Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best imaginary shots in this Photo Contest with chances to win a Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 Macro lens and more.

A special thanks to the photographers that helped us find the following finalists and some of the most popular photos by voting for their favorite shots. Stay tuned for the winner announcement coming soon!

"Sharing Is Caring " by Annelisenicolephotography

"A Boy's Imagination " by pattyschmitt

"World in Between " by MichaelSchnabl

"selfie " by Alexander_Sviridov

"The Struggle Is Within Us. " by cheng-han

"Bohemian Brave... " by MarketaNovak

"Karmentis " by siegart

"Tell me a secret " by ilyayakover

"Swing " by Andreas_Voigt

"The BFG " by Kenji

"Fairy Tales " by PaigeLaroPhotography

"The Loft feat Luiza Doll in the Roof " by Fotoart_Nicolas_Carbenay

"The Last Ice Queen " by stevecannings

"TheRunaway " by AshleyAnnImages

"Who's there !! ? " by Nishant-101

"Little Red Riding Hood Is in Trouble " by scarlettnjo

"Secret garden " by CarriAngel

"Norwich Cathedral Moon Composite " by stevehardiman

"green energy " by maperick

"Unconventional Beauty " by TabAnneMarie

"Let your dreams blossom " by BrionyWilliams

"Wanda " by srahwinter

"In Spite Of Everything " by clementinacabral

"FW " by carlbrugger

"Exploration " by ChelseaTracyPhotography

"The Mermaid " by racheljordan

"Portrait of a Self-Portrait " by Jackie_Kancir

"Red Riding Hood " by crossandclovephotography

"Oni " by Joepx

"Lingering Spirits " by HouavangPhotography

"Tinkerbell " by Rodrigo_Ferreyra

"the night with the crows " by rebeccaburgdorf

"These violent delights have violent ends and in their triumph die, like fire and powder, which, as they kiss, consume " by jmphotography2323

"Tessie " by ManuKeggenhoff

"The Green Shower " by piqchars

"Blind Reader " by lujeanburger

"There and now " by olivierlw

"Shipwreck " by davelord

" " by tomtyson

"Deedlit " by Snowgrimm

"Wind " by Lucida

"Alchemy apprentice " by etrdryzt

"Rames " by sollenaphotography

"let the music within you escape " by Mickspix

"Meet the Polar bear " by fotofrankyat

"Girl in the woods " by richtaylorphoto

"Alone In The Dark " by RobertGaines

"The Seeker " by exploredexposure

"A very real story in my imagination " by odedios

"a kite " by impmagination

"Late Summer Goddess 3 - Aug 14 2017 " by CassaraHealey

"The Moon's a Balloon " by imeldabell

"Sunshine Sisters " by Julieweiss

"A bird in the hand... " by JudiLiosatos

"Delta Dawn " by Arch

"Crying boy 2? " by charleyskinner

"The Little Matchgirl 6 " by shannonkirk

"Some God of Fire " by Eric_Dany

"Temptations " by jenniferwilhite_photog

"FOT_1391veeb " by MariaKruusenvald

"A dolls house " by jessymay

"Milk Bath Series: Julia " by UrbanShutter

"Queen " by vitoservideo

"Halloween 2015 I " by gabrielastiep

"time " by georginamay007

"My little Star " by tinaradnic

"Three Little Forrest Spirits " by johannesdoerrstock91

"Bella and the Mermaid " by angiemorris

"She Walked " by rekhagarton

"The queen in the storm " by Dduerringphoto

"Fallen Bird " by Kavanthekid

"Butterfly Kitten #2 " by Basciano_Photography

"My little 5 year old Sith Lord! My son, Alek!! " by forAlekphotography

"Hummingbirds " by mcrgwd

"Cruella de Vil and Pongo " by lvalics

"Masquerade - Come Dance with me " by robbyticknor

"Lantern " by thierryvouillamoz

"Falling Star " by KDRphotography

"The Mad Hatter " by Studio72Images

"Lost Love " by photosbydana

"Steam punk fashion model, Las Vegas " by paulbloch

"Butch " by erikquimby

"The Thin veil " by BRYNPhotography

"magic mirror " by christophreiter

"La Jettee Linocut Photographed " by teodoragrapa

"Hilltop " by (A)Twilightgirl

"Karatuese Ittingen, Switzerland " by (A)Wendy11

"Hallia Venezia 2018 " by (A)Gaschwald

"They say, if you sit long enough, you can hear the world " by (A)joshedstedt

"A New World " by (A)douglasrichardson

"Aurora watching " by (A)avrilglavin

"Protector in the Dark " by (A)Julie_Fritts

"Star Lord " by (A)evanferguson

"Distant but Familiar " by (A)OrangeAtticCreative

"Forest of Fantasy " by (A)DorisSeybold

"DSC02581-Edit " by (A)Jlifox

"IMG_20171204_083614_263 " by (A)vicknowler

"Mr. Freeze " by (A)dpinard

"Butterfly Blues " by ChrystalOlivero

"The Little Mermaid " by (A)Bastetamon

"Mysterious Traveller " by andreaaccordino

"Drowning Down " by pemaphoto

"who's afraid of the boogeyman " by spARTiat_de

"ONLINE SHOPPING " by carl_doghouse

"Mistery Smoke " by akphotographystudio

"Firestarter " by StefanWitte

"Casting the spell (Maleficent) " by Andreamartinphoto

"A birthday cupcake " by Jesse3650

"Alien love " by CreativeArtView

"Fireee " by (A)ales_neumeister

"Welcome to Winter " by (A)ntgreen

"Butterflies " by AbbyMathison

"I do believe in fairies. " by KEnagonio

"Sanctuary " by maxsolve

"Mysterious Lady " by ArberElezi

"Water Into Wine " by sdondero

"Merry? Christmas! " by pedrontheworld

"Light in the Dark " by mmarriuss

"Break Loose " by Yorge