Thank you to all the photographers that shared their photos showing your best abilities as a photographer in this photo contest in collaboration with FOTODigital. FOTOdigital is a photography website and magazine founded by writer and photographer Jose Antunes, under the motto "Less Gear, More Fun". The original name was for a printed photography magazine, in Portuguese, published from 2001 until 2009. The original website, in Portuguese, run from 2008 until early 2013. The actual website ( is in English. In February 2013 the first issue of FOTOdigital magazine was launched, completely created in Adobe Lightroom 4, an experiment that lasted for 5 issues. From the 6th issue on, FOTOdigital moved on to InDesign for a faster and more conventional workflow.

We appreciate the collaboration of friend and professional photographer Jose Antunes as a guest judge. Jose Antunes is a freelance writer and photographer based in Portugal. Besides writing about the technical and creative aspects of photography and video for various online publications, he leads photo tours and workshops in Portugal, around what he calls the Atlantic Realm, a coast line that is, legend says, what remains from Atlantis.

Congratulations to the following finalists:

"Wave" by NickVenton

"Momo (Adore Noir version)" by CarloMarrasPhotography

"Blow that Whistle" by chuckgordon

"Rozel Kansas Tornado" by lorraine_mahoney_897

"Night Lights" by dlos

"Mesa Arch Sunrise 2 Winter 2012" by jaredweaver

"Prehistoric Sunset" by SteveBadger

"Truck Sunset" by Axident

"Nimoy" by scottmccook

"Tree and Fence in Snow" by maryhogan

"Sideway flying bull" by emileabbott

"Battery Point Lighthouse" by JudyAnn

"Dream Like" by lauradark

"Focus" by Hart_Photography

"Miltary Jetty" by capeyork

"Pretty in Pink" by MarieLianne68

"Mirror of mountains night" by q-liebin

"Color Swirl" by antoniolaranjeira

"Miniscule" by JudiLiosatos

"Frozen" by bmackenziephotography

"Flower Bed" by bftighe

"Brooklyn Bridge Park" by ShutterSpeak

"Golden Dawn - Port Macquarie Sunrise" by andrewcroucher

"Echo Lake, Montana" by scottwilson

"Shroom 09" by Inquinata

"Humpback at Sunset" by DanNewton

"Sleepless In Manhattan" by Billyboy

"Ballincollig" by Chris_Photoshooter