Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best shots showing flares in the Flares 101 Photo contest with chances to win a Gift Card Bundle and more!

Congratulations Amateur Winner "Mesa Arch Sunrise" by simonwu

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Star Rise " by followinglight

Congratulations Runner Up "Good morning with my best four-legged friend " by romanahov

Congratulations Runner Up "early sunrays" by martijnvansteenbergen

Congratulations Runner Up "Sunset poppy, Tuscany" by Rostovskiy

Congratulations Runner Up "Black Church at Búðir " by Jonrunar

Congratulations Runner Up "Morning rays " by biegly

Congratulations Runner Up "Four " by SirDiegoSama

Congratulations Runner Up "Empty promise " by AlejandroFerrand

Congratulations Runner Up "Chureito Pagoda " by carmenioneanu

Congratulations Runner Up "KAR_8547X " by kylere

Congratulations Runner Up "The Perfect Star" by pedroquintela

Congratulations Runner Up "Kill stomp Fuerza vertigo jaze " by BrYangle

Congratulations People's Choice "Urban girl..." by AndyD-Fotographix

"Aspen Ring at Kebler Pass " by GregGibb

"a famous postcard " by diegobaravelli

"Sunrise " by Nadia_Rao

"Eruption" by kevinhuangphoto

"Looking Through Natures Window" by michellemckoy

"Medicine Bow Sunrise" by jasonjhatfield

"Morning Star" by duartesol

"Golden Meadow" by markcote

"Let There Be Light" by floraehrlich

"First rays of sunshine" by owenspereira

"Autumn" by Harri

"Made in China" by JimJH

"The Gap Reflections." by Mack_Photography

"Velika Planina at sunrise" by ZigaRadsel

"" by brozphoto

"sunrise on Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada" by weirfang

"Sunrise flare over Eldorado Canyon" by ThePhotoEnthusiast

"Oaky Grove Church Sunset" by stephanherzog

"Autumn Frost" by vintie38

"Last rays " by andreireinol

"The Naeroyfjord " by kjetilstenslandvilnes

"Sunrise at Mandalay palace " by wanasa

"Utah Salt Flats " by larrymarshall

"Double Sunstar " by arpandas

"Golden Canopy " by GayleLucci

"Mt Assiniboine " by erikmcritchie

"Sun setting over Lake Moogerah " by DanMarshall91

"Ailsa Craig " by NickSilverstein

"Spring Brook " by marlonmullon

"SUNSTAR - my first sunstar ;) " by AndyMathysPhotography

"Pier Sun Ray " by ShabdroPhoto

"Desert Sunset " by smrezaulhaque

"Seefeld " by michelvisentin

"Man on the edge " by Ardijan

"California Coast " by simalg05

"Threading the Eye " by jonreynolds

"NorthWindow " by phillip_brossette

"Sunrise Iceland " by russellpearson

"Birds Eye View " by whosjosh

"Woods of Gorski Kotar " by pujdo

"Chateau de Chenonceau - France " by AntoineBarthelemyPhoto

"Inspiration " by dearabbybird

"Autumn morning from the front porch " by muddyvalley

"Morning on the beach " by murrayrudd

"Mesquite Sunset " by JuniorLC

"Who is the Boss :)))?" by JeniaWindstein

"Angel of Light. Taken last week in the Netherlands on a foggy morning" by EdwinMooijaart

"Dazzling Moments" by stanleyloong

"Field of Gold" by W1SNU

"Colorado Gold" by crippledangle

"Helicopter jump" by duelago

"Bursting Through" by brentreynolds

"Sun Rays" by danielpisano

"nightjump " by thatblacklabby

"Flying " by stephenwong

"Taelyr Sunset " by JPiccariPHOTO

"Somewhere between heaven and hell " by YelyzavetaSemenova

"Pipeline " by KanaPhotography

"Looking for sunshine " by maurocirigliano

"Water Flow. " by Alfredo_Jose

"Before the Kiss " by ardashcrowfoot

"cave window " by colelmore

"That Moment " by kennylerosejr

"Under the pier " by rebeccaporter

"Invert " by Sensei

"Stormy Sunrise " by SeektheShot

"Jump Into Action " by Alexorciser

"Backwoods Camping " by austinwhite

"Sunburst " by lyoungs1023

"A thong of ice and fire " by Matt2134

"Leto " by Marcogressler

"Christmas at the Shed " by JonathanDurandPhoto

"That Friday Freezing " by GaryCummins

"Young novice studying under the rays " by nyaungyanthar

"GBI_8327web " by gregblomberg

"Conrad's Barmitzvah - For Computer 248 " by RobClaysPhotos

"Iceland " by DanielKordan

"Sunset " by HamptonPhotography

"Let your light shine! " by spARTiat_de

"Kiss " by momasko

"Sunset Along The River " by knoxphoto

"Morning Glory " by joereece

"1968 Mustang Fastback" by lindapersson

"Road to Manhattanhege" by hugovalleperez

"Corfe Castle" by ollietaylorphotography

"Summer" by anetacoufalova

"untitled" by pjetkagrotewal

"Pensive" by lukegram

"D O N 'T C A R E " by Silentshoot-Photography

"Maria" by JackHoier

"nightjump" by thatblacklabby