For this photo contest, we invited you to show how you capture the mystical and magical silence of fog with chances to win a Linear Prism FX Filter and more. Congratulations to the following finalists:

"IMG_3094 copy " by michellevallese

"Man, dog, and his boat... " by evergreen1116

"Magic place " by adrianstanica

"Little House in the Mist " by alansmith_8240

"Magic of light " by adamjezewski

"Lions in fog " by ferencboloni

"Peering into the fog " by jaycohen

"Fanal Laurels in the Fog " by Paul-Stapleton

"Misty Magic " by nicolerohrerphoto

"Mysterious forest " by edytatrojaskakoch

"Sunrise Fog " by teddymorrow

"Car light trails on the Foyle Bridge " by bernardward

"Moody Bled " by carmenioneanu

"Val-Brenta " by DarioMarelli

"Morning fog " by Jan_Zajc

"Morning Fog - New Zealand " by AMills

"Mist " by VazgenMartirosyan

"The Second Balloon In Jurassic Park " by ron7cal

"bellings" by joecas

"Yosemite Sunset " by WorldPix

"FALL ON THE FARM " by raulweisser

"Dream " by SabryMadison

"Mystery forest " by Roberto_Sorin

"Misty Locahn " by jaybirmingham

"Fallow deers. " by kjellkarlsson

"Do_or Die_re edit " by MegaryT

"foggy morning " by maperick

"Troll forest 2 " by madspeteriversen

" " by gerdyvantomme

"Morning Mists NSW Australia " by Shadowmac_Photography

"Foggy Morning on the Ponco River - LAW_4999-Edit-Edit-2 " by leewright_0459

"Heaven's Gate " by jacphotographic

"Chairlift in the mist " by lisaamandabradshaw

"Equine Magic " by adriansart

"These magic moments " by DoraArt

"Foggy morning " by TomazKlemensak

"Matin sur la Sarre " by Fannie_Jowski

"Mercer at Dawn " by ricklussi

"In the sunset mist " by HakanLiljenberg

"Swinging " by elabrozzi

"Morning Fog " by JGudin

"West Virginia Road " by R_Tom_Sizemore_III

"Foggy Portland-1 - Enhanced " by richarduchytil

"Something Familiar " by Richard-Beresford-Harris

"Fish Eye Without Fish Eye - B&W version " by DISCOVERABRUZZO_dot_IT

"Glowing Planes " by Russell_Campbell

"Foggy Beech Forest " by hackwolf

"Murchison Falls Mist - Behind the Scenes at Sunset " by Lpepz

"an early winter " by mcEE

"Pink morning " by PhotolineJeannined

""Unknown Moment"

shot taken on morning walk trought "Mata dos Medos" " by jmecs

"Foggy night over town. " by viktorgoloborodko

"Tree Guardians " by johntrent

"Mount Zion " by James_J

"Foggy Cabin " by thevfrtourist

"0B05DE6A-431A-4294-9899-1533BE7494E6 " by RichSurf69

"morning fog " by Freakingrabbit

"Mistico " by SandroRossiImagery

"Iceland horses " by tote

"oteake park " by Elizbeth

" " by Boris009

"Sunrise on the lake " by beckykempf

"Carpathians Moutains " by WiktorBaron

"IMG_4976-Bearbeitet " by reginethiele

"Fog on the Course " by JeffreyRingerPhotography

"Sunrise in Paradise " by AstroFail94

"The beauty of sunrise " by barbarapustelnik

"Early Fall in the mountains " by SportsNut50

"Balloons in the Mist " by FledgelingImages

"Leland Rocky Top " by b2bjacks

"Morning Fog " by NVisual

"fog1 " by susanneradke

"misty morning " by JennaVee

"LAYERED MORNING " by alarsen

"Into the Fog " by Derek_Winters

"Yosemite Storm " by timcederwallphotography

"Morning hours at Vrši? pass, Slovenia " by matejmlakar

"Morning Fog " by daleigh

"Fundy Fog " by tracymunson

"_MG_5604 sunbeams.JPG " by roelraadsen

"Nitra II " by MichalCandrak

"The foggy loop " by Bilderschmied-Danz

"Bromo, Indonesia " by Wim-Solheim

"Fall - In the Mist " by henridroski

"waves of fog " by Cathunter

"Midnight Mysteries II " by klapouch

"Mother Nature shoots and scores " by GaetaJ

"Towering Above " by DesiDrewPhotography

"Surreal " by toddcollier

"de aquella mañana en el río baradero " by YagoGazali

"kmkkkoolkplopoypblnmkkmk " by johankoch

"Lake Of Dawn " by hassesodehamid

"Armageddon " by Erik-Derby

"Autumn light " by MatthewStich

"Should I go there? " by nickeykolev

"Metra Stop on Narragansatt " by inesgardea

"Crossing a Frozen Lake " by springlake

"Foggy Walk-2 " by HughCotter

"DSC_0043_01-2 " by Flaviodurao

"From the mistDSC_4684_168 " by mikeleary

"Almost harvest time " by EaguirreG

"Snowqualmie " by jasonosborne

"The Eiffel Tower " by lugdivineborello

"Independence " by kc_shutterbug

"Misty Perth " by f68photography

"Exmoorfog-3 " by pnewbery

"Light in the forest (15) " by FairleaCottage

"misty morning in the alpes " by RalfvonSamson

"Uncertainty " by mattiaferrari

"Misty Morning " by (A)simonwu

"Morning Fisherman " by (A)Cbries

"IMG_4855 (1) " by (A)dekkal

" " by (A)christopherlark

"Avis Windmill " by (A)MiguelMartins

"dreamy " by (A)Effess

"Portal of light " by (A)vincentcroce

"DSC_15312 " by (A)ambertrudi

"Harvest " by (A)KimVeazeyPhotography

"Autumn morning " by alekrivec

"received_10155498370692844 " by JLHPhotography

"lights 03 " by Vislav

"Roy's Peak " by nathanielchin

"Mt.Batur sunrise " by nakulsharma07

"Foggy nigth " by Elena_Callegaro

"Belaustegui-09 F s-RGB copia " by aitordelafuente

"American Paint Horse in the Tetons " by JeffBrenner

"Cloudy day in the San Juans " by brandydement

"Toy car " by tomtyson

"Change of Seasons " by thomasdefranzoni

"Firefighter’s Daughter " by 2216_6645

"Tight Line " by KRL_Photo

"Reconstruction of reality " by lindapersson

"Sunset road " by saintek

"Misty Wales " by EvelinaEve_Photography

"Foggy Forest " by LookSee

"Your decisions shape your path. " by odedios

"Building for sale " by Joerg

"The plastic dress " by Andreas_Voigt