Thank you to all the photographers that shared their photos showing the use of fill flash in this photo contest with chances to win a Nikon D5100 Camera and more.

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Andrew Holtz for his collaboration as a guest judge. Andrew Holtz is an accountant/musician/dance competition host turned photographer. He opened his own studio (Holtz Photography) in the artistic community of Asbury Park, NJ back in 2012 and has been loving life ever since. Photographing everything from weddings to bands, Andrew has a special passion for capturing dance. Married to a ballet dancer/actress, Andrew has the luxury of getting to frequently work with his very talented wife. Not only is Andrew passionate about photographing dance, but he is also very active with The Dancers Care Foundation, helping to raise money for cancer research.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Swimming Team" by jcosorio

"Love this image!!!  The lighting is perfect, the slight motion of the water makes the image feel alive and the composition makes it feel like they are headed for the finish line.   The key lights is coming from camera left and the slight fill from the front to show the details in the subjects is wonderful.  All of the technical aspects aside, what really makes this image a home run for me is the concept!  The duck and the swimmer have these intense looks on their faces but its still light hearted and cute.  Absolutely brightened up my day, great work jcosorio!" - Andrew Holtz

Congratulations Runner Up "Phulay Bay Carlton Ritz Krabi Thailand wedding" by tomarcher

"Very impressive image!  The first thing that held my interest was the color and shape in the image and then you notice the couple in the center, and then the back lighting and the stars in the sky and the reflection in the water!  It just kept getting better the more I looked at it.  The symmetry is perfect, the light is crisp well exposed, the colors are alive and balanced!  The using the reflective water with a backlight is perfect use of fill flash.  Just a really great picture and I'm sure the couple will print this on a 40'x60' canvas and hang it on their wall.  I know I would!" - Andrew Holtz

Congratulations Runner Up "Fashion Flowers" by BogdanTeodorov

"Killer shot!  The reason I chose this image is because the use of fill flash is so subtle!  At first glance it looks more like an edge light camera left which looks great on the models back, but then you bring your eye to her jawline and then under her eye and that same edge light has filled in the shadows creating an openness on her face that allows the viewer to see all of this model's beautiful face.  home run!" - Andrew Holtz

Congratulations Runner Up "Bold Eagle" by stephanieveronique

"Wow!  This image is powerful!  Something I would hang up in my house for sure.  The side lighting is strong, it brings me eye to eye with the eagle and the way he is just staring into the camera is straight up pimp status.  With all of the white feathers I know its not easy to retain all the details while still keeping the image bright so major kudos on the exposure.  The reason this image is not the winner is because I'm not clearly seeing fill flash.  Definitely seeing the strong key light and maybe there's some fill happening from underneath but doesn't look like it. My only other critique is I would love to see the image cropped even tighter, without any negative space on the top of the frame.  Fantastic image!" - Andrew Holtz

Congratulations Amateur Winner "Preckled" by twonefernandez

Congratualtions People's Choice "Country Bum 2" by pllphotography

"Sleeping Beauty" by EeVeePhotography

"Shan" by PaulHenryStudios

"On the Ledge" by chaunguyen

"Dreams 2" by NinaMasic

"Beach Formal" by jaypak

"+++" by ruslanisinev

"Baby" by vikkirogers

"BFFs" by BonnieHillPhotography

"molly" by christophercupp

"Vicky's eyes.." by claudiorussa

"Elegant throwback" by JDesjardins

"Eka Pada Rajakapotasana (One Legged King Pigeon)" by kerryjones

"Cristina" by monorob

"Perfil" by paulogilmour

"untitled" by diegonovoa

"Splash" by ghwtog

"See Emily play" by stratocaster96

"Jasmine" by peterrooney

"Adanna" by anophotography


"Jordyn - Close Up In B&W" by millskelsey123

"Most Wonderful Eyes" by KGerken

"Gym passion" by nellasfotographymalta

"Shiny Lika" by andreycherlat

"frances goic" by edwincleves

"DSC_0624" by Shelboophoto

"Classic Portrait " by Bishoop

"reach" by briannancaskey

"Princess" by hendisyarifuddin

"GOLDEN BEAUTY" by tarryngoldman

"Craig and Blake1" by phillipfrench

"Sunset Routine" by PhotoJunkiesAB

"Kitty 1" by dirtydphoto

"_K2X9852a-s 8x10 300" by michaelblanchot

"Let's Play" by mdunlap1122

"LE7A0370-Edit-Edit" by JACJAX

"Caught in the Middle" by AMBrown

"War Child " by i_shoot_raw

"Vincent" by mmunksgard

"Serious" by Dtraveler63

"Spot light" by shannonwayne

"jade" by cindygundrum

"Stephanie" by ronaldcools

"Ann" by miketlim

"A Girl In The Rain" by rossglasgow

"silver" by terryconceja

"Fordson tractor" by Masher

"Jessica1-uW" by lorenzsprotofski-kuipers

"The Ballerina project" by ElenaParaskeva

"" The Barn Door "" by ronmcginnis

"school play yard" by tinacountsbeltran

"HenryRottnest" by kurioko

"Angelic in B&W" by viven

"JOE_5241asdsmall" by joeehlen

"CHOCOLATE OVERELOAD" by joannegraham

"B&W all woman" by martinclement

"Becca and her long hair" by johnkaminski

"Vancouver Newborn Photographer Wendy J Photography" by Wendy-J-Photography

"Dark Field Fashion Portraiture" by IndecisiveModernist

"STUCK IN HER EYES" by nikosladic

"Wet Virginia Bluebird" by jeffbunn

"Theo" by Michael_Higgins

"..." by momasko

"vampire victorian style woman" by olenazaskochenko

"Night Jam" by CreativeArtView

"FOT_0520" by LukaszLisiecki

"Get out of my way" by mlorenekimura

"moon dancer" by Truogre

"| skateboard |" by Photojovan

"retro glam" by Glambyvk

"ADAM" by rachaelklave

"Manta" by LorenzoMittiga

"Freya mono" by ScotiaFox

"Bare" by caylacamp