Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos showing the ruthless nature of the food chain in the Food Chain Struggles Photo contest with chances to win a Canon Camera and more!

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Laurie Rubin for her collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Laurie Rubin is an international award-winning photographer specializing in wildlife and nature photography. Her passion for photography as well as a career working for software companies, has combined her talents for teaching and sharing photography, from capture to post-processing. She currently has one of her prints displayed at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum.

"wildebeest v lions" by bridgephotography

"Take Down" by kdooley

"Eagle" by Birmo

"fette Beute" by Anneliese-Photography

"Patience" by heathermcfw

"untitled" by Hogzilla357

"Figs cub" by AndyHowePhotography

"SPLAT...!!" by lessysebastian

"Leopard kill, Botswana" by AndChisPhoto

"Hyena Cleans the Bones" by Payson418

"goodies" by joecas

"Amazing catch" by almartinez

"Kamchatka brown bears" by oksanavashchuk

"Hamerkop with frog 2" by AlanJ

"image" by Oliveoyle1

"Snake, it's what's for breakfast." by David_Eppley

"Superdad" by (A)kathaggiss

"The Eyes Tell the Story" by anitarossview

"Fish fight" by ireid195

"Success" by howardashton-jones

"American Krestrel with prey." by Alfredo_Jose

"Dinner is served" by Joecf

"Lunchtime! SB1_4003" by Brenda13

"the feast" by moritzleonard

"Vulture madness - Masai Mara, Kenya" by ShellyRwanda

"Petite Nyctale" by mafe

"You Turned MY World Upside Down" by charlielynam

"Fish Inspector" by troymarcy

"Osprey With Catch " by OutbackPhotoAdventures

"Puffin with Sand Eels Skomer Island 2014" by iesphotos

"Griffon Vultures-4" by nanordas

"Pygmy-owl and Prey" by brandonbroderick

"Mine!" by gailhowarth

"Mommy´s shopping" by thomasretterath

"Crunch-2956" by alexrobb

"Need Life Insurance? - Geico (Egret and Lizard)" by elenagonzalez_6866

"Chicken foot" by CreativeArtView

"Successful Hunt" by lmr337

"_MG_6541" by Tiekie

"Did I ever invite you for dinner?" by GunnarImages

"Royal Tern" by wklein

"lunch" by etrdryzt

"Lionness and cubs" by (A)jacquiscott_2559

"Yellow Billed Hornbill" by dirkluus

"Young Peregrin Falcon" by ronaldcoulter

"Leopard enjoying his dinner, Africa" by JoeS

"Grey heron fishing" by mikehodgson

"Lion Kill" by TrekLightly

"Hawk Breakfast" by davidwkwok

"untitled" by StefanLueger

"f1" by MikeShero

"P9170720" by (A)wilcoUK

"fullsizeoutput_18a4" by (A)emilydobson

"Hawk got a Western Tanager" by FordsFotos

"family dinner" by kasper

"eagle feeding" by bradnel

"Cooper's Hawk eating a Robin" by animalartist

"lion feeding" by constancemorris

"Young Falcon" by lifearound

"Chicken mc falco wb" by fotofrankyat

"zimanga-0732" by hislightrq

"Thief" by jamesfc

"Great Blue Heron" by isstoossay

"Leopard Cub Climb" by KellieNetherwood

"Killer Eyes" by brendensimonson

"A Leopard with its prey" by zistos

"Dinner Time!" by chrisholcroft

"Osprey Hit" by geopic

"untitled" by GrahameRickard

"Eat fast!" by EuroBen

"Lunch with Audience" by LeeBennett

"Rüppell's griffon vulture" by alainmauviel

"Food Chain" by lanatolle

"The first prey" by Fufik

"Desperation" by charlotterhodes

"Unlikely Truce" by mytmoss

"Breakfast Alaska Style" by SharonLandisPhotography

"Enkoveni - Run baby, run (13)" by Karl-Heinz

"Heron and Rat" by MartinPatten

"Family meal time" by ashleysowter

"The End Of The Mouse" by DANewman

"The commorand and the eel" by AlexanderArntsen

"Mother Nature's Circle of Life" by rachelhaas

"Charge!" by (A)AlaskaPinesPhotography

"Brothers split buy trophy" by antonagarkov

"Wild Cheetah with fresh kill." by tkorade

"Huntress" by PCHiker

"Leopard. " by merrittimages

"gulp " by pixelmac

"Food Chain " by (A)namaste84