Thank you to all the photographers that shared their favorite pet shots in this friendly pets photo contest with chances to win a Leica Instant Camera and more!

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Leeroy & Sandy " by AlexBeckPhotography

Congratulations Runner Up "chocolate meets autumn " by stadthunde-erfurt

Congratulations Runner Up "Kitty 2 " by Al-Kadiki

Congratulations Runner Up "Boone #4 " by JuliaAltork

Congratulations Runner Up "I will always be there for you. " by Annelisenicolephotography

Congratulations Amateur Winner "Sunset labs " by lisaschnapp

Congratulations People's Choice "Adorable " by Tim-Hall

"Caterina Ballerina " by PeterCannon

"No Papparazzi! " by tynn23

"AQA_5324 " by Layla-Rose

"Best Friends " by LissetPerrier

"Best Friends - Dog and Children " by MartinSlottaPhotographie

"Nero " by wileskws

"Brotherly Love " by lisa_renfrey

"Friends " by olgakuznyetsova

"Rooster & Boy " by SteveBadger

"Pure Laughter " by amithnag

"Friendtalk " by tanjabrandt

"Lady & The Tramp " by Bigredbarnphoto

"Sisters " by Peaceofthenorth

"******** " by janeklass

"Hedge Troll " by Wieselblitz

"ulisse " by raffaelemontepaone

"Snoop " by trijoko

"Cora " by sarahbrhl

"the kitten " by Iwona

"DSC_3540 " by christinebezanson

"GentleTouch " by SaraHadenfeldt

"say cheese " by dannymoore

"Using Paw " by ClaudioPiccoli

"Did you say Cookie? " by juliewells_8964

"Piggy " by aliceloder

"The Gang " by tamasszarka

"Greetings " by dixiejbrumm

"Friends " by veselinaalexandrova

"running all out " by robsy1965

"GOLDEN " by kasiadoroszkiewicz

"Women with white horse " by Makelau

"Kaya-04 " by PawsPics

"Gibbs " by Fotomay1


"slurp " by wallyandroops

"Nemo " by Thomas88500

"Cat and Kitten " by janicecarabine

"Charles Birthday " by abbykroke

"Sir Didymus " by lindseynorthcott

"Sharp Dressed Man " by Mandi7MM

"Kitten " by GuyBerresfordPhotography

"Cuddles " by briansuter

"Gino, the dog. " by KristineJanePhotography

"Cat " by davidgustavsson

"Sabrina " by guilhermeescosteguy

"Daisy " by JakeOlsonStudios

"First Snow " by CasaBay_Photo

"German Shepherd Puppy " by kmoraru

"Portos " by cgnPhoto

"Bear " by robertsijka

"Dirty play " by Deboodle

"Sleeping beauty " by asyrafariffin

"Doggy Style! " by jonavancrail

"cat is a hat " by tylerrobertoxley

"I Nose You Haz Treatz " by DobermanDuo

"The Grass is Always Greener.. " by Matt__Connors

"Together forever! " by Marcin_Rutkowski

"My Feline Muse " by FotoCavallo

"Belle's Bed " by Skarlia

"Pillowy Softness " by suzymead

"Because We Share Life " by LisaSweet

"It's a Doggies Life " by PieterPietersPhotography

"Bailey " by MattSelbyPhotography

"Hello Winter " by annegeier

"Josh and his new sister " by caseybebernes

"Jungle Cat " by sabrinawob

"PEEKABOO! " by HugoAugusto

"A Day with Moglee " by HazeGrayPixels

"Stare " by JenniferHannaPhotography

"Jadyne & Gator " by Jackie_Kancir

"Studious Creature " by jennifersummer

"Kittens " by Spookloper

"Live Free " by katyvetter

"Early Farm Mornings " by wonderandwhimsy

"stretching out " by KatieMcKinneyPhotography

"Velvet " by ShadowShots

"A Quiet Moment " by danicasherry

"Weimy Pup " by TrudyGardnerPhotography

"The Kiss " by melissanelsonnoble

"Spaniel at play " by Scott34

"blizzard " by DanielCharlesImage

"Kitten 3 " by ERoche

"Family Dog " by elenagonzalez_6866

"Her Own iPad " by Dfreid

"Moose " by helenspurle

"I'm a pretty flower " by ElyseCarpenterPhotography

"Big Bit " by craigboudreaux

"Catalino " by waltermontalvo

"Princess " by ScheiMedia

"Missu " by Amynoza

"Odyle The Boston Terrier " by jessicagiguere

"Ralph The Snow Cocker " by SOVisualSam

"Ransom at Sunset " by DanielleLyneePhotography

"Exotic shorthair kitten " by Anna_Walton

"Dirty Paws " by brianamorris

"Loki " by CW_Photography

"Co-Exist " by FotoflyStudio

"Why so sad? " by AKUK

"Blue " by johanlb

"Inseparable " by maxrittner

"The Wonderer " by Tiona2

"Brain Rattled " by shannondizmang

"Closer " by Unaphoto

"Dreaming " by juliet_lovephoto

"Half bengal cat " by nicolasbernaln

"BIG FOOT " by lessysebastian

"Hard Resting Rocky " by chriskrzak

"2N3A3660 " by PHOTOHAPPY

"New Year's Eve Dinner " by alessandropo

"Time for Tea " by kimayres

"Wyatt and Kenzie " by erikmcritchie

"Marike & Luna " by HugoDeneweth4

"Ted " by Ian_B

"Kitty Stardust " by Bastetamon

"M I K O " by christiancampbell

"The Cat & The Bunny " by chertel

"Ferocious Frankie " by MarciaM

"Waiting For Dad " by andypalfreyman

"Darwin " by G-Mac81

"Full flight " by joglenister

"Winter is coming " by adamblack

"Felix! " by AdrianUrse

"Chewie " by HooverTung

"Innocence " by GigiJim08