turns" by kenfong_7038

"Sol Duc Valley" by James_J

"Down to Skogafoss" by JulienBeyrath

"Yosemite Sunset" by MikeW

"Piztal" by MH_Photo

"Tutoko River" by travisdaldy

"Rio de montaña" by josedevesa

"Låtefossen waterfall" by philipslotte

"Take my Breath Away" by pedroquintela

"Pingvellir - Game of Thrones" by DaveThorntonPhotography

"Seule dans la brume" by aureliefaticati

"Kamikochi" by MatthewKou

"Mitchell Lake " by angelabranson

"Rural Japan: Winter" by journeytoinspiration

"Pouring River" by sergioabellovillanueva

"Rounding the Bend" by terryc

"Hidden Falls" by Daniel-Photography

"horse whisperer" by kelleyhurwitzahr

"Flowing" by hillaryyounger

" Briksdalsbreen" by peterfoldiak

"Una cascada" by JuanPablo-deMiguel

"Mt Hood BW L S" by Darrenp

"Reflections in Rome" by elenapardini

"Kap River Sunset (South Africa)" by ShayneMinottPhotography

"Haifoss" by Rodrigueelhajj

"Frosty Flow " by (A)Structor

"Sunset in Lepena valley " by (A)ninofrelih

"Soda Creek, Oregon Cascades" by (A)JoanCarsonMartelli

"Dramatic weather" by (A)blazvogelnik

"By the river in the wood" by (A)pegleg

"Sligachan" by (A)alessandroscalas

"icewater" by (A)mountaintraildad

"RKP-Mesilla Dam - New Mexico 03MAY2017-1" by (A)Kitsea